Dinner at dad’s

I had a very nice afternoon/evening out in Sjövik at my dad and his girlfriend’s place. I came out there at 3:30pm and we had a very late lunch consisting of barbecued hotdogs. We sat outside in the beautiful spring sun (it was blue sky today again!!). Pretty chilly, but still very nice. I can’t when the tree’s start getting leaves, that’s the part of the year I like most.

When it got cold we got inside and Karin prepared the dinner, lamb and root crops. It was very delicious! For dessert we had that apple pie with marzipan Karin made the last time I was there, just for me this time because I was coming over. She is sweet! I got a piece with me home.

Monday tomorrow, means another Saturday for me. No alarm and no plans whatsoever! I will probably read a lot. Or maybe take a trip downtown to buy some new glasses. One more week of Saturdays and then my life will get serious again…

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