Beach volleyball and blue sky

I’ve finally played some beach volleyball again. And it went really well! And it was so much fun! But I am tired now like never before. Two hours of just playing is a lot for a person who hasn’t worked out in a long time… I’m guessing that I will be sore all over tomorrow.

It was me, Dzejna, her boyfriend and a friend of hers. It was so good to see her again after this long time. We’ve decided that she is gonna come and visit me in Cali next year. We played mixed and it was even, but I was on the winning team pretty often and it made it even more fun. I thought I was gonna be so crappy after a year without practice, but instead I’ve become much better and my passes are awesome right now! This was definitely not the last time I’ve played, but it does suck a bit that it costs 180SEK for two hours…

I am happy but tired! 🙂

Another thing that was pretty amazing this morning was the blue sky outside! That’s the second blue sky since I came home a little more than a month ago. I would have wanted to go to Slottskogen for a walk, but it’s too late now and I think I am way too tired.

It’s been a really nice day and we’ll see what the evening has to offer 🙂

BrunnsparkenIf you don’t believe me, here’s proof of the blue sky!

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