34 hours of travelling

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I’m in Sweden and have been for a while now. I’ve already had time to do a little grocery shopping, a Swedish lunch with mom, a nice talk with my brother and a lot of hugging my cats. I’m starting to feel a bit crappy, I have been awake for about 48 hours with a few one-hour naps on the planes.

The trip went surprisingly fast and I can’t really complain about it. Some parts of it were pleasant and I had lots of luck. But not to confuse my readers I will write about everything in chronological order, starting what happened right after my latest blog post (in the bar at the hotel on Big Island).

I didn’t want to go to bed even if I had a long couple of days coming. So I shut down my computer and sat down on the stone wall by the rocks and the ocean. The bar had a big light out on the splashing waves. It looked really cool when it was lit up. So I sat there for a long while trying to take good pictures. I also saw fireflies! I was so excited and when one of the bartenders came up to me to talk to me I asked about it. It was just regular flies in the light of the lamp. I’ve never seen fireflies. But it was still beautiful.

Waves in the night Last night on Hawaii

I got an offer to go look at manta rays (he knew a very good spot to see them apparently) when he got off his shift 30 minutes later. I was very tempted, but I had to be boring and go to bed. It would have been cool though!

My alarm went off at 7am on Sunday morning and my trip home started at 11am. My first flight was to Honolulu and on the way there I saw whales from the plane when we were closing in on Oahu. It was cool to see from above, I could just see the splash of water, but still.

Kona AirportThe world’s smallest airport…

My second flight was to San Diego and it was nicer than the one I had to Hawaii three weeks ago. I saw the sunset from above and it was really beautiful. It was also very beautiful seeing the starry sky. We have either too many clouds or lights here in Gothenburg to be able to see the stars…

Sunset over the PacificSunrise above the Pacific Ocean.San DiegoSan Diego! I love this airport, you’re going down right next to the skyscrapers.

At the airport 9pm Lovisa picked me up and drove me home. Very nice of her! She even gave me food for the road, Rolo and Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars.  The kids came running down the stairs when I came inside. I got big hugs from everyone and since it was so late, 10pm, I had to start saying goodbye to the kids so they could go to sleep. They both were so sweet and it didn’t feel like a goodbye, just a normal goodnight. No tears shed and the girl told me that they are going to Sweden again this year in June. Maybe that’s why we didn’t cry, because we are gonna see each other so soon. And that’s not enough, I will go to San Diego in Aug/Sep to visit them also! More on that later!

I talked to my hostparents downstairs for a while about my trip, the year and how glad I was to have spent it with them. At 11pm I started to pack. It was hard, but after some reorganizing they were both close to 50lbs. I think they actually showed 50lbs on the scale but I took a risk and went to the airport like that. I spent the remaining 3 hours with Chad. I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. At 3am we left for the airport. I put on a lot of clothes, leggings, sweatpants, a tank top, t-shirt, hoodie and a big jacket. I forgot my white Converse at my hostfamily’s house so I had to travel in my workout shoes which aren’t very comfortable. But my other ones were on vacuum bags so I didn’t have much choice.

My first big worry turned into my first luck. My suitcases were 49.8 and 49.6 lbs. Haha! It took me like 15 minutes to say goodbye to Chad and I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t so hard. Like with my hostfamily I just couldn’t understand that it was happening for real. My sadness came later…

My second big worry was my carry-on and personal item. They say that the personal item should be like a laptop or purse. I had a big tote bag full of papers, computer and my purse. I was afraid that they weren’t gonna allow that, but they did! I went through security without any trouble. But then I realized that the people at the gate decides that. Crap, I had to go through that nervousness two more times?

Both my personal item and carry-on were really heavy and I was dreading to carry it around airports. But there was that thing called luck again! The flight to Chicago was so full that all of ours carry-ons wouldn’t fit. So we could check them free of charge to the final destination. Perfect!! So I only had my super heavy tote. My right arm is sore from carrying it, but it’s still better than two heavy bags.

To be honest I don’t remember anything from the San Diego-Chicago flight more than that Chicago was really beautiful with the snow, the ice covered Lake Michigan and the blue sky.

Chicago Beautiful Chicago. I missed the skyline by the lake unfortunately.Three seats

After the 2 hour layover I had the best flight ever. I had a window seat again, in the back of the plane with no one sitting next to me. So I had three seats all to myself with a screen in the chair in front of me, with a lot of new movies. I had time to see three, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Thor: The Dark World, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. I tried to sleep some, but didn’t work very well…

The last flight was the worst. I was a little less than two hours away from home, the airplane was small and uncomfortable (but the sunrise outside above the clouds was amazing). And I was sad after realizing that I was on my way home. But when we arrived I felt a little better, it was cloudy, but light, a little snow and I got my bags right away. My mom wasn’t expecting me to come out just ten minutes after we landed so she didn’t see me when I walked up to her. It felt really good seeing her again and we hugged for a long time. Dad was stuck in traffic but came like ten minutes later. We talked for an hour and then me and mom went home.

Sunrise above Gothenburg Sunrise above Gothenburg.GothenburgGothenburg under the clouds.

On the way we stopped at Ica Maxi, I needed to buy a toothbrush and a deo. And then I bought a bag of bulk candy. Hehe!

Back home I had two gifts on my bed. A Bräutigams marzipan pig and a pair of turtle earrings. My mom definitely knows me! I had a Swedish shrimp salad sandwich and mom went to work. I talked some with my brother, apparently he wants to go to Chalmers University and asked me about the different programs. We talked about my trip, his trips and my job interview on Monday.

I tried taking a nap but couldn’t fall asleep even if I’m so tired I feel drunk. I can’t believe I’m still functioning. I’ve been away for two days with like 3 hours of sleep. Maybe I’m just excited about being at home again. I’ve been away for a long while and even if I always write how much I didn’t want to go home, of course a big part of me wanted to do it. And it feels better now that I’m here.

For dinner we had Swedish pizza and it was as delicious as I remembered. Yummy!

Okay, so here comes some big news! Six hours after I landed I got an email from my university telling me that I, with two other girls, will be sent to CalPoly this fall to study! CalPoly wanted to send three students to us, so we could send three too. I can’t believe that I found out, six hours after I landed, that I’m gonna go back to California in just six months! I don’t think my mom liked those news. She was so happy to see me, and then finds out that I’m leaving again. I mean, she was aware that it maybe would happen. But this was so sudden. I am excited and I am gonna go! It will be some work with it though. Get a new visa, get a place to stay, get money from CSN and so on. But it will fun and I will have a long winter break so I can celebrate Christmas at home. And it’s not even gonna be a whole year, just Sep-Jun.

Okay, I think I need to go to bed now. I’m getting drunker every minute… It’s a new experience being this tired. I’ve stayed up for one day before, but two. It’s not very nice… I wonder how long I could stay awake if I tried?

Royal Kona Resort Pool

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Our last day on Hawaii is over. I can’t believe how fast 18 days can go by! I can’t believe how fast 13 months can go by! Tomorrow my long journey back to Sweden will begin and I just can’t believe it.

Our last day was spent by the pool. I finished the book Throne of Fire and started a new book. Not the third and last in that series but Fifty Shades of Grey. I only read like 70 pages and he is right now showing her his playroom. It’s a sick but entertaining book so far.

And those five sentences summons up my whole day. I did get burned today, even with SPF 30 but I guess 8 hours in the sun isn’t too good, but this was probably the last time in like six months I saw the sun so I don’t care. It was a very nice day though, I had ice cream, an overlook of the ocean and my eReader in my other hand. Perfect!

So I guess this will be my last post for like 3 days. I seriously have a ridiculously long trip ahead of me… 7 hours to San Diego, 9 hours in San Diego, and almost 18 hours to Sweden. 34 hours, awesome!

My mom has prepared my bed in the living room, my cats are warming it up for me. I will be taken care of the rest of the month. It’s not gonna be too bad. The worst part about going home will be the cold! The sun was burning today, at least 30C. And in Sweden there is snow. I feel sorry for myself.

Now I’ve taken my last shower in the US, I’ve eaten my last chocolate covered macadamia nuts (Hawaiian specialty) and I’ve packed everything. I will try to go to bed earlier than last night, but the earlier I go to bed, the sooner the morning and my departure will come…

Royal Kona Resort pool Pool by the ocean Crashing waves Last Hawaiian sunset Just because I’ve been writing about the amazing sunsets here on Big Island the last one was ugly. Too many clouds covering the horizon…Upside down moon

The weirdest of dreams

I don’t have particuraly many dreams nowadays, but last night I had the craziest ever.

I was on Hawaii and we didn’t have insurance on the rental car. We were driving along a road when all of a sudden it just starts shaking and the road collapses. We are stuck with the car on a peninsula and we need to return it the day after. I was so afraid that we would have to pay a fortune to get it towed from there. We could safely get to the main land, but the car was stuck out there.

The second part of the dream was also here on the island. And I and Caroline were in a room with ocean water. I don’t know if it was some kind of test, but we had a boogie board each and in the water came everything you can imagine trying to kill us. First came a super fast red jellyfish, then the Portugeese Jellyfish that is super poisonous. After that we wrestled with big octopi and a lot of other weird animals. I managed to get out of the water where someone was watching us. I talked to that person and that person explained to me that this year’s VIRUS had a Giant Octupus as their animal. And then I told them that my year we had a Zebra and that person answered that VIRUS is just getting worse. Everybody knows that “it was better before!”. VIRUS is my union/group of volunteers at my university. We arranged sport activities and partied a lot. But we never had any animals.

Strange dream! And the worst part about it was that it felt so real and I was panicked when I woke up!

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Roadtrip on Big Island (31jan)

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I am so broke right now, and that is thanks to Enterprise. The world’s worst car rental company. Today was all about driving around the island seeing other things than the hotel and Kailua-Kona.  But it took the rest of my money just to rent the car because stupid Enterprise wanted $300 in deposit! And after the $80 for the car I only had like $100 left… In California and on Oahu they only wanted $200. So now I can’t afford my second bag to Sweden. I asked mom to transfer some money and I really hope I will get them before my flight departs on Monday morning (that is evening time in Sweden, so it should be okay, otherwise I’m totally screwed!).

After that our day just got better. We didn’t take any insurance because the a******* at Enterprise didn’t ask about it and then just acted like b****** when they gave us the car. So I drove the whole day, and it was a long day.

Roadtrip Big Island

Ka Lae, South Point

Our first stop was at the most southern point in the United States, Ka Lae. Out there one could jump from a cliff right down in the crystal clear water. A lot of fish were swimming right there and I so wanted to do it! I really wanted to, but we didn’t really have the time since we had a lot of stops to do today. It was only 35 feet (10 meters). I probably would have survived! If I ever get the chance to cliff jump again, I will totally do it! I’m so bummed I didn’t do it, there were no rocks, just a straight cliff and really deep water. And it was hot, like 85F, so it would have been perfect with a dip in the ocean. There was also a blowhole, which is kinda like an underground cave where the water goes in and “blows” up through the ground. When the waves come in the level in the hole rises and stupid people can jump in. Right before we came there was a guy jumping in. Cliff jumping is one thing, but blowhole jumping is just stupid…

Red sand This is what I call red sand!Blowhole The blowhole.Cliff jumping I so wish this was me!South PointHanging loose at the most southern point in the United States of America!

Green sand beach

Our next stop was right around the corner, Papakolea Beach/Mahana Bay/the green sand beach. To get to the beach we had to park the car and then do a ridiculous hike. It probably would have taken us 1.5 hours.  There are people with pickup trucks there who work as shuttle. $15 roundtrip and they drive you all the way and then wait for you to take your pictures.  The ride was bumpy and dusty though. I never get carsick, but today I did and it took me several hours after to get rid of the feeling. It took 30 minutes one way. And now to the description of the beach! It isn’t as green as leaves on a tree, but it is definitely green. The closer you look the more green you see. So the sand is tiny bits of crystal. Most of them are green, some gold, some black. It was so cool!

Bumpy ride Bumpy ride Papakolea Green Sand Beach Papakolea Green Sand Beach Papakolea Green Sand Beach

Black sand beach and turtles

Our third stop was at a black sand  beach and it was way more impressive than the one on Maui. First, this was blacker! It was so dark and Nina (a girl from Maui whom we met later tonight) told me that the darker the lava rock is, the newer it is. Second, it was surrounded by palm trees (and you all know how much I love those!) and I just love the color combination of black lava rock and green. Third, and the best, was that there were turtles basking in the sun!! We saw five of them in total and they were hard to see, they were dark, the sand was dark and they totally look like rocks. I took like another million pictures of the Honu, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and I will probably have a new profile picture on Facebook as soon as I get the pictures from Caroline’s camera.

Panaluu Black Sand Beach This was a very beautiful beach.Turtles at Panaluu Four turtles, a fifth out in the water and the sixth was behind me!Turtles at Panaluu Turtles at Panaluu Turtles at Panaluu

Kilauea, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This roadtrip was so easy. We didn’t need a GPS because everything was accessed from the HWY 11. Our last stop was at the Volcanoes National Park. Kilauea is the most active of the islands five volcanoes but it is sleeping right now. The biggest is the Mauna Loa which is located just 20 miles north. There isn’t any lava in the Halema’uma’u crater, which is located in the Kilauea caldera. I had to google what the difference between crater and caldera is, and I think I understand it. A caldera is what’s left when landmasses collapse after a volcanic eruption. And the crater is where the lava is I guess. Anyway, according to Wikipedia (I know, I shouldn’t look up information there, but it’s so easy), who refers to Hawaii Volcano Observatory, says there still is lava down there, like 70-150 meters below the crater floor. And someone at Banana Bungalow told me that the lava hasn’t been visible for a while. So we didn’t see anything, but we did see steam though!

African landscape The landscape changes so much here on Big Island. One part is full of lava rocks/cliffs, one part is overgrowing rainforest, one part looks like African savannah, one part looks like forests in Germany and some part look like northern Sweden. Really cool :).European landscape

Okay, that volcano has a road on the rim, called the Crater Rim Drive, so we could drive to all the places. Our first stop up there was the Lava tube with Nahuku which means stalactites. It was like any other tunnel/cave I’ve been in. It was moist, a lot of water dripping and since it was a tourist attraction it had lights. It wasn’t too long, just a few hundred meters. When we came out of it we walked through a rainforest but it wasn’t as cool as in the movies. But it was cool with the super big ferns. I felt like a little ant walking under them.

Lava Tube Lava Tube Rainforest

Our second stop was Pu’u Pua’i. It is a big pile of solidified lava covering part of the Crater Rim Drive so it’s not possible driving all the way around. It got covered in 1959 during the 37-day eruption in Nov-Dec. During that eruption the Kilauea volcano made a 580 meter high lava fountain! It’s so crazy it’s hard to believe. It’s also very fascinating googling and reading on the signs about all these things.

Our third stop in the National Park was the steam vents. It was a place among the drive with simply explained, a lot of steam coming out of the ground. It was really cool, but it smelled like a rotten egg fart out there. And it was hot. I got burned twice on my legs when the wind took the steam in my direction.

Steam vents Steam vents

Our fourth and last stop along the drive was the Jaggar Museum and the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. There we learned that this volcano only was 4000 feet. It is a little confusing what we actually saw. Well, what we saw was a big desolate area (Kilauea caldera) with a steaming crater (Halema’uma’u). That crater was a big lake of lava until 1924 when it exploded and doubled the size of the crater. So no lava today but that was probably good. What if there would have been an eruption and I would have been stuck on Hawaii? Oh no! Horrible thought :).

Halema'uma'u Crater

I drove all the way back to Kailua-Kona and stopped at Pineapple Park hostel where Nina from Banana Bungalow on Maui stayed. We picked her and three of her guy friends up and drove to a nice burger restaurant. It was a real restaurant with good burgers! On the way back to the hotel I got a little lost, no, not lost, but I took an involuntarily detour which resulted in a funny sign which said: Entering Banana Virus Quarantine Area. Haha! I didn’t enter though, I found the right way back to HWY 11. I wonder what was going on there!

Back at the hotel I booked my shuttle for Sunday and now I only have like 400SEK, which isn’t even $100. Stupid Enterprise… And then I grabbed my computer and spent a few hours in the bar updating my blog. I couldn’t post this though because I didn’t have all the photos. And I think my readers will have plenty to read anyway.

It was awesome taking a long shower and to get rid of the dust layer. And then I couldn’t stop reading about volcanoes on Wikipedia and now it’s almost 2am… I’m on vacation though, so it’s fine!

This day turned out to be really nice, even if I’m moneyless. Tomorrow’s our last day on Hawaii and we are just gonna relax by the pool, working on our tan one last time. And since the Wi-Fi at the bar (which is right next to the pool) is working I will probably continue to read about volcanoes. I don’t know the history about Haleakala on Maui yet :).

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Kona Pier Beach (30jan)

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This morning was so beautiful! No clouds at all and it was just amazing seeing the clear blue sky again. We started the day pretty late today again, no hurry on Hawaii, no. We walked north and were heading for a beach we could see from our hotel. But we stopped at the Kona Farmer’s Market on the way, I bought some water, a loaf of pineapple banana bread, and a new bracelet, the one I bought the other day didn’t feel right on my wrist. This new one is green with tiny turtles and beads on it. Much better! Caroline bought some fruit and I wished I could do it too. But without knives it’s kinda hard to eat a pineapple, mango or papaya. They have so many crazy fruits at those markets; strawberry papaya, apple bananas, rainbow papaya and bananas the size of my pinky.

When we came to the Kona Pier we saw a tiny man-made beach there. It was seriously the tiniest beach I’ve ever seen and it was right by the boats and it wasn’t particularly nice. The sand was white, but felt like salt under our feet. We asked the girl in the rental booth for the big beach we could see from our hotel and she said it was a very rocky beach and lava rocks were in between the sand and the water. And it was private property. So we decided to spend the day at that tiny tiny beach. I don’t know, it might have been like 50 meters wide or something.

It was burning today so if you didn’t go in the water once in a while it felt like you were melting away. It was awesome! And I just imagined being on a nicer beach.

At 4pm it got cloudy and windy so we left the beach soon thereafter and went to a coffee place right next door. I had a chai latte and we got free Wi-Fi there. I didn’t have my computer with me so I just went through Facebook, checked my e-mail and account balances. I have not been spending a lot of money lately so I have like $600 in total (both American account and Swedish). So I will have enough money to pay for my extra baggage back home on Monday.

For dinner we had cup noodles on the balcony with a view over the darkening sky. It was a very nice and warm evening so I didn’t mind  spending $2 on dinner tonight.

I only have two more full days here on Hawaii. On Sunday morning I will leave this amazing place, go back to San Diego and then to Sweden. I seriously can’t believe my countdown app that tells me that I go back to Sweden in four days!! Well, I guess I could say three days too, that’s when my big journey begins with a 9 hours layover in San Diego.

I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK! I’ve found a new me these past two weeks. The hidden part of me that wants adventures. I don’t wanna be stuck in Sweden. I wanna go to Australia and work as a bartender for a year. I wanna go wherever and train to be a surf instructor (I heard it’s very easy to be one if you just have the ambition and friendliness). I wanna explore more of USA. I wanna work at Banana Bungalow on Maui. I wanna travel! I just started and I don’t wanna stop.

But first I need to get my degree and earn some money. And I think that will work out. I just got a mentor for my thesis so as soon as we start with that I will get money from CSN. I got an email from Cultural Care telling me to call them as soon as I come home to Sweden because they probably want to offer me a part time job as a recruiter. And then I hope I will get that job at Liseberg this summer. I’m gonna save as much as possible so I can start my next adventure as soon as possible! Or I will get back to my boring routines so quickly and easily in Sweden that I will take my degree, start working and keep working until I retire and then eventually die….

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View from our room Sunny view from our balcony.Kona farmer's market Kona Farmer’s Market.I'm getting pretty tan Hot dogs or legs?Kona Pier beach Big Island sunset Big Island sunset Royal Kona Resort View from our room

Kahaluu Beach Park (29jan)

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This morning was so boring! No rain, but it was cloudy. Our plan for the day was to take a look at the pool area here on the hotel and then take the bus to a beach south of here. The bus only goes once every two hours and we just missed the one at 10:40am, so we spent that extra time by the pool. The sun was slowly coming out from behind the clouds and it actually was a nice day after that. There is a lagoon on the hotel properties too. But the pool isn’t anything special, it is very small. But it is right next to the ocean.

We took the bus, $2 each ride (it was better on both Oahu and Maui where the tickets lasted 4 hours after purchase and where you could by day passes). For 20 minutes until we reached Kahaluu. I thought the stop before sounded nice, Magic Sands/White Sands until the shuttle driver yesterday told us that that beach is called Magic Sands because the sand completely disappears from the beach sometimes because of the waves. So we took the beach park instead. It was tiny, but it was a beach at least. There are hardly any beaches here! The sand was a mix between white and black sand, so it was pretty cool. But what made my day was in the water. First of all, the snorkeling there was better than at Hanauma Bay on Oahu. The coral was much nicer and it was more colorful fishes. I didn’t see any turtles, even if there were a lot of signs on the beach telling us to not touch the turtles. When I got out of the water I asked one of the volunteers at the beach about turtles, and he said it was very common to see them there and pointed out towards a tide pool where people were pointing and taking pictures. I walked out there with my camera and there were four (4!!) turtles in the extremely shallow water eating things of the rocks. They weren’t very big, maybe like 4dm. But it was turtles! I spent a lot of time out there taking pictures of them, Caroline got tired pretty fast, haha!

The rest of the day we just lay at the beach working on our tans. About 1 hour before the bus came it started raining so the last 30 minutes, when it was pouring down and impossible to stay at the beach, we were under a roof just waiting for time to fly by.

On the bus back we saw the sunset out in the water and on the other side, towards the mountain were two big rainbows! So beautiful. The sunset was amazing, as it was yesterday. It’s like the colors here are different than on the other islands. It gets way more orange and pink or whatever that color is called. After the sun was set, when we were walking towards a restaurant the sky was all pink and the water all purple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen water with that color, it was incredible.

We actually had dinner out tonight again, but that was the last time for sure. I totally forgot that I wanted to eat an Hawaiian pizza on Hawaii. So we found a restaurant eventually that served pineapple pizza and that pizza was the best pizza I’ve had this year! It was Kaluau Pork on it with a hot/sweet sauce. Soo good. When we got back to the hotel we tried getting access to the internet but it didn’t work. This hotel sucks! We spent a lot more money here than on the hostels, and the hostels had internet. Stupid hotel!! It’s not that I’m addicted to internet, but with it I can see my Swedish account balance. And there isn’t any Starbucks around here either… Stupid!

I’m thinking about maybe buying internet for 24 hours on Saturday so I can post everything before going back to Sweden. It’s $10 per 24 hours.

Tomorrow morning we are gonna call Enterprise to rent a car for Friday and after that walk north for a while to a nice white sand beach. I’m also gonna check if there are any other nice beaches more south of here. The bus goes pretty far south. Let’s hope the sun is out tomorrow!

2014-01-29, 20:36

Royal Kona lagoon The lagoon we have at the hotel.Royal Kona pool area The pool area.Royal Kona Part of the outdoor lobby.Kahaluu Beach Park Kahaluu Beach Park. Honu - Green sea turtle Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea TurtleHonu - Green sea turtle HAPPY!Honu - Green sea turtle Honu - Green sea turtle These were just babies and just a third the size of the ones we saw on Waikiki Beach, Oahu.Honu - Green sea turtle Honu - Green sea turtleBig Island sunsetThe sunsets on Big Island really are much prettier than on the other islands.

Aloha, Big Island (28jan)

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Okay, so here we are, on the Island of Hawaii. The Big Island. The rain followed us from Maui and the flight here was the bumpiest I’ve ever been through. It was good that it was only a 30 minute flight, but it was scary.

The airport was the smallest I’ve ever seen and it was outside. And in the rain that wasn’t very nice. We got a shuttle pretty much right away and 20 minutes later we were checking in at Royal Kona Resort. It’s a nice hotel, no beach, but it’s right by the water and we have a nice view over Kona and the water. I can imagine it being very pretty when it’s not cloudy.

For an hour we were just in the room and at 4pm we went out to eat an early dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. I had a shrimp pasta dish with lemon garlic sauce. Really good, but expensive, so from now on we will eat cheap things in the room, like noodles. Or Subway that’s a few blocks away from the hotel.

After our dinner we walked around in Kona looking in souvenir shops. I bought my third bracelet and the magnet from Big Island. We glimpsed the sunset and it was so beautiful. Everything turned orange. When we were eating some of the clouds over the ocean cleared and it looked like tomorrow is gonna be a nice day! We are gonna take a look at the resort and then head to the closest beach. Which unfortunately is a bit from here, but we can easily walk there in like 15 minutes.

We bought some snacks on the way home, like the typical chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Now, nothing much is happening. So I guess I will go to bed or something. I didn’t get much sleep last night…

2014-01-28, 20:36

Goodbye Maui Goodbye Maui…KOA airport Aloha, Big Island…View from our hotel Rainy view from our balcony.Royal Kona Resort Our hotel, Royal Kona Resort.

Kona sunsetThe sunsets here on Big Island is better than on Maui and Oahu though.

No Internet

I’m alive after the extremely bumpy flight from Maui to Big Island, but I miss Banana Bungalow… Hostels are so much better than hotels, they have free and functioning Wi-Fi (and young and fun people instead of oldies)… I’m thinking about buying Wi-Fi at the hotel on Saturday so I can share my adventures I’ve been through these past days. And don’t forget; pretty pictures of turtles!! Lots of turtle pictures!

Right now I’m at coffee place, looking up account balances, driving instructions for tomorrow’s roadtrip and of course all the silly things that’s going on on Facebook.