San Diego in my kitchen

Today was a very boring Friday. I had to be at home for DHL didn’t give me a specific time when they were gonna give me my last painting. It was bad weather, so it didn’t matter that much, but to know that I couldn’t leave my apartment until they came wasn’t very fun. They came at 2pm so I had only been awake for three hours, it could have been worse.

The canvas of the San Diego downtown skyline is big, and not as sharp as the Hawaii ones, but it looks good above my kitchen table. It feels really good to have both Hawaii and San Diego close even if it is so far away right…

I actually played some Guild Wars 2 today for the first time in ages. I played for at least a couple of hours and gained 2 levels. I think I ended up on 50 or 51, didn’t pay that much attention, have a long way to go until 80…

No plans whatsoever in the evening which was a bit of a disappointment. But it turned out pretty okay when I decided to buy ice cream and candy and watch Arrow this whole evening. I do feel pretty bad about eating all that. It’s not going so well with my weight loss plan… But on the other hand, I am not gaining anything either. I have been healthy this whole week, so I guess one day a week is okay to be a sweet tooth.

Tomorrow I will get up early to drive Chad to the airport. That lucky bastard is going to Florida for a week. Not. Jealous. At. All!! After that I am going with mom and Felix to my cousins and grandparents for a reunion after my year away! I can’t wait to see them all again :).

HI & SD canvas

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