Career Fair

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

The past couple of days have been very interesting. Last night I went to the career fair for architects/planners/project managers/and whatever. I had looked up a few companies beforehand and talked to a lot of them. I was nicely dressed in Rachel’s clothes and felt more professional than I ever have. I think I did pretty well actually. There were especially two companies I was very interested in, both in North County San Diego and they both offered internship which then could turn into a fulltime job. Project Engineer Intern was the title and I was gonna help on construction sites and stuff like that. What I have done before pretty much. I am gonna email them both tomorrow and tell them I will be going down to San Diego again in the end of March. One of the companies specifically told me to come down and visit the office to say hi to people and go out and see some construction sites. I have a good feeling about this! I am very excited about this and hope I will get an internship for the next 9 months.

I talked to more companies and will apply for more internships than just these two, but those are the most interesting to me.

Today I talked to the visa specialist at the International Center and I got a lot of information there too. I learned last night that there is something called Visa Sponsorship (which basically just is when a company wants to hire you and give you an H-1 visa), and I asked this lady about the specifics about all of this. I have this 2-year rule that says that I have to be home in Sweden for the next two years after this visa expires. There is a way to waiver that thing. Which I would have to do before applying for the H-1 visa. And you can only apply for that once a year, April 1st, and that is way too soon for me. If some miracle happened I guess it could happen (I am gonna email an immigrant attorney tomorrow and ask about this). So I guess I have to wait for that until next year, but I can’t start working until October 1st, so that means I would have to go home to Sweden in March and then stay there until October. I wonder if a company would still want me if that would happen. I guess I will have to do a really good internship and hope for the best.

So for now my only option is to do an internship. It doesn’t sound too bad to be honest. It would be nice to spend next summer at home, working at Liseberg, living with mom again (because I guess I would have to give up my apartment pretty soon).

But one thing at a time, first I need to get an internship. Cross your fingers for me! 🙂


This morning I actually had an interview with another company, it went okay I would say. It wasn’t with one of the two companies that I really want though. This was the first trip I made to campus.

My second trip to campus today was to talk to the International Center (but no one was there at 3pm) and then discuss my B12 deficiency with a doctor at the Health Center. I explained my situation, that my first doctor in Sweden told me this is something that will never go away and that I will need injections for the rest of my life. The other doctor said I didn’t have a deficiency. So I will do all the test once again to determine what is going on. I will have to do that on Monday morning though, one of them was a test that needed to be done while fasting. Three tests in total, $50, but it will be worth it. If it turns out to be what the first doctor said and I will need injections every month for the rest of my life, the pharmacy will order a 25 pack of those doses just for me. $60 for that is not too bad. I think 5 doses in Sweden was like $10. They are also gonna teach me how to take them myself so I don’t have to go to a clinic every month.

My third visit to campus was at 6:30pm when I joined an intramural indoor volleyball team for their practice. One of my neighbors invited me and it was really fun. Not nearly as fun as beach volleyball, but definitely a good way to spend a Friday evening if nothing better is offered. Not as much ball contact as in beach volleyball, and I didn’t really get exhausted from the workout, but I still enjoyed it and might go next week to. Maybe I should even join a team myself next quarter? Unless they have intramural beach volleyball in the spring quarter which I have heard rumors about.

When I came home I took a shower, baked some cornbread and now I will take that cornbread with me to bed and watch the latest episode of The Flash and then pass out.

Career Fair outfit I had my hair down at the career fair, I felt pretty. It is kinda unbelievable that I am graduating in four months. I will have a Bachelor of Science in four months!! Crazy!Indoor vball German midterm 1My German midterm, these are the only marks I had on the test, and there were two more pages. Go me! (why not post random pictures when I have 13GB on this website to fill?)

Surf weekend in Ventura

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This whole weekend has been amazing. Lots and lots of things happened. And Poly Escapes gave me what it promised, a weekend away from Cal Poly, a weekend with no worries about school. But the weekend started way before that. Friday was full of fun things, like my errand trip with Kelsey. We returned a pair of Kelsey’s shoes, bought “costumes” for the frat party (Kelsey bought a Jane-like dress and I bought face paint), I got a gel manicure, we went to the post office so I could send a little something to one of my hostkids who turn 11 in five days and a thing for my brother, we picked up our Poly Escapes rentals, and went to the Health Center to leave my proof of vaccination (which isn’t even necessary since I won’t be here more than one academic year, but I still did it since they asked). It was a long run, many stops, but not more than four hours in total. We also did some snacks shopping for the trip. I always bring too much to trips, but better safe than sorry.

ManicureThis is what my nails look like after two days of surfing. Good job “@Nails”.

Back home I made two mudpies (=kladdkaka), one normal chocolate but also a white chocolate one. Apparently it was the Swedish national mudpie day. So I made two and they were delicious and very popular.

Kladdkakans dag 7 november

My plan after that was to study some, but that didn’t work out. I had to take a quick shower and then get ready for the party. I went to Phi Psi’s pledge party (the pledges organized the whole party) with a jungle theme. It was a great party, the decorations were awesome. The costumes not as much. I think I went most all-in with my tiger face paint. Other people just wore clothes with animal fur designs. The guys were Tarzan or just any other jungle dude. I got a lot of compliments but the hot house smudged it out later… I had a great evening but a little bit too much to drink. We were planning on taking it easy since we were going on the surf trip early the day after. And we stayed way late, but it was so much fun! I like that frat.

Jungle frat party Jungle frat party

I was just invited to another frat party tomorrow night, the one Luka, the Swedish guy from Chalmers, joined. It would be fun, but I think I have too much studying to do… We’ll see.


I slept for I think two or three hours before going on the trip yesterday morning. Not the best thing I could have done, but it was worth it. We left Cal Poly at 9 am, got to Mondo’s Beach north of Ventura at 11am and started surfing right away. I felt a bit nauseous, but I still managed to catch one or two waves. It was hard, the waves just died under all of us. I didn’t manage to stand up, only half stand one time. But it was still very fun. We had lunch break and I ate my whole footlong Subway sandwhich. Then we went out again. So much fun. But the small hangover mixed with waves and salt water wasn’t the best and I did feel a bit crappy, but it was still very enjoyable. I got some nice pictures with my GoPro as well. We played a game where we put all of our surfboards together so they formed like a boardwalk. Then one at a time ran across them all and jumped in at the end. It was hard! Then it was time to go to the camp site which was up in Carpinteria, like 20 minutes away. It was a nice camp site very close to the water. We made a fire, the leaders made amazing dinner for all of us, chicken wok with pineapple and rice. Very very fancy and good camp food! We even got desert, homemade brownie and homemade ice cream. So delicious! Before we ate though, we took a walk on the beach in the sunset. It was so beautiful. The beach was really wet so the sunset was reflected in both the water and the sand and made the sunset enormous. So very very pretty! But this was at 5:30pm so it was both dark and chilly for many hours before bedtime.

Poly Escapes, the groupMost of our group. We were 4 leaders and 8 trip-takers. Johanna in the waterJohanna. Surfing in VenturaSuccess with my GoPro. This will be so much fun in the Caribbean. Julianne catching a wave Sunset at Carpinteria BeachJulianne and me at Carpinteria Beach. Carpinteria Beach Carpinteria Beach Kelsey at Carpinteria BeachI love this picture of Kelsey! Amazing sunset at Carpinteria BeachThe sunset was truly amazing! Trip Leaders cookingThe kitchen we had at the pitch-dark camp site.

After the desert, we played games and sang campfire songs with a guitar. So nice. But I was so tired so I couldn’t stop thinking about going to bed, which we did at 10pm, not too late which was good.

The games we played were so much fun. One of them was called Interview. One person left the group, the others decided on a person and an action that the person who left were supposed to be. When the person who left came back we all asked questions, the guy answered the questions without knowing the answers and was gonna try and figure out who he/she was. Tigger flossing his teeth made some very funny questions. Does it hurt? Do you bleed when you do it? Do you do it in the morning, or evening? Does things stuck? What do you do best? Haha, so much fun. Another game we played was a game of questions. One person asked another one a random question and the other person answered with the first thing that came to mind. And then that answer would be the answer to all the questions asked after. Everyone could ask anything. And I mean anything. The person had to answer with that same answer but without laughing. When the person laughed that person asked a random question to someone else and it started over. Like if someone had the word Tortilla. What do you put in your burrito? Tortilla. What turns you on? Tortillas. With what do you brush your teeth? Tortillas. And so on. Hilarious!! Another very funny game we played was rapid questions. We sat in a circle and one person started by asking the next person a random question, it could be exactly anything. Then the next person is supposed to ask another question to the next person, without answering, laughing, hesitating or repeating a question. If you do, you’re out and the game goes on until there is only one left. Also very funny and a lot of laughs!

I decided to sleep in a tent tonight. Four people in each tent and I slept like a baby through the whole night. Some people, like Kelsey, slept under the stars. It would have been cool, but I wanted a good night’s sleep. I woke up a few times from the very noisy train, but fell asleep fast again. We got up at 7am, got served breakfast; scrambled eggs, bananas, sausage patties, Canadian bacon and tea. Yummy!

Back to the beach where we started our day with a yoga session on the beach. Very needed! Then 1.5 hour in the water before going to lunch in Ventura. We went to a tacos places in East Ventura and the shrimp/crab/avocado burrito I had was the best burrito I’ve ever had. Oh my gosh!! Ventura by the way is so pretty. I was in love with North Country San Diego before seeing Ventura. But now I totally feel like I want to move to Ventura in the future. Then the two hour trip started back home. I fell asleep for a little while but it was hard staying asleep. I will go to bed as soon as I am done with this super long post and get around 8 hours of sleep before a full day of studying tomorrow. I think I am gonna have to survive on caffeine pills this week if I am gonna have time to do everything on my to do list for the midterms on Thursday.

Last surf dag at Mondos Beach

I got home, had some mudpie, talked to my roommates, looked at the GoPro pictures and uploaded the best to Facebook and now I just found myself a travel companion for Jamaica. Yay! It is a guy I got to know in Los Angeles last year, who now lives in San Francisco. That will be fun.

Now I just have to convince my mom to come to Puerto Rico and someone else to Dominican Republic, or maybe mom there too. The flight between DR and PR is very cheap and so is the accommodation costs (which will be my Christmas gift to her, and maybe some of the flight cost too). I am crossing my fingers. But I know that I will have a great time anyway.

I don’t look forward to this week, it will be horrible. But this upcoming weekend will probably be as good as the last one after the midterms. No worries, just fun activities like Six Flags and skydiving! Yay!


This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Today was my first day of working out and I feel awful. Right when the TRX class ended I was sore. I couldn’t lift my arms and my legs transformed into spaghetti like right away. And I guess it is only gonna get worse from here. TRX again on Thursday doesn’t sound so fun right now. But I am gonna be serious about this now, no skipping work out days! And working out is the best medicine for muscle soreness.

Green lunchMy super green and healthy lunch; spinach, cucumber, avocado, grapes and pearl couscous and an egg. I definitely get my share of greens here. My problem (especially now when I am gonna start working out seriously) is protein. I am thinking about buying protein powder and drink shakes. Anyone know a good brand? I’ve hard that the best is the 100% whey protein powder and I found a brand on called Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. It’s 100% whey and according to their site it is the best protein powder 9 years in a row. Half price right now. I should probably try it. Salads are healthy, but I need more.

It was pretty hard going to class after that. I was tired and it hurt, but the class was over pretty fast and I was done 45 minutes early so that was nice. We were learning a GIS-program (Geography Information Systems) called ArcMAP. Thursday is all individual and we have to show the teacher what we learned today. He didn’t call it a test, but it seems like it is. I feel okay about it though. I’m doing pretty well so far. I haven’t gotten any grades in any class yet except for that class (transportation engineering lab), but I am doing good. On the first assignment I got 10/10 and now on the second I got 19/20 on the paper and 8.5/10 on the presentation. He is gonna add all points at the end of the course and that will be the final grade. So far I have an A or A- I think. Not too bad for someone who aims for a C.

This morning we got our second homework, this time in transportation engineering. 8 problems that we need to solve before Tuesday, and the midterm is on Thursday. I solved the first one today, but all the other one were like Greek… I will study with Eric probably Friday. I feel lost. Usually I have some clue of what to do, but this was just weird.

Tomorrow I will stay in bed all day reading ARCH history. I have a lot of catching up to do. And now I will go to bed. Early for once! Which means I can get up early tomorrow and get things done, like calling the DMV office in Sacramento. So looking forward to that.

Kanelbullens dag

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This Saturday was amazing. We were supposed to start it by playing beach volleyball at the PCV court but it was so windy outside it wouldn’t be fun, so I cancelled. At 11am we went to the beach instead, me, Kelsey, Tobi, Coby, Evan and Julia. We did the right thing. In SLO it was too hot, over 100F. Out at Pismo Beach it wasn’t even that warm. It was okay to lay in a bikini, but it wasn’t super hot. So we spent five hours there. We played beach volleyball (no wind out there surprisingly), went into the cold water (17C /65F), and lay on the beach tanning. It was an amazing day. I didn’t get burned and the water was so much fun. It was cold, but after a while your body got numb and all the big waves made it easier. We also saw several dolphins pretty close to the beach and also some seals. I still get very excited when I see dolphins.

Oh right, I almost forgot. I also tried skin boarding, which is when you are standing on the beach and ride on a thin board out in the water when the wave is just on its way back to the ocean. It is very very hard and I fell on my butt the second time I tried. It didn’t hurt, but I got sandy and had to go in the water again.

Dolphins at PismoDolphins to the right and left in this picture. A surfer in the middle.

Before we left Pismo at like 4pm, we stopped by this awesome place called Old West Cinnamon Rolls. I got a cream cheese frosted one and coby a walnut and we shared so we each got a half of each. So good! I remembered when we were sitting there that it was ”kanelbullens dag” (the day of the cinnamon roll) in Sweden yesterday. Then I googled it and it turned out to be today. Awesome! Not Swedish cinnamon rolls, but still delicous.

The day of the Cinnamon RollAn american cinnamon roll.

Back home we all chilled for a bit. Taking showers and I ordered a new bikini in which I will be able to play beach volleyball in. The ones I have will probably fall off if I go all in. I think it was worth it.

Then me, Kelsey and Lauren went downtown where we met up with Rachel when she got off work and we had a roommate date evening at Firestone Grill. They have the most amazing pulled pork sandwhiches. THE BEST EVER!!!

Roommate date at FirestoneMy amazing roommates. Left to right: Me, Kelsey, Rachel and Lauren. Roommate selfie

Our next thing was to go grocery shopping. I got everything I needed except pasta, but that was probably for the best anyway. I don’t have a scale here, but I am afraid that I’ve gained weight. It is hard being healthy here, but as soon as I start working out it will probably be fine. And speaking of, I just signed up for TRX classes twice a week for te whole quarter. It cost $40, but I think that will be worth it. It is every Tueday and Thursday between noon and 1pm, when I am out of class, so I didn’t really have an argument why I shouldn’t sign up for it. I love TRX and that would be a good motivator to get me to start work out again.

After grocery shopping we went to the room above ours to a party. It was fun for a while, but I got tired. So I stopped by another room on the third floor (which is my floor) to hang out for like 30 minutes before going back home. I won’t be able to get up early to go to the gym, but whatever. I feel good about myself just signing up for TRX. There were only 4 spots left. It will probably be extremely hot tomorrow as well, so I will probably just hang out by the pool. Even tonight it was hot, we were al sweating in shorts and tank tops. In the middle of the night! It was around 30C. Ridiculous.  I like it though, I get tired from it. But the oppurtunity to be in the ocean in October doesn’t come too often.

I love my life here!

New tattoo, where?! Shit, my calves look gigantic on these pictures… Anyway, I wanna get another tattoo. Any input, calf or ankle (the same foot as my first tattoo)?TarantulaWhen we came home from Albertson’s and we were gonna park the car inthe parking structure, there was a big tarantula walking around in there. And I was just telling Kelsey at the beach today that I never saw a single one in San Diego and that she probably wouldn’t see one here in just a quarter. Oh, I was wrong… I’m guessing it was about 2-3 inches (5-8cm).


I found out today that I didn’t get the job at Burger King. I still haven’t heard from Hemtjänsten so I am a bit worried I might not get that one either. And if I don’t, then I won’t have a job for the summer, no income, a very expensive rent and a lot to pay when it comes to my next abroad experience… I know I’ve learned to be optimistic about everything, but right now it is very hard. No one wants to hire me and it is totally getting to my head! It really means that there was someone a little bit better than me, but it’s not a very comforting thought right now.

I’ve gotten a lot more emails from Cal Poly with information. I haven’t gotten answers about how to get an apartment/room yet, but it seems like I need to pay $1100 right away as a deposition. How the fuck will I get that kind of money when I barely have enough to pay my own rent here in Sweden? How will I be able to buy a plane ticket to even go to the US? Or the visa? I will get a 25 000 kr grant from Chalmers, but not before November which is bullshit. That money is supposed to help us exchange students to pay for the flight ticket and so on. Bullshit!

I’ve also found out that to apply for specific classes at CalPoly (May 9th) I need to provide the professor syllabi and grades to show him/her that I have the right prerequisites. I can’t explain how much I want all these preparations to be over. I just wanna be there and have everything figured out. This is almost overwhelming with everything else that is going on.

It is very obvious that my streak of luck is long gone…

I tried to study some structural engineering at school today and it actually went okay. I solved two problems in like four hours but then I found out I didn’t get the job and spent the last hour playing on my phone. So I decided to go home instead. Have a little dinner and then join mom at the gym for an hour of yoga.

It was a tough class today and it hurt. In my mouth! This stupid wisdom tooth hole is still hurting pretty bad. It’s been more than a week. It should be okay by now!


I want to go to Kent’s concert here in Gothenburg on June 1st. But the problem still stands, no money=nothing. I really hate being in this situation where money means everything and the lack of it is ruining my life. I am getting back to my old self who worries, I am sad and can’t see the optimistic side of things. Not good. I need something good to happen! Like now, please!


Oh, right, the title. Today was mom’s 50th birthday! She didn’t seem that old when I met her so I think she will be fine 🙂 No party today, but she wanted to celebrate by doing yoga. And tomorrow she gets the day off because she is turning 50 or 60. I like that company, they are very nice and generous with days off. Happy birthday again, world’s best mother! ❤

Easter lunch

I had a very calm day today. Except for all the aching in my body of course. It’s hard playing that much beach volleyball in one day. That was the second time I played since I got back home and I can feel that today, my whole upper body is pretty much dead and now in the evening I’m also starting to feel it in my butt. But it was totally worth it, and it’s awesome having muscle soreness in your stomach!

What’s not so nice about my whole body aching is that that includes my tooth, or lack of tooth. It’s not exactly the hole that is hurting, but my whole jaw bone. And it’s not always, just now and then, but when it does hurt, it hurts crazy much! I am gonna call my dentist on Tuesday and ask her if this is normal. I can’t imagine it being so…

Anyway, today was all about having an Easter lunch with mom. Pickled herring, meatballs, prince sausage, shrimp cheesecake, smoked salmon and of course easter must (påskmust). So delicious! And for desert I got an easter egg full of candy. I don’t think I will ever be too old to get one of those!

I hugged my cats a lot and had a nice time on the couch with Stuff. I pet her nose and she copycat me and put her paw on my nose. So adorable! And we held hands while we watched a part of Return of the King.

In the afternoon mom and I went shopping. She needed a shoe shelf and I needed more painkillers. So we drove around to different stores and bought everything except what mom needed. We found some really cute tête-a-têtes, small easter lillies (daffodil is the correct name according to wikipedia). 5 kr for one pot so we bought one each. Really pretty on my kitchen table.

When I got home I watched one episode of Once Upon a Time and played Guild Wars 2 the rest of the evening. It’s a quite addicitive game…

I hope tomorrow brings as good weather as it was today. It really felt like summer! It was way too hot for a jacket and everything is getting greener by the day and the sky was completely cloudless. I love this season! My dad and his fiancé have a BBQ tomorrow and if the weather is as good, I will probably go out there earlier to get some of my tan back.

Swedish springThe Swedish summer is amazing. But I actually think I enjoy spring better when it is like today!


I’ve never had any troubles getting a job before, and now, when it is crucial that I get a job, I can’t get one. I found out yesterday that I didn’t get that job at Liseberg that I really wanted. But I am not totally out of the game yet, I am on the waiting list, but I have no idea if it is common to get one if you’re on it. I am not hoping on too much, that would only make it worse when I don’t get it. So last night I was up looking for jobs and applying for the few I was qualified enough for. Today, just 12 hours after I sent in an application for a job as a home assistant for old people I got a call, telling me they want me for an interview as soon as possible. It’s great, but to be honest, that’s the job I want the least. I just hope I hear from more companies before I have to accept it. Of course I will take it if nothing else comes up, but cross my fingers for me!

I just got home from the gym where I went to a class with mom. It was like a lighter version of bodypump, but I still almost died. I don’t think excercise is something for me anymore. It’s not supposed to feel like muscles are breaking while doing things. Lunges are pretty much impossible for me.

I’ve spent some time working on my thesis and it’s getting more and more finished by the day. Because of the changes we made the other week we need to approach this another way according to Chalmers. We can’t just make the document and hope that Veidekke likes it, Chalmers wants us to test it somehow, but that’s not gonna work with no data. So that will be a toughie. But I am sure we can work something out. We have a meeting with Veidekke on Thursday, we are gonna have to sort this out then. This whole thing, including the paper, is supposed to be done in a month. I don’t think it will be a problem, but a month is not much!

Now I need to take a shower and then go to bed, I’ve been so tired lately. I think my B12 is at its very lowest right now, I should probably call the doctor and ask for more injections…

Pub crawl @ Chalmers

This was a very nice day actually, even if the whole afternoon was spent with structural engineering (the class I’m taking again). I actually solved one problem all by myself. It took one hour though and I had the answer key. But it’s a good start!

In the evening I went to one hour of yoga with mom and Sofia. It was in English so I recognized the names of the positions. It was a very good class to. I will try to go to this one regularly. We did headstands and I did surprisingly well. My mom was more than surprised, “where did you learn to do that?!”. I think I did a lot of headstands and handstands when I was younger. Guess some things are hard to forget how to do.

Right after yoga I and Sofia went to Chalmers, it was the pub crawl tonight (we have that four times a year, a night when all the 19 pubs on campus are open at the same time for everyone tovisit). We only went there to eat a burger outside of the Civil Engineer department’s house where our former committee barbecued them. So good! And cheap, since we used to do that ourselves, we get a huge discount. Very nice to talk to the new guys in VIRUS and I look forward to the “fancy”  dinner party next weekend with them.

We didn’t feel that we were done with the pub crawl so we went to one of the pubs and had a drink each. We ran into two friends and sat there for maybe an hour. I didn’t drink any alcohol though. Mom said that wasn’t a good idea with an open wound in my mouth, so I ordered a hot cocoa. Worked perfectly fine that too!

Now I just took a warm shower and I have packed for this weekend’s trip up to grandma and grandpa on dad’s side. It will be nice to see them again. They live so far away so I don’t see them very often.

I should probably get to bed, I have a lecture at 8am.

Back in school

It was almost two years ago I was at a lecture. Time flies! I didn’t recognize much of what the teacher said but I think I will get into it after a while. I remember being this confused the first week of all my classes I’ve had so far.

After two hours I went home to mom so I wouldn’t have had to go all the way to my apartment just to go back a little later to the gym. 30 minutes of spinning and 30 minutes of CXWORX. I met two friends there who were also going to spinning and one of them were also going to the second class. Nice with some company!

When I came home it was time for some laundry. A machine used to be done after like 50 minutes, but now they take more than an hour and that doesn’t give me enough time to finish it all in three hours. I hope we are allowed to use the dryer.

I did some shopping, bought soup and yoghurt for the next few days. Tomorrow at 8am the teeth are being pulled! Now, I am extremely tired for some reason. So I will actually go to bed now.Goodnight!

Yoga, pancakes and packing

And a sick mom. This day just disappeared. I slept until 10am and went to the gym for one hour of yoga. It wasn’t a good class and I really felt that I was wasting my time. The instructor didn’t have any music and she took it way too serious. In the position Downward Facing Dog (standing on all four with the butt up in the air, looking like a triangle) she came up to me and tried to push me down on my heels. I told her I couldn’t do it and she kept going and told me that I could. But I really can’t stretch out my calf that much because of that genetic defect I have.

I want to do yoga to relax and stretch out my muscles and that class didn’t give me much of either. Waste of time.

At home I was supposed tomake pancakes for lunch, but mom was still in bed and we decided to have it for dinner instead. So in the afternoon I out together my power point presentation for the Cultural Care information meetings. It turned out to be pretty good! Now I just have to write down what to say with each picture.

I cooked an early dinner and then started packing all my stuff. It wasn’t that much, just the clothes I unpacked when I got back three weeks ago. And then my mom have used some of my things the last year. She also gave me a lot of food, so very nice of her!

Then we went up the attic and went through what I want to bring to my apartment. I left like four boxes, but the rest I wanted with me. It’s a lot of stuff, but it could be worse. I don’t have any furniture to move this time.

Oh, yeah, right. I’m moving to my own apartment tomorrow! Could be worth mentioning, haha. I am really excited. My mom was supposed to help me, but she gets exhausted from getting out of bed and walking to the couch in the living room. So I managed to get another help, Chad.