Packing for Marseille

Last day at work today for four days. It is gonna be so awesome with a long weekend. And I am so excited to go to France tomorrow for the first time ever. Marseille is promising us amazing weather and it looks like there are lots of cool stuff to see and do. I can’t wait! It will be nice to spend some time with Axel after working so much lately. My brother and his friend is coming too and I hope that won’t be too awkward since I told my brother that I wanted my apartment back.

I packed tonight and filled half of my carry-on and decided to skip the backpack completely. I am sure that I packed lots of stuff that I won’t even wear. But that’s normal. It will be nice to go away for a bit, and I am happy that I have something amazing to look forward to when I come home again <3.

Here are a couple of panorama’s over Gothenburg from the top of Ramberget the other day.

PANO_20150804_212501 PANO_20150804_213517

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