Spontanious 1-year anniversary

I can’t believe it has already been a full whole year with Jesper. It has been the best year ever, full of adventures and love. I am a little bit sad that we couldn’t really celebrate yesterday. He was working 8-17 and I was working 16-23:30 so we didn’t see each other at all yesterday except when going to bed. But, we have decided to celebrate in a big way next week instead. So yesterday we spontaneously booked a last minute trip to Rhodes, Greece. I have been there many times when I was younger and I am so excited to go back there with the love of my life! And we are not just gonna stay at a normal hotel, it is a five star hotel and we are staying in a suite which is as big as our apartment, it has an ocean view and a Jacuzzi hot tub. It is located in Ixia on the west coast which is not preferably, but with a car it will be easy to reach the amazing beaches on the east coast.

There is one problem though, and that is that I left work early today because I feel sick. I have gotten a really nasty cold. I will stay at home tomorrow as well and hope that I will get better, no fun going on a trip with a cold. My colds usually don’t last long, so I am sure it will be fine.

Work is going really well, I feel really comfortable being the head operator at Helix. It is also very nice to sit down and rest my legs and feet for a bit. It is so nice to have something new to do, work is fun again.

Now I am almost delirious, so I will go to bed now and continue to read the latest and last book in the “I am Number Four” series. 15 companion books and 7 full books to an end. I always get a little bit sad when a series is over. I am also almost done with the whole “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. 13 books is a lot, but it is really really good, especially the last ones. I have finished 9 so far.

Snapchat-2829299475813702422 This is me when driving trains! 😀Snapchat-8359919723662461359 Lately, Cleo has been taken every opportunity to jump up on my back, which results in lots and lots of scratch marks on my neck and shoulders and back.Snapchat-2828353505443511660Cleo was the cuddliest cat ever today, and he LOVES tummy rubs. He never starts biting when he gets it.

Packing for Marseille

Last day at work today for four days. It is gonna be so awesome with a long weekend. And I am so excited to go to France tomorrow for the first time ever. Marseille is promising us amazing weather and it looks like there are lots of cool stuff to see and do. I can’t wait! It will be nice to spend some time with Axel after working so much lately. My brother and his friend is coming too and I hope that won’t be too awkward since I told my brother that I wanted my apartment back.

I packed tonight and filled half of my carry-on and decided to skip the backpack completely. I am sure that I packed lots of stuff that I won’t even wear. But that’s normal. It will be nice to go away for a bit, and I am happy that I have something amazing to look forward to when I come home again <3.

Here are a couple of panorama’s over Gothenburg from the top of Ramberget the other day.

PANO_20150804_212501 PANO_20150804_213517

Dive #6 – La Jolla Cove Outer Reef

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Last day in California with no sureness of when my return will be. That’s not good, and it makes this leaving harder than the last. Even if I look forward to go back home, I am still very sad to leave. Mixed feelings to say the least.

My last day started with a dive in the kelp forest. Today there was a third guy with us, he was from Germany. First we snorkeled for half an hour out to the forest, descended and started swimming to the more densely forested area. It was cold, and I was already shivering on the surface and it was even colder at the bottom. Bottom temperature today was only 53F (13C) and that made the whole dive not very enjoyable. But it was still cool to dive through the kelp. Total bottom time today was 59 minutes, but we were in the water for longer because of the snorkeling tour out. It took a long while before I could feel my feet again and even longer before I was warm.

We didn’t see any sharks today unfortunately. But we did see a banded ray, a giant black sea bass (only 40lbs though), lots of the orange fishes, the tuna crabs, and the other fish I can’t remember the names of, sea lions and I also saw a blue starfish. I am too tired to go through all the videos to try and find a good screenshot of the ray, sea bass and starfish. I will post them another day if I remember it.

I bought a chai latte on the way home, and once there I pretty much just took the poolcard and hung out at the pool for about four hours. I read some, I think I napped some, and then at 5pm Anna came. I haven’t seen her since I left a year and a half ago. We talked for an hour before we both had to leave.

Dinner with the family, then packing, all my suitcases are less than 23kgs, everything except my computer is packed and I am all ready to go. I looked through the pictures from today too, and all of them were okay today. I just didn’t look through the videos yet. Today the pictures got better, maybe I was trying to hold it more steadily while under water.

I am definitely going to bed now. 4 hours of sleep, awesome!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0003. Lots of tuna crabs.DCIM100GOPROG0010017. A seagull from under the surface.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0004. Two freeloaders on the instructor, haha!DCIM100GOPROG0030108. Most of the pictures looked similar.DCIM100GOPROG0030135. DCIM100GOPROG0040228. DCIM100GOPROG0040233. DCIM100GOPROG0060437. DCIM100GOPROG0060464. It was a completely different dive today, and it was really cool!DCIM100GOPROG0060496. DCIM100GOPROG0060497. Snapshot - 100 Snapshot - 103 Snapshot - 106 Snapshot - 108 Snapshot - 109-112Sea lion playing in the seagrass when we were heading out of the water. The water in there were so much warmer.


This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

June Gloom continues and I am not too happy about spending my last few days in California with cloudy weather. It is not very cold, but it would be so much more enjoyable with burning sun. I spent a couple of hours at the beach today after I ran some errands. First I went to the library to print the liability form for tomorrow’s scuba dive tour. Then I went to the post office because I can not make an online shipping label, but they couldn’t help me. So I will have to call technical support because something is wrong with the website. My third stop was the bank to close my account. Everyone there were so helpful and friendly and I could even change all my stupid coins to real money without any troubles. My bank account is closed, I have some cash now, but that will be nice to exchange to Swedish Crowns once I am back home because of the exchange rate right now.

The weather wasn’t nice, but I decided that I wanted to be at the beach anyway. And I am glad I went. I finished my book, the third Guild Wars book, and started on the third Fifty Shades book. I felt like it was time to finish that series now. As always I was looking out to the water too and saw dolphins today again! Many more today and they were playing and some of them were even surfing on the waves. I love dolphins :).

IMG_20150615_162929I got a pretty good video of several of them, but I have to pay to be able to upload videos and I don’t have enough to want to pay, so this picture will have to do :).

I came back to the house at 6pm, took a shower and hung out with the boy for a bit before eating dinner. I also played with the dog. I really don’t understand why tug-o-war is that fun.

Tonight I have done some more fixing. I sent an email to the international center at Cal Poly and asked what it means to be on the Dean’s List and if I will get any proof of that for future job applications. And speaking of grades, spring quarters grades were posted today and I did really good this quarter too. Two A’s and one B+, exactly like winter quarter. My overall GPA after a year at Cal Poly is 3.597 (of 4). As an engineer I am very happy with that! I sent another email and asked about what I need to do if I want to apply for a master at Cal Poly. I decided today that that is what I want to do. I feel like one year at Cal Poly wasn’t enough. And I don’t wanna start working yet, so why not get more loans and get a master and stay another two years in California? I think it is a good plan. If I can get scholarships or financial aid from the US, then I hope the 2 year rule doesn’t add more years to it. So that means that I could get a real job right away after. I hope this will work. I would start the City and Regional Planning master next fall if everything goes according to my new plan.

I also canceled my cell phone plan, changed my uber account to my Swedish bank account, and I think that was it. I don’t think I have anything else I need to take care of before leaving now. That’s a relief. Just repacking a little bit.

I don’t like this waiting time. I know that I have one fun thing to do tomorrow, and the beach and the dolphins always make me happy. But I also kinda just want to be done with this and be home. I hate waiting. I am ready to go home now (at least for a while).

Bishop’s Peak sunrise hike

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I have finally done it, I have hiked the tallest peak in SLO and it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. And I wanted it to be special because I am not sure I am gonna do this hike again. So for this special occasion I woke up at 5 am with Kelsey and her three friends from Iowa. 30 min later we were on our way to the bottom of Bishop’s Peak and the hike started soon before 6am. It was pitch dark, but no clouds so all the stars were out and it was so pretty. But it was not enough to light up the trail so we all walked with our phone lamps on. I have to admit that it was a little bit scary not seeing anything except a little bit ahead of our feet, but we didn’t hear any snarls from mountain lions. A relief. The first part was the worst part, it was just uphill on a trail. My calves did not like that. The rest was zig-zagging up the mountain side and wasn’t bad at all. We took a wrong turn once but realized after two minutes that it was wrong and was on the right path the rest of the way. It was not very warm but perfect hiking weather, we didn’t get super sweaty or tired.

We got to the top early after hiking for almost an hour. It was only 1.2 miles to the top which was not too bad actually, a pretty lagom hike. But we were early, and that meant that we had to sit up there for half an hour before the sun came up over the hills. It was windy like crazy and very cold. And we were also 34 people up there at that unearthly hour watching the sunrise with us.

It was amazing, so beautiful! I had kinda hoped for clouds so we would be over them, but this was beautiful too. You could see all of SLO and all the hills and tons of birds of prey sailing with the winds. It was a wow-experience. I might do it again for a sunset hike, but I will prioritize the other hikes first.

The way down was scary. Ever since my fall down the Potato Chip Rock in San Diego I am scared like an old lady going downhill. But we all survived and after the hike was done we bought breakfast at Slodoco. Yummy! I watched half of the pilot episode of iZombie on The CW and then took a two-hour nap before my hair appointment. iZombie seems like a fun TV show that I will start following now too. So many of the shows I watch right now are on The CW, a good TV channel, simply. It is about a girl who becomes a zombie, but she can control herself and tries to hide it from everyone, including her very attractive fiancé with whom she broke up when she became undead.

At 12.30 I rode my bike all the way to the train station and a little more to the hair salon I had an appointment at, Salon Glo. Rakesha took care of me today and she did an amazing job! It took 2.5 hours and now the worst of my split ends are gone, and my growth is pretty much invisible and looking more natural and beachy now. I love it! I can totally recommend her. And the prize was very nice too. $135 for all of that, and I even got a nice scalp massage and hair mask and tips on how to keep my hair in better shape. After schampooing my hair, I will towel dry it, then put in conditioner in the bottom half of my hair, rinse, and then be done. If there is water in between the conditioner and hair, it doesn’t work. It makes sense, and I will do this from now on so my hair can start getting healthier. Because now, half my hair is with split ends, but I wanna keep the length, so this will help. She was also very friendly. I am happy and feel like a new person.

I rode my bike back and was so tired the last 10 minutes when I reached the south entrance to campus. My butt and thighs hurt. It was no fun, so I chilled for a bit at home, took a shower, and then went with everyone downtown to Farmers Market. It was very nice, we got dinner and I bought some Olallieberry jam. I have never heard of it before, but apparently a ollallieberry is a mix between a blackberry and raspberry. It was good one and now I can mix it up with my normal strawberry I have at home for my pancakes in the morning. Which I am gonna stop with next quarter since I’ve told myself to be more healthy. Whatever.

I stayed at home after that. I was planning on going downtown again with Julianne for some partying, but wasn’t in the mood, and of course not in the mood for line dancing either. So I stayed at home, packed and prepared for tomorrow’s roadtrip up to San Francisco. I am excited!

The girls came home early from line dancing, a couple of them being so very drunk. I don’t handle drunk people very well when I am sober, but I feel sorry for Kelsey who has to drive them down to LA and take care of them on her own when she leaves here at 2:30am. I wish her last night here could have ended better than being kicked out of a line dancing event.

I had a great time with her here this week. I have been a little bit of a party pooper, but I have my reasons for that. It’s been a rough quarter and I am just starting to drop everything and start over with my last quarter in ten days. Today, my first day of spring break was great, it couldn’t have been better (except maybe for the late night’s events); a sunrise hike (which is so unlike me since I hate mornings), a new haircut, and a very pleasant Farmer’s Market. I have a good feeling about this first and last spring break of mine!

Bishop's Peak sunrise hike Pitch-dark start of the hike.Bishop's Peak SLO in the dark.Bishop's Peak It is not a very big city.Bishop's Peak The birds were floating everywhere.Bishop's Peak Bishop's Peak Bishop's Peak  Bishop's Peak A 360 degree photo from the top of the tallest peak in SLO.Bishop's Peak Bishop's PeakBishop's Peak It looked like nothing.before-afterIt’s not a huge difference, but the growth is gone, it’s more even and looks so much more healthy. I love it!

Four days left

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I just packed everything, except for my underwear (I only have 24 pair of panties, so I will need to do laundry right before I leave) and it feels a little bit more real now. Still very much surreal though. I think I think too much about school right now to realize where I will be in five days. One of the things I look most forward to is to just chill at the beach and read. I am gonna read sooo much! I’m hoping I will finish at least three, four or maybe even five books in those three weeks. Can’t wait!

Today I was at the library most hours of the day. I tried to do the extra credit assignment for Transportation Engineering. I kinda understood what I was supposed to do, but it would take hella long time to sort all the data. Everything was given in the same column and I don’t think that was the point. I will go to office hours tomorrow and ask the teacher about it. I will also ask him to calculate my grade because I have no idea how to do that with a curve. I realized today that if I fail this class, that means I am one class back when it comes to transferred credits. So I will either have to switch German step 3 in spring quarter for an engineering class, or just take an extra class that quarter. Or take it when I get back home, but that means I won’t get my degree in June, which I really want. And I am so glad I enrolled in a class too much this quarter so I have a backup plan in case I can’t take Public Transportation. Everything will work out in the end! 🙂

After giving up on the extra credit assignment for the day I studied Architecture History all day until 9:30 when I biked home. Ate dinner, wrote 20 Christmas cards, wrapped some gifts, and packed. A productive day, but now the clock tells me it is 2:30am. Time for bed and another long and hopefully productive day tomorrow!

Wild Mustangs? I have heard that wild mustangs roam these areas so I am guessing these are them? The fence is to keep wild animals (like mustangs and deer) off the street. Pretty cool!90 % packedI think I could have managed with a backpack and a carry-on, but this will be so much more comfortable. The suitcase is like half full, and the stuff on the side will go in a backpack. Excited to thousand!

A boring day

I had looked forward to this weekend for quite a while, my alone time. But now when it is here I can’t wait for my roommates to get back here. I’ve been so very bored today I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was gonna study, but I only did one of the many things I should have done. Well, when I think about it, it isn’t too bad since I don’t care about the grades. But now anyway, my two projects are more or less done. I didn’t start to look at the homework, but I will do that all day tomorrow.

I started to pack today and I also did a little research on weather and such, apparently it will be awesome weather all the time (80F in the air, 77F in the water), maybe some rain on Puerto Rico, but December is a very nice time to go there according to the Internet. Even if I ordered a new suitcase today, I decided to try the challenge of living in a carry-on suitcase and a backpack for 23 days. I think it will work. But all the hostels have laundry facilities so I might just pack lighter and use the washing machines there. I don’t wanna pack too much, I wanna be able to bring home stuff I buy too. I have gotten really excited again and actually a bit nervous. I am doing this all by myself! It is a long trip, more than three weeks, all on my own. I feel that this should give me some grownup points. And I am pretty sure that I will find people to hang out with while I am there.

Oh, by the way, I think they shut of the heat in the apartments this week. I’ve been freezing my toes off all day!

No, I think I will go to bed now and hope for a more productive day tomorrow. Goodnight!

A badass workout

My third time at the gym since I bought the membership two weeks ago. Last time I almost died after 30 minutes of TRX. Today I did 30 minutes of CXWORX and 60 minutes of spinning and this was easier. Well, I am sore all over but I didn’t feel like I was about to die. CXWORX was pretty tough though and I couldn’t do much. I think my stomach and shoulders will be hurting a lot the next few days. CXWORX is a short but very intense class that goes through the whole body but focuses on the core.

The spinnig was easier than in the States. I guess it’s because we have a puls watch and are supposed to be at specific percentages of our max pulse instead of just doing gears. It felt good!

During the day I was downtown buying thick papers and spray glue for that card game. Mom printed it yesterday on normal paper so I glued it to thicker paper today. Tomorrow I will cut them into the right sizes and then laminate them. They are gonna be beer-safe.

After that I spent one hour at Chalmers writing a bit on the thesis. Back home and change my address with the IRS, otherwise I can’t get financial aid with my rent.

And I found a website that turns my photos into canvas on whatever size I want. It wasn’t that expensive so I will do that with a few of my photos from Hawaii and put it on my wall. The painting I had got destroyed so I need to replace it with something and what couldn’t be better than my own photos from the best trip ever?

I also confirmed with a future au pair about a interview tomorrow afternoon at a cafe downtown. And that’s what happened before I tried to kill myself at the gym.

When I came home mom had dinner ready and I started googling on where to go during Christmas. I know it’s far away. But there are so many islands in the Caribbean and I have no idea which to go to! If anyone has any knowledge about the Caribbean, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Central America would be fine too.

I think I need to go to bed now. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. Have lunch with an old coworker at SCA for example :).