I got woken up today at noon because ComHem called me at noon and offered a digital box with all their TV channels for free for three months. I didn’t say no to that. Even if I don’t watch TV, a lot of extra channels could be fun.

After that my day was very lazy again. And I am definitely not complaining, I like it! I watched some episodes of Arrow and booked a full body massage on April 6th. 200kr for one hour is pretty awesome!

Yesterday I got a mail from Försäkringskassan telling me that I will get money to help me pay rent, 600kr/month, that’s not too bad! I will get it at the end of the month and every month until I’m leaving.

Tonight was my second au pair information meeting and I told the future au pairs about my year and it went really well! I was nervous before, but it was no biggie at all when I was done. Two interviews, one guy actually, and I was home by 9pm.

I’ve paied the next three months rent and I’ve finished the interview forms and now I think I will take place in the couch and watch some more Arrows. Tomorrow I have to be home the whole day. My last painting, the one of San Diego skyline, is being delivered between 8am and 5pm… Stupid DHL who can’t give me a more specific time! I hope they get here early so I can go out for a walk in the hopefully beautiful weather.

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