Beach Festival in Nordstan

I haven’t done particuarly much today. I changed my laundry booking to tomorrow instead of today and went to Nordstan with Dzejna where we watched the two Challenger finals in beach volleyball. Both the women’s and men’s games were ridiculously intense. I wish I were that good! Two very entertaining games and I had a very nice time with Dzejna too. Talked a lot about everything and nothing.

It’s pretty cool that they put so much sand in Nordstan, the big shopping mall in downtown Gothenburg. It’s been going on this whole week to raise money to cancer research.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 7am to be in school at 8. My first class in so long! I hope I don’t fall asleep. I am glad it’s not a four hour lecture, but only two. After that I have a tough hour at the gym and then laundry right after. I might as well do as much as I can before Tuesday when I will probably be on the couch all day watching TV series and starving myself because of the pain in my mouth.

Beach Festival in Nordstan

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