This is why I love Sweden, the first warming sun of the year. It will be better though, when it starts to get green! I seriously can’t wait!

I had a very lazy day today. I woke up at noon, watched an episode of Arrow and then went outside for a walk. I walked for an hour through the neighborhood I grew up in and at the same time as it looked exactly the same, it was completely different. New buildings, all the old stores were switched. Except for Lejonet & Björnen, the ice cream cafe. I am so going there when it’s a little bit warmer!

I was actually sweating and it felt so good being out in the sun. It must have been over 10C (50F)! My tan is getting paler every week and I really don’t like that…

When I came home again I decided to stay outside for a bit more, so I sat down by the water and read for half an hour. But it got cold so I headed inside, took a nice and warm shower and watched a couple of more episodes of Arrow.

I cooked dinner for the second time since I moved in, spaghetti with meatsauce and bacon. It was really really good! I am glad my cooking skills are still there.

Tomorrow night is my second Cultural Care information meeting and this time I will give my presentation and tell the future au pairs about my year and then as usual do some interviews. It will be fun!

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