Power outage

Oh my. Haven’t updated this since July 15th? I feel bad. It always feel like a lot of interesting stuff is happening, but when it has been this long none of it seem to matter anymore somehow.

For example, I’ve had several weird dreams, like me dating Harry Styles and he confessing to me that his real name is Don Sverige and later in the same dream we were running around in raptor suits. I have also dreamt that I’ve been surfing with diving equipment. On the surface there were tons of dolphins, but when I looked under the water was all blood red and full of sharks.

I have been working A LOT. None of my weeks have gone over 40 hours, but it feels like I am working all the time with the weird evening and weekend hours I am working. No time for nothing. Work work work, and as often as possible; Jesper.  We have been seeing each other for a month now  and I seriously feel like a teenager, butterfly-y and giggly all the time. I can’t remember ever feeling like this before. He’s met my mom several times and even my dad once when we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant a week ago. I am going to meet his mom on Monday when we are going out for his birthday dinner. I look forward to it.

What else? Lots of work, and today at work there was a huge power outage. First we thought it was only on the mountain at Liseberg, but then we found out it was the whole park and soon thereafter we heard that most of the city was out of electricity, trams stood still and it was chaotic. Liseberg was also chaotic. I was at AtmosFear (the free fall) at the time and we managed to get all the guests out safely and easily. The power outage was because of a thunderstorm, and as soon as we hear thunder we have to close all the attractions up on the mountain. But this storm came upon as before we realized it an people were stuck on almost all of the attractions in the park, some for a short time, and some for longer. I felt so bad for the people working at Lisebergshjulet (the big ferris wheel). When there’s no power there, it is not easy getting the guests down and the operators have to climb up in the wheel to manually release the breaks and then let gravitation do its own thing. I am glad everyone came down safely in the end. For the rest of my two hours I just sat at different attractions telling people we were closed because of the power outage. Pretty chill, but sad for the guests coming from far away.

Now I have my weekend, and couldn’t be happier. I’ve worked 6 days in a row, 9h every day, and very bad stomach pain at the same time. I really needed this break. I have some things I need to do, try to get a second job is one of them and try to figure out my study situation this fall and contact my international students I will be a “phadder” (=wow-leader at Cal Poly) for this fall. And try to hang out with Jesper. He is working night shifts this whole week which sucks pretty bad.

There should be tons of more fun short stories of things that have happened the past couple of weeks, but I can honestly not remember them anymore. I’ve had these dry streaks before, I’m sure I will write more often soon again. Now I am going to bed to finally finish the third Fifty Shades book. I don’t like the series, but I can’t just stop in the middle, I can’t not finish a book. After this I will go back to fantasy/sci fi/dystopia again. I was told by a friend at work to read the series Silo by Hugh Howey. I really look forward to that, he spoke highly of it.

I will try to get next post up much sooner than this time.


Today was a good day, not as warm as it has been, but still warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt all day and evening. I had 8 hours of work but it felt like less. Lots of people though. You never know how man guests there will be during the summer season days, some days there are not even 20 000 people. Some days there are way more than 30 000.

I’m sure something interesting happened at work today but I can’t remember right now. I guess my whole body is tuned to sleep. But there were things I really needed to do. Like get one of my hostkids a birthday gift. I knew that his birthday was on July 30th, but I haven’t been very good at keeping track of time lately, it’s been hectic at work and I’ve been trying to enjoy the summer while trying to study so I am not surprised I didn’t remember to take shipping in consideration. I hope he will be happy a week later anyway. I drew him a birthday card and made a rainbow loom charm. He’s too young to read my blog (I think), so I will post a picture of it because it is so cute and I put A LOT of time into doing it. It is supposed to be Olaf from the movie Frozen. I will try to send it tomorrow but I’m not sure I have time…

Rainbow Loom, Olaf from "Frozen"I really hope he will like it! 🙂

I have also been packing tonight. Not for my upcoming move across the Atlantic in 45 days (!!!), but for mine and Chad’s tiny camping trip tomorrow. Mom was nice and let us use the car but I need to bring all my things to work and I really hope my packing fits in my locker.

The day after that Chad will move in here so I guess tonight was my last night alone in my apartment. Exciting to have a sambo (sambo is the Swedish word for a person you’re living with) again :).


I am having very weird dreams. First of all, the music at Helix is in my head when I am in my bed trying to fall asleep. It is loud too! And then when I fall asleep I feel like I need to stay awake because I need to operate attractions and I am just taking naps while the ride is going, and I do that in my bed because the attraction is right outside my bedroom. When I open my eyes I see that it is dark outside, check the clock and tell myself that the attractions aren’t open after 11pm and I get back to sleep and redo that routine a few times before going into deep sleep. It is really annoying! Funny though how much work is clearly affecting me.

Let’s see if the same thing happen tonight. Goodnight!

The weirdest of dreams

I don’t have particuraly many dreams nowadays, but last night I had the craziest ever.

I was on Hawaii and we didn’t have insurance on the rental car. We were driving along a road when all of a sudden it just starts shaking and the road collapses. We are stuck with the car on a peninsula and we need to return it the day after. I was so afraid that we would have to pay a fortune to get it towed from there. We could safely get to the main land, but the car was stuck out there.

The second part of the dream was also here on the island. And I and Caroline were in a room with ocean water. I don’t know if it was some kind of test, but we had a boogie board each and in the water came everything you can imagine trying to kill us. First came a super fast red jellyfish, then the Portugeese Jellyfish that is super poisonous. After that we wrestled with big octopi and a lot of other weird animals. I managed to get out of the water where someone was watching us. I talked to that person and that person explained to me that this year’s VIRUS had a Giant Octupus as their animal. And then I told them that my year we had a Zebra and that person answered that VIRUS is just getting worse. Everybody knows that “it was better before!”. VIRUS is my union/group of volunteers at my university. We arranged sport activities and partied a lot. But we never had any animals.

Strange dream! And the worst part about it was that it felt so real and I was panicked when I woke up!

2014-02-01, 08:28

Bad dreams

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

What is it with me and dreams about things I really want to do but then forget about? I’ve had that dream twice now about being home in Sweden (in two completely different scenarios) and remembering that I forgot to go to Hawaii before. Well, the second was about me not remembering anything about Hawaii, but it’s the same type of dream. Tonight I had it again, but not with Hawaii. Tomorrow is the last time I can play beach volleyball at Ponto and I dreamt that I woke up at like 10am, but stayed in bed until 2pm. I was conscious and partly awake, but I didn’t want to leave bed, and when I realized at 2pm that I missed the last beach volleyball I got really mad at myself. Good thing I won’t do that tomorrow. I hope…

The day was nice, but I didn’t get in bed until late last night again, so I’ve been really tired. But now the weekend is here, with a lot of things to do, like saying goodbye to people…. I’m not gonna say goodbye to my hostfamily just yet though. I’m very glad they are letting me stay in the house until I leave for Hawaii on the 15th so I can spend as much time with my adorable little angels as much as possible before going back to Sweden. I know I will see them again, but no one knows when that will happen so I cherish every second I have left with the kids.

Rainbow Loom charmsEveryone knows by now that I love these rubberband bracelets. And so does the kids, so today I spent a lot of time doing two more figures, a shark to the boy and a panda to the girl. I’m definitely making the panda for myself when I go home to Sweden ;).