Today was a good day, not as warm as it has been, but still warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt all day and evening. I had 8 hours of work but it felt like less. Lots of people though. You never know how man guests there will be during the summer season days, some days there are not even 20 000 people. Some days there are way more than 30 000.

I’m sure something interesting happened at work today but I can’t remember right now. I guess my whole body is tuned to sleep. But there were things I really needed to do. Like get one of my hostkids a birthday gift. I knew that his birthday was on July 30th, but I haven’t been very good at keeping track of time lately, it’s been hectic at work and I’ve been trying to enjoy the summer while trying to study so I am not surprised I didn’t remember to take shipping in consideration. I hope he will be happy a week later anyway. I drew him a birthday card and made a rainbow loom charm. He’s too young to read my blog (I think), so I will post a picture of it because it is so cute and I put A LOT of time into doing it. It is supposed to be Olaf from the movie Frozen. I will try to send it tomorrow but I’m not sure I have time…

Rainbow Loom, Olaf from "Frozen"I really hope he will like it! 🙂

I have also been packing tonight. Not for my upcoming move across the Atlantic in 45 days (!!!), but for mine and Chad’s tiny camping trip tomorrow. Mom was nice and let us use the car but I need to bring all my things to work and I really hope my packing fits in my locker.

The day after that Chad will move in here so I guess tonight was my last night alone in my apartment. Exciting to have a sambo (sambo is the Swedish word for a person you’re living with) again :).


I am having very weird dreams. First of all, the music at Helix is in my head when I am in my bed trying to fall asleep. It is loud too! And then when I fall asleep I feel like I need to stay awake because I need to operate attractions and I am just taking naps while the ride is going, and I do that in my bed because the attraction is right outside my bedroom. When I open my eyes I see that it is dark outside, check the clock and tell myself that the attractions aren’t open after 11pm and I get back to sleep and redo that routine a few times before going into deep sleep. It is really annoying! Funny though how much work is clearly affecting me.

Let’s see if the same thing happen tonight. Goodnight!

A badass workout

My third time at the gym since I bought the membership two weeks ago. Last time I almost died after 30 minutes of TRX. Today I did 30 minutes of CXWORX and 60 minutes of spinning and this was easier. Well, I am sore all over but I didn’t feel like I was about to die. CXWORX was pretty tough though and I couldn’t do much. I think my stomach and shoulders will be hurting a lot the next few days. CXWORX is a short but very intense class that goes through the whole body but focuses on the core.

The spinnig was easier than in the States. I guess it’s because we have a puls watch and are supposed to be at specific percentages of our max pulse instead of just doing gears. It felt good!

During the day I was downtown buying thick papers and spray glue for that card game. Mom printed it yesterday on normal paper so I glued it to thicker paper today. Tomorrow I will cut them into the right sizes and then laminate them. They are gonna be beer-safe.

After that I spent one hour at Chalmers writing a bit on the thesis. Back home and change my address with the IRS, otherwise I can’t get financial aid with my rent.

And I found a website that turns my photos into canvas on whatever size I want. It wasn’t that expensive so I will do that with a few of my photos from Hawaii and put it on my wall. The painting I had got destroyed so I need to replace it with something and what couldn’t be better than my own photos from the best trip ever?

I also confirmed with a future au pair about a interview tomorrow afternoon at a cafe downtown. And that’s what happened before I tried to kill myself at the gym.

When I came home mom had dinner ready and I started googling on where to go during Christmas. I know it’s far away. But there are so many islands in the Caribbean and I have no idea which to go to! If anyone has any knowledge about the Caribbean, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Central America would be fine too.

I think I need to go to bed now. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. Have lunch with an old coworker at SCA for example :).