Cousins in Hjo

Home again in my apartment after a long but very nice day. I finally met my cousins and grandparents on mom’s side again. Before we came to Hjo we picked up Malin at her gymnastic practice and she didn’t recognize me from far away, but when I came closer she gave me a really big hug!

When we came to my uncle’s new house I got more big hugs. At 3pm grandma and grandpa came and we started our afternoon with mudpie. Weird to have desert before the meal, but I’ve had opposite-themed parties at Chalmers so it’s nothing I’ve never done before.

Before dinner I played Assholes with my brother, Malin and Lovisa. We only had time for two rounds before dinner, pulled pork. It was really good! I will try that one day, for sure!

After dinner we just sat and talked. Malin got impatient and wanted to open my very late Christmas gifts for them. I got one too, a thermometer to have outside my window. I didn’t even knew I needed one but my mom apparently did and told my uncle. She have noticed that I always complain that it looks warmer than it is and always choose the wrong clothes. My sweet mom who knows me better than I do sometimes!

My cousins loved their gifts. They each got a Hollister t-shirt and a key chain with their initial from Hollywood and a used card deck from Las Vegas. I am glad they liked it :).

I’ve decided with my cousins to try to redo this whole thing with them visiting me on their own for a weekend in Gothenburg. I think Malin will start on the weekend of March 29th, Lovisa April 26th and then we’ll see about Linnea. I look forward to those weekends!

Tomorrow is my last day before the seriousness begins. My classes start on Monday. On Tuesday I will pull one or two wisdom teeth. On Wednesday I will start with my thesis and on Friday I will take the train up to my grandparents and cousins on dad’s side for a weekend with them.

I hope this week goes fast and that I won’t have any complications with the teeth pulling!

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