Last week

Let’s just face it, I am not gonna update this as often as I used to in the US. It is a shame, but with no time, there is not much to do about it.

I have lots of things I want to write about, and for the best reading experience for you guys, I will start with something not very happy and then end with something happy. Something is weighing on my shoulders and I feel a very big need of writing it down so I can let go of it. It is not exactly a big deal, but it is something I shouldn’t have to deal with when the only thing I am doing is doing my job. But I guess dealing with upset and angry people is what to expect when working in the service industry. I understand that we are all humans, have feelings and have better or worse days. Today was honestly the best day I have had at work since I started on July 1st. Not because of anything special, but because I felt happy and energetic, woke up on the right side. No idea why (maybe because my sweet boyfriend called me to wake me up this morning, he is up north to compete in the Swedish Championship in track and field, he is high jumping tomorrow, I send all my wishes of good luck to him), but it was just a good day, and sometimes I have bad days for no particular reason too. I think this lady at Helix today had a bad day, and she let it all out over a colleague of mine and me. She was of a bigger size and everyone knows that Helix is very sensitive and even people who you would normally not think of as bigger can’t go on the normal seats and have to sit in the last two seats because they are bigger. We who work there are always very sensitive when we tell the guests that we can’t get the restraint in the right position and that they can wait for the next train and sit in the back. Most people are understanding and even joke about how fat they are. Which honestly makes me a little uncomfortable but better that than them yelling at me. And that’s what happened today. She was even too big for the seats in the back and before my colleague could even try to push the restraint down to the right position, she started telling him how bad at his job he was and that he was very insensitive about the whole situation. Which of course he wasn’t, he did exactly as he was supposed to, he has worked at Liseberg for many years and know how to talk to guests and handle difficult situations. They had to go to the side and they kept talking. After a while he left to go talk to our supervisors (I am not sure exactly what they said, so I am not completely sure why she was upset). We rotated on the station (so we don’t just check restraints on one side for a full 30 minutes or an hour, to prevent injuries), I was happy as I had been all day so far, when I was done with my five restraints I walked to the exit and gave signal for the operator to send the train away. And out of nowhere she starts yelling at me. I was so shocked at first I didn’t know what to say. I asked her why she took this out on me and she replied that I started it. She kept telling me that we all did a horrible job and that we should handle situations like these better and that we represents Liseberg. I then told her that she represents the guests at Liseberg, she was quiet for a few seconds, shocked I guess. Then kept going on and on, told me that we didn’t want to deal with her and just left her. I of course tried to defend myself and told her that my colleague was up on the phone and that we treat every guests well. And when she still wouldn’t let me be I told her straight up (because there was no way to reason with her) that I didn’t want to just stand there and take the shit she unprovokedly threw at me, and then walked away.

I am sure she was embarrassed, because everyone on the station can see when we have to move these bigger people around. But I don’t understand why  she has to make an even bigger deal about it and make us feel bad? I honestly was just seconds away from crying when I walked away. We are doing the best we can and frankly, we are all doing an amazing job. Working at an amusement park with guests is hard. We are there for them, safety comes first and guests happiness a close second. I wish the guests would understand that most of the things that happen aren’t our faults, that we are just the people between. Don’t shoot the messenger kind of.

I have had a lot of uncomfortable situations with guests lately, for example when they are missing the right bracelets to go on the ride or when kids are too short and the parents blame me when the kids have gone on the ride before, even though there are several centimeters missing.

I have to say that I am getting better at handling situations like these unless I feel threatened. But when I know that I am right, I feel like I get authority and eventually they listen. Today was an exception, I got hurt, my feelings got hurt, and I just wanted to leave. I am sad to say that a very similar situation happened during the last hour at Helix too. Fortunately I wasn’t the victim, but another girl I work with got yelled at pretty badly by another guest who had some unrealistic demands. I knew that these situations would come up when I accepted this job, and most of the time it is okay. Today got out of hand though…

On a better note, that didn’t ruin my day, it ruined the rest of that half hour, but I was almost as happy on the next attraction as before.

This is becoming a very long post, but it feels good to get rid of these feelings. I had half an hour set aside today to talk to one of my supervisors about my feelings about this job and so on. She told me that the group of supervisors think of me as very stable and a safe employee, that it feels like I have been working at Liseberg forever. Hearing that made me so happy!


Now I feel done with work-related things. On Monday Jesper had his birthday, unfortunately he was working the whole day but we met up with his mom and youngest sister for dinner. It was good to finally meet them and they were both very nice. The day after we met up with his dad and his younger brother, who is only 11 months, and seriously the cutest baby ever. That was also a very nice afternoon. And later that evening Jesper and I took mom’s car and drove to Ramberget where we sat for a while with a small picnic and watched out over Gothenburg. That was our day off together. It really is too bad we are both working so much. But I think from this week and forward we are not working as much.

I am too tired to try and find the pictures that correlate to this post on my phone so I will post them tomorrow. Now it is high time to go to bed. 11 hours at work. You could say that I am tired…

90 year birthday party

Yesterday I went to Hjo with mom and Chad for a tripple birthday party. The usual people were there, my uncle, my three cousins Linnea (and her boyfriend), Lovisa and Malin, my grandma, grandpa and his wife. It was a very nice day with lots of awesome food and several different desserts, perfect!

We had BBQ with different types of meat, BBQ sauces, potato au gratin and salads. I had so much food but didn’t feel very bad about and now, the day after when the scale only showed 57.5kg (that’s a total weightloss of 7kg since I started trying to lose weight), I am gonna start to not feel bad about good food I’m eating once in a while.

As dessert we had a cake that Malin baked with the number 90 printed in M&Ms on it. The total age of me, Linnea and mom was 90.

And as second dessert we made s’mores. I actually only had one. We watched a little “Gladiatorerna” and then I drove us home to Gothenburg again.


Today I woke up at 1pm, had lunch and played Guild Wars 2 for the rest of the day. There are so many things to do, but my first goal is to explore the whole world and then try some PvP. I have a little more than 50% explored after 150 hours of gameplay. Taking a break to focus on school was just a joke…

I also got a very fun phone call today. It seems like I get all these job calls on Sundays. Anyways, this was from Liseberg!! They need someone at the attraction department at the end of this month. Since I’ve already been through two  interviews so they just want me to come in on Wednesday and give me all the details about the job and confirm the dates I can work. I interpret that as I will get the job if I want it. And that is so awesome!! It turns out that everything works out in the end, even if it takes a lot of time sometimes 🙂

I am not completely sure what it means, but I guess everything about the attractions, like taking tickets, checking kids’ lengths, check the safety belts and such. I am so excited!

But I will still go to the interview at home service tomorrow. I haven’t signed a contract yet so I still need backup plans.

I found out today that I don’t have to pay the initial payment of $1125 to Cal Poly Housing. So awesome!! I think this application online in my Cal Poly account means that I will get the room, but I am not sure. In the email I got a few weeks ago it said that Cal Poly was glad to offer me a room on campus. It sounds like I have it 🙂

In the evening Chad came over and we cooked a gourmet dinner of meatballs and mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes with gravy and lingonberries. It is a very simple meal but oh, it was soo good! We shared a bottle of wine and talked the whole evening. A perfect Sunday evening! ❤


Summer came to Gothenburg early this year. This weekend has been the best and I spent both days in Slottskogen.

Yesterday the Formula team from last year were hanging out and barbecueing and I was invited to come along. I felt a bit alone, all mechanical engineers and me, a civil engineer. But I had a great time anyway. The sun was up, it was warm, I got tan, had the year’s first BBQ and watched the crazy people running Tough Viking. I read about it after and it was sick! Electrical shocks, swimming through mud and ice cold water, monkey bars and other crazy stuff. It would have been cool to do it. It definitely would have been an accomplishment, maybe in two years so I have time to exercise before.

We stayed there until the sun disappeared behind the trees. All those 6 hours of sun was enough after almost three months of pretty much no sun (compared to Cali). I was so tired so I just spent the rest of the night inside.

Me and Chad decided, before we said goodbye, to play frisbee golf today, but when I couldn’t reach him at all for three hours this morning I decided to go to his place and see if he was alive. He was and was definitely surprised when I showed up unannounced, but he was glad I did. Otherwise he would have missed out on the awesome weather today!!

We played 18 holes of frisbee gold, third time ever for me and I didn’t do too bad, even if I lost by way too many points to count. After that we rewarded ourselves with soft serve ice cream and took a walk in Slottskogen watching the animals there. Mooses, peacocks, sheep, ducks, goats and wild squirrels.

The day ended at mom’s where she made us dinner, flying jacob. It’s a chili chicken stew with bacon, cashews and bananas. One of my all time favorites! My brother was kind and drove us home and I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 ever since. That game is ridiculously big and I have a feeling I will never be done. I’ve played for probably 250h total and I’ve only explored 50% of the world… And I haven’t even tried the PvP part of the game yet.

I think I have to take a tiny break from playing now though. I have two weeks until my thesis deadline and I have two more weeks of structural engineering classes (four until the exam) and I have to start with applying for courses at Cal Poly. Tomorrow the list of all the available classes will come up, so I need to find mine, the names of the professors and syllabi for the prerequisites classes I’ve taken in Sweden. This has to be done in two weeks as well.

In addition to all the studying and Cal Poly preparations I have a lot of other events going on. Like Cortégen (a parade built by Chalmers Students each year (I did it in 2011 and it was so much fun), birthday dinner for Dzejna, birthday party for me/mom/my cousin, job interview, dentist appointment and a funeral. I also have a book I really want to start to read, but I am one of those who can’t start reading something without finishing what I am currently reading and I am not too excited about Fifty Shades Darker. It’s not bad, but not my type of book (not fantasy).

Anyway, about that job interview! Yesterday I got an email from another Home Service office (but in another part of town which is closer and easier to get to than the one I got an interview for a couple of weeks ago), asking me if I still was interested. Today we decided to do the interview on May 5th. It sucks a bit that the interview isn’t for another week since the first place called today and offered me the job. I had to tell her that I couldn’t give them an answer yet and she was very understanding when I said it was the same job but another district. I hope I get the later one, the woman who talked about it sounded so passionate about it and told me the team was super nice and it wasn’t just old people, but every age between 13 and 98. But I would be totally fine with the first district too and I am so relieved I finally got a job! The problem is though that I probably won’t get my first paycheck until the end of July, and that would mean two months without income… But that’s a problem a month away!

Now I need to focus on my course applications and thesis!


Weight lossOh, right, another awesome piece of news! Since it’s been really warm out, I’ve had to leave the jeans at home and put on shorts. A year ago these shorts were kinda tight and now I have to wear a belt so I don’t drop them. They are almost too big to wear actually. 😀

Surprise party

Yesterday was a very nice day in almost every way. It started with four hours of work as an au pair recruiter. We were part of a “after  graduation” fair at a high school in Gothenburg where we talked to students about what to do after graduation. Some were interested, most not. Maybe a bunch of people will come to the next meeting because of it, we will see. I had a great time there and four hours just flew by. And when I got there I was met by the receptionist who I recognized a lot. It was the old receptionist at my high school many years ago. She recognized me after a few moments of thinking. She is very nice, I like her!

We got free lunch and a lot of fika. Right after I had a thesis meeting with Veidekke to attend to. They are very pleased with the result so far. We are gonna make some minor changes before Wednesday and then we should be done. Except for the writing part of course…

And right after that I met up with my cousin and her friend in downtown and showed them how to get home to me. They left some things, changed clothes like four times and then went to a concert with The Fooo. A Swedish boyband. And I mean boyband, they are 16 year olds… They have been famous for a year since they were up on stage before Justin Bieber when he was here a year ago. And girls are crazy about them for some unknown reason! They had been lining up outside the place where the concert took place since Tuesday! Apparently the first in line got to meet the band before the concert, but yesterday afternoon the band had walked along the line and hugged everyone. I guess those girls in the front felt kinda stupid. I think these guys are famous because they are so nice to their fans. And that’s not a bad thing. But they do look awfully a lot like Justin Bieber and that is a big no no for me.

When they had left I prepared the rest of the cake and called mom and asked her to pick me up at 17:45. She thought we were going to her friends to plan our trip to London, but it was a surprise party. She had no idea what was going on. Didn’t thought about the big bag I brought with me, or the cake (which was supposed to be there originally but then cancelled because of allergies, but I told mom I talked to the allergic person and it was fine), or the fact that I was doing the dishes while she waited downstairs to give the people at the party more time, or that my brother wanted me, not mom who were living with him, to drive him to his girlfriend (the party really) on a night before he had to work at 5am and when he just spent the entire week with her in Rome. Clueless and surprised when she saw everyone!

It was fun being part of that! So we ordered Greek food for dinner, drank wine, ate my cake and then mom opened her gifts. From me she got a new pair of sweatpants and two pairs of earrings. I bought the same ones because they were so cute. She never noticed me wearing them this last week though.

I got a lot of book tips from Gudrun, one of mom’s friends, who has the same taste of books, movies and TV shows. We had a great night, but I got tired quickly. I got home at 0:30am and tried to be as quiet as possible. My cousin were already home since two hours and had gone to bed. I am surprised. She is fifteen, she should be able to stay up all night, right?

Anyway, I was extremely tired, but still couldn’t resist playing 2048 on my phone in my bed for half an hour before finally falling asleep with the phone in my hand. That game is seriously addicting. The goal of the game is to get one tile with the number of 2048 and you do that by putting two equal tiles together. So two 2s become a 4, and two 4s become a 8 and so on. I’ve played it a lot lately, but I can’t get a tile with more than 1024. Stupid…

Anyway, it was a very nice day and I think today will be as good. BBQ in Slottskogen and a lecture from the architects of the new city library as part of the opening ceremony. Or maybe I will skip that and go back to bed? It’s not human to get up at 7:30am on a Saturday.

My cousin and her friend were satisfied with the concert and had a great time and no problem finding their way back to my place. They tried to be extremely quiet when making breakfast, but I am a light sleeper and wake up from pretty much anything. I wonder when they were planning on waking me up, haha.

Birthday cakeThe cake I made for mom was a success!

Here’s the recipe:

*400g of condensed milk
*150g butter
*300g Digestive crackers
*1l of fresh fruit (like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or whatever)
*1,5 double Daim (á 56g) (Daim=Heath bar but better)
*3dl whipped cream

How to
*Boil the can of condensed milk for 2,5 hours. The water is supposed to cover the can at all times. (Or you can buy a can of preboiled condensed milk, called Caramellised condensed milk)
*Let it cool off completely under cold water. The milk is now a caramel cream.
*Cover the inside of a pie form, diameter 24cm, about 8 pieces, with plastic sheeting.
*Melt the butter. Crumble the Digestive crackers into tiny tiny crumbs and mix it with the butter. Put the mix in the pie form and put it in the fridge for an hour.
*Remove the cake base from the form and plastic and put it on a plate.
*Put the caramel cream on the cake base as an even layer.
*Mince the Daim and whip the cream. Put 2/3 of the Daim in the cream. Put the whipped cream on the caramel cream.
*Last, put the rest of the minced Daim on the cake and then decorate with fruit.

Here is a link to the Swedish version of the recipe.

Cousins in Nynäshamn

Now I’ve met all my relatives, all one week. I had a very nice weekend in Sala/Nynäshamn with my grandparents and cousins.

I took the train up and down, four hours each way wasn’t too bad. I had a lot of time to read.

On Friday evening I had dinner and dessert with my grandparents. We stayed up pretty late and talked about everything and nothing.

Early on Saturday morning we drove to Nynäshamn where my uncle lives. Ella was very happy to see me again and she got super excited about the gift I gave her; Rainbow Loom. We didn’t have time to make an advanced bracelet so I think I will make one with my kit that I got from my hostfamily and send it to her.

We ate good food and apple pie for dessert. This weekend wasn’t very good for my weight-loss-plan. But surprisingly enough I’ve actually lost a little since Friday morning. Weird!

On Sunday we had breakfast and then went out in the cold for a walk along the lake they have close to their house. It was windy so we didn’t go that far, but it was nice. We saw swans and heard cranes.

Right before grandma drove me to the train station in Västerås we had lunch and dessert again.  Panacotta topped with their own raspberries.

I had more things on the way back to Gothenburg. From my cousins, uncle and wife I got thick and fluffy towels that I look forward to use! From grandma and grandpa I got two jars of their homemade strawberry/rhubarb and plum jam. I am trying not to eat as much bread anymore, but it will be worth it with these two things to have on it. I also got a picture painted by Ella. In arts class she drew an American flag just for me. She is so incredibly sweet!

I don’t have very much to do this week so I will try to solve some problems in structural engineering and then play Guild Wars 2. And this upcoming weekend we are gonna have the fancy dinner party with VIRUS. I really look forward to that!

Gröna Gången, Långforsen

Cousins in Hjo

Home again in my apartment after a long but very nice day. I finally met my cousins and grandparents on mom’s side again. Before we came to Hjo we picked up Malin at her gymnastic practice and she didn’t recognize me from far away, but when I came closer she gave me a really big hug!

When we came to my uncle’s new house I got more big hugs. At 3pm grandma and grandpa came and we started our afternoon with mudpie. Weird to have desert before the meal, but I’ve had opposite-themed parties at Chalmers so it’s nothing I’ve never done before.

Before dinner I played Assholes with my brother, Malin and Lovisa. We only had time for two rounds before dinner, pulled pork. It was really good! I will try that one day, for sure!

After dinner we just sat and talked. Malin got impatient and wanted to open my very late Christmas gifts for them. I got one too, a thermometer to have outside my window. I didn’t even knew I needed one but my mom apparently did and told my uncle. She have noticed that I always complain that it looks warmer than it is and always choose the wrong clothes. My sweet mom who knows me better than I do sometimes!

My cousins loved their gifts. They each got a Hollister t-shirt and a key chain with their initial from Hollywood and a used card deck from Las Vegas. I am glad they liked it :).

I’ve decided with my cousins to try to redo this whole thing with them visiting me on their own for a weekend in Gothenburg. I think Malin will start on the weekend of March 29th, Lovisa April 26th and then we’ll see about Linnea. I look forward to those weekends!

Tomorrow is my last day before the seriousness begins. My classes start on Monday. On Tuesday I will pull one or two wisdom teeth. On Wednesday I will start with my thesis and on Friday I will take the train up to my grandparents and cousins on dad’s side for a weekend with them.

I hope this week goes fast and that I won’t have any complications with the teeth pulling!

Dinner at dad’s

I had a very nice afternoon/evening out in Sjövik at my dad and his girlfriend’s place. I came out there at 3:30pm and we had a very late lunch consisting of barbecued hotdogs. We sat outside in the beautiful spring sun (it was blue sky today again!!). Pretty chilly, but still very nice. I can’t when the tree’s start getting leaves, that’s the part of the year I like most.

When it got cold we got inside and Karin prepared the dinner, lamb and root crops. It was very delicious! For dessert we had that apple pie with marzipan Karin made the last time I was there, just for me this time because I was coming over. She is sweet! I got a piece with me home.

Monday tomorrow, means another Saturday for me. No alarm and no plans whatsoever! I will probably read a lot. Or maybe take a trip downtown to buy some new glasses. One more week of Saturdays and then my life will get serious again…

34 hours of travelling

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I’m in Sweden and have been for a while now. I’ve already had time to do a little grocery shopping, a Swedish lunch with mom, a nice talk with my brother and a lot of hugging my cats. I’m starting to feel a bit crappy, I have been awake for about 48 hours with a few one-hour naps on the planes.

The trip went surprisingly fast and I can’t really complain about it. Some parts of it were pleasant and I had lots of luck. But not to confuse my readers I will write about everything in chronological order, starting what happened right after my latest blog post (in the bar at the hotel on Big Island).

I didn’t want to go to bed even if I had a long couple of days coming. So I shut down my computer and sat down on the stone wall by the rocks and the ocean. The bar had a big light out on the splashing waves. It looked really cool when it was lit up. So I sat there for a long while trying to take good pictures. I also saw fireflies! I was so excited and when one of the bartenders came up to me to talk to me I asked about it. It was just regular flies in the light of the lamp. I’ve never seen fireflies. But it was still beautiful.

Waves in the night Last night on Hawaii

I got an offer to go look at manta rays (he knew a very good spot to see them apparently) when he got off his shift 30 minutes later. I was very tempted, but I had to be boring and go to bed. It would have been cool though!

My alarm went off at 7am on Sunday morning and my trip home started at 11am. My first flight was to Honolulu and on the way there I saw whales from the plane when we were closing in on Oahu. It was cool to see from above, I could just see the splash of water, but still.

Kona AirportThe world’s smallest airport…

My second flight was to San Diego and it was nicer than the one I had to Hawaii three weeks ago. I saw the sunset from above and it was really beautiful. It was also very beautiful seeing the starry sky. We have either too many clouds or lights here in Gothenburg to be able to see the stars…

Sunset over the PacificSunrise above the Pacific Ocean.San DiegoSan Diego! I love this airport, you’re going down right next to the skyscrapers.

At the airport 9pm Lovisa picked me up and drove me home. Very nice of her! She even gave me food for the road, Rolo and Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars.  The kids came running down the stairs when I came inside. I got big hugs from everyone and since it was so late, 10pm, I had to start saying goodbye to the kids so they could go to sleep. They both were so sweet and it didn’t feel like a goodbye, just a normal goodnight. No tears shed and the girl told me that they are going to Sweden again this year in June. Maybe that’s why we didn’t cry, because we are gonna see each other so soon. And that’s not enough, I will go to San Diego in Aug/Sep to visit them also! More on that later!

I talked to my hostparents downstairs for a while about my trip, the year and how glad I was to have spent it with them. At 11pm I started to pack. It was hard, but after some reorganizing they were both close to 50lbs. I think they actually showed 50lbs on the scale but I took a risk and went to the airport like that. I spent the remaining 3 hours with Chad. I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. At 3am we left for the airport. I put on a lot of clothes, leggings, sweatpants, a tank top, t-shirt, hoodie and a big jacket. I forgot my white Converse at my hostfamily’s house so I had to travel in my workout shoes which aren’t very comfortable. But my other ones were on vacuum bags so I didn’t have much choice.

My first big worry turned into my first luck. My suitcases were 49.8 and 49.6 lbs. Haha! It took me like 15 minutes to say goodbye to Chad and I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t so hard. Like with my hostfamily I just couldn’t understand that it was happening for real. My sadness came later…

My second big worry was my carry-on and personal item. They say that the personal item should be like a laptop or purse. I had a big tote bag full of papers, computer and my purse. I was afraid that they weren’t gonna allow that, but they did! I went through security without any trouble. But then I realized that the people at the gate decides that. Crap, I had to go through that nervousness two more times?

Both my personal item and carry-on were really heavy and I was dreading to carry it around airports. But there was that thing called luck again! The flight to Chicago was so full that all of ours carry-ons wouldn’t fit. So we could check them free of charge to the final destination. Perfect!! So I only had my super heavy tote. My right arm is sore from carrying it, but it’s still better than two heavy bags.

To be honest I don’t remember anything from the San Diego-Chicago flight more than that Chicago was really beautiful with the snow, the ice covered Lake Michigan and the blue sky.

Chicago Beautiful Chicago. I missed the skyline by the lake unfortunately.Three seats

After the 2 hour layover I had the best flight ever. I had a window seat again, in the back of the plane with no one sitting next to me. So I had three seats all to myself with a screen in the chair in front of me, with a lot of new movies. I had time to see three, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Thor: The Dark World, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I tried to sleep some, but didn’t work very well…

The last flight was the worst. I was a little less than two hours away from home, the airplane was small and uncomfortable (but the sunrise outside above the clouds was amazing). And I was sad after realizing that I was on my way home. But when we arrived I felt a little better, it was cloudy, but light, a little snow and I got my bags right away. My mom wasn’t expecting me to come out just ten minutes after we landed so she didn’t see me when I walked up to her. It felt really good seeing her again and we hugged for a long time. Dad was stuck in traffic but came like ten minutes later. We talked for an hour and then me and mom went home.

Sunrise above Gothenburg Sunrise above Gothenburg.GothenburgGothenburg under the clouds.

On the way we stopped at Ica Maxi, I needed to buy a toothbrush and a deo. And then I bought a bag of bulk candy. Hehe!

Back home I had two gifts on my bed. A Bräutigams marzipan pig and a pair of turtle earrings. My mom definitely knows me! I had a Swedish shrimp salad sandwich and mom went to work. I talked some with my brother, apparently he wants to go to Chalmers University and asked me about the different programs. We talked about my trip, his trips and my job interview on Monday.

I tried taking a nap but couldn’t fall asleep even if I’m so tired I feel drunk. I can’t believe I’m still functioning. I’ve been away for two days with like 3 hours of sleep. Maybe I’m just excited about being at home again. I’ve been away for a long while and even if I always write how much I didn’t want to go home, of course a big part of me wanted to do it. And it feels better now that I’m here.

For dinner we had Swedish pizza and it was as delicious as I remembered. Yummy!

Okay, so here comes some big news! Six hours after I landed I got an email from my university telling me that I, with two other girls, will be sent to CalPoly this fall to study! CalPoly wanted to send three students to us, so we could send three too. I can’t believe that I found out, six hours after I landed, that I’m gonna go back to California in just six months! I don’t think my mom liked those news. She was so happy to see me, and then finds out that I’m leaving again. I mean, she was aware that it maybe would happen. But this was so sudden. I am excited and I am gonna go! It will be some work with it though. Get a new visa, get a place to stay, get money from CSN and so on. But it will fun and I will have a long winter break so I can celebrate Christmas at home. And it’s not even gonna be a whole year, just Sep-Jun.

Okay, I think I need to go to bed now. I’m getting drunker every minute… It’s a new experience being this tired. I’ve stayed up for one day before, but two. It’s not very nice… I wonder how long I could stay awake if I tried?