Pub crawl @ Chalmers

This was a very nice day actually, even if the whole afternoon was spent with structural engineering (the class I’m taking again). I actually solved one problem all by myself. It took one hour though and I had the answer key. But it’s a good start!

In the evening I went to one hour of yoga with mom and Sofia. It was in English so I recognized the names of the positions. It was a very good class to. I will try to go to this one regularly. We did headstands and I did surprisingly well. My mom was more than surprised, “where did you learn to do that?!”. I think I did a lot of headstands and handstands when I was younger. Guess some things are hard to forget how to do.

Right after yoga I and Sofia went to Chalmers, it was the pub crawl tonight (we have that four times a year, a night when all the 19 pubs on campus are open at the same time for everyone tovisit). We only went there to eat a burger outside of the Civil Engineer department’s house where our former committee barbecued them. So good! And cheap, since we used to do that ourselves, we get a huge discount. Very nice to talk to the new guys in VIRUS and I look forward to the “fancy”  dinner party next weekend with them.

We didn’t feel that we were done with the pub crawl so we went to one of the pubs and had a drink each. We ran into two friends and sat there for maybe an hour. I didn’t drink any alcohol though. Mom said that wasn’t a good idea with an open wound in my mouth, so I ordered a hot cocoa. Worked perfectly fine that too!

Now I just took a warm shower and I have packed for this weekend’s trip up to grandma and grandpa on dad’s side. It will be nice to see them again. They live so far away so I don’t see them very often.

I should probably get to bed, I have a lecture at 8am.

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