Cousins in Nynäshamn

Now I’ve met all my relatives, all one week. I had a very nice weekend in Sala/Nynäshamn with my grandparents and cousins.

I took the train up and down, four hours each way wasn’t too bad. I had a lot of time to read.

On Friday evening I had dinner and dessert with my grandparents. We stayed up pretty late and talked about everything and nothing.

Early on Saturday morning we drove to Nynäshamn where my uncle lives. Ella was very happy to see me again and she got super excited about the gift I gave her; Rainbow Loom. We didn’t have time to make an advanced bracelet so I think I will make one with my kit that I got from my hostfamily and send it to her.

We ate good food and apple pie for dessert. This weekend wasn’t very good for my weight-loss-plan. But surprisingly enough I’ve actually lost a little since Friday morning. Weird!

On Sunday we had breakfast and then went out in the cold for a walk along the lake they have close to their house. It was windy so we didn’t go that far, but it was nice. We saw swans and heard cranes.

Right before grandma drove me to the train station in Västerås we had lunch and dessert again.  Panacotta topped with their own raspberries.

I had more things on the way back to Gothenburg. From my cousins, uncle and wife I got thick and fluffy towels that I look forward to use! From grandma and grandpa I got two jars of their homemade strawberry/rhubarb and plum jam. I am trying not to eat as much bread anymore, but it will be worth it with these two things to have on it. I also got a picture painted by Ella. In arts class she drew an American flag just for me. She is so incredibly sweet!

I don’t have very much to do this week so I will try to solve some problems in structural engineering and then play Guild Wars 2. And this upcoming weekend we are gonna have the fancy dinner party with VIRUS. I really look forward to that!

Gröna Gången, Långforsen

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