This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

June Gloom continues and I am not too happy about spending my last few days in California with cloudy weather. It is not very cold, but it would be so much more enjoyable with burning sun. I spent a couple of hours at the beach today after I ran some errands. First I went to the library to print the liability form for tomorrow’s scuba dive tour. Then I went to the post office because I can not make an online shipping label, but they couldn’t help me. So I will have to call technical support because something is wrong with the website. My third stop was the bank to close my account. Everyone there were so helpful and friendly and I could even change all my stupid coins to real money without any troubles. My bank account is closed, I have some cash now, but that will be nice to exchange to Swedish Crowns once I am back home because of the exchange rate right now.

The weather wasn’t nice, but I decided that I wanted to be at the beach anyway. And I am glad I went. I finished my book, the third Guild Wars book, and started on the third Fifty Shades book. I felt like it was time to finish that series now. As always I was looking out to the water too and saw dolphins today again! Many more today and they were playing and some of them were even surfing on the waves. I love dolphins :).

IMG_20150615_162929I got a pretty good video of several of them, but I have to pay to be able to upload videos and I don’t have enough to want to pay, so this picture will have to do :).

I came back to the house at 6pm, took a shower and hung out with the boy for a bit before eating dinner. I also played with the dog. I really don’t understand why tug-o-war is that fun.

Tonight I have done some more fixing. I sent an email to the international center at Cal Poly and asked what it means to be on the Dean’s List and if I will get any proof of that for future job applications. And speaking of grades, spring quarters grades were posted today and I did really good this quarter too. Two A’s and one B+, exactly like winter quarter. My overall GPA after a year at Cal Poly is 3.597 (of 4). As an engineer I am very happy with that! I sent another email and asked about what I need to do if I want to apply for a master at Cal Poly. I decided today that that is what I want to do. I feel like one year at Cal Poly wasn’t enough. And I don’t wanna start working yet, so why not get more loans and get a master and stay another two years in California? I think it is a good plan. If I can get scholarships or financial aid from the US, then I hope the 2 year rule doesn’t add more years to it. So that means that I could get a real job right away after. I hope this will work. I would start the City and Regional Planning master next fall if everything goes according to my new plan.

I also canceled my cell phone plan, changed my uber account to my Swedish bank account, and I think that was it. I don’t think I have anything else I need to take care of before leaving now. That’s a relief. Just repacking a little bit.

I don’t like this waiting time. I know that I have one fun thing to do tomorrow, and the beach and the dolphins always make me happy. But I also kinda just want to be done with this and be home. I hate waiting. I am ready to go home now (at least for a while).

Study, study, study, study…

Right now is not a fun time for me. These past two weeks have been so hectic with so much to do. One more day, and I should be able to forget about school for 4 days. I can’t wait!

Today I spent almost 14 hours on campus studying and being in class. I have a German midterm tomorrow and I don’t feel prepared enough. We didn’t get enough time, or I was too busy with everything else going on right now. I can’t wait for school to be over in three weeks! There was a project due this morning in Land Use and Transportation Studies. We were pretty much done, just some formatting in Word. We did adjustments to the intersections but the teacher looked at us like we were stupid when we told him about them. He told us to be professional about it, and honestly; how the fuck can we be professional about something he never thought us?? I am so upset with this class and especially the teacher. If you ask him a question he always answers in a condescending tone, like we should already know that. It shouldn’t be like that. I am seriously afraid of asking him questions! Questioning him though works sometimes I’ve noticed. I saw some errors in the data we got for this assignment, and he accepted my changes gladly. But the other parts are not okay for a professor. We did our best with the resources we got, and we actually sat down for many hours yesterday and discussed mitigation options. We thought about lane changes all throughout the intersections compared to other groups. Ugh! I just hate this right now. I hope we sent it in anyway and hopefully will get at least 90% on the assignment. Because everything before the last mitigation part is a very well done job!

Then the scuba class took four hours of my evening, I didn’t get home until 10:30pm, and after the shower and the Digital Cities quiz that is due tomorrow, it is now midnight and I haven’t even started on German. I will go through the review sheet one time tonight and that’s it. I am too tired for this. Let’s pray to something and hope it works out for me tomorrow! Wish me luck, I will need it.

One fun thing happened today (except me passing the final exam in the scuba class). On Tuesday I talked to my Digital Cities professor and asked about the grading on one of the short answer questions. Today I got an updated grade on PolyLearn. 100%! Go me!


The video is done, and I have to say that I am surprised at hearing my voice and accent. Neither was as bad as I thought. And the video is really good! Here is a link to it (3min), if you feel like watching it. Now, time to get back to studying… fml

Midterm, flight ticket

I am not waiting too long between my posts now, but I still have a ton of stuff to write about.

First, I had my last midterm ever today (not that I have had many in my life). I didn’t study too much for it, but I would say that it went pretty well, maybe not A+ or 99% (which I got on my Digital Cities midterm), but hopefully at least A-.

No filming today for the video project, so I just played beach volleyball for almost two hours instead of having the lesson. I wasn’t very good, but I blame the wind, haha!

When I got home I repainted my nails, watched Grimm and Once Upon a Time and then did German homework and started reading the papers I got for the scuba class that starts tomorrow. They told me that I would get the course material at least 3 days before start so I had time to read it through. I got it today and have 170 pages to read before tomorrow evening’s class. I am taking this for fun, but I really can’t read that much in one night, I am too slow at reading.

Another big thing I did today was to book my flight back home to Sweden. I will fly from San Diego early morning on June 20th. And I will fly almost exactly the same route as I did when I flew from there last time. First to Chicago, then to Berlin instead of Frankfurt, and then to Gothenburg. I will land 9:45 am on the day after.

I am excited to go home!


It is ”Friday”, 11pm, and I am ready to go to bed. I need to be better at using time during the week so I am not so tired all the time. Since I moved to SLO I haven’t been tired enough to fall asleep, but now I really have to try to stay awake by taking notes until my hand hurts from writing more than I need too.

Today we had a midterm review in Land Use and Transportation Studies (I can’t find a short for that course name) and it actually doesn’t feel like a completely lost cause. I just need to review it myself, write it down at least one time with my own words and then I should be good. I will do that tomorrow. We didn’t get our midterms back in Digital Cities like the professor said, but hopefully through PolyLearn tomorrow. In German we got the results on our midterm after class. We couldn’t get the actual tests back, so when class was done a bunch of us went up to the professor to give us our results. He saw me and just said that I got an A. I was surprised. I mean, it felt great writing the tests, but this week when we went over it, I got insecure in my answers, so I was actually a little bit surprised. When I was back at my seat to put my stuff in my backpack and the professor went through the pile of tests to find the other students’ results he looked at me and said: “Oh, add a plus to that letter!” What? I got an A+?! How does that even work? Shouldn’t A be the highest? I am super happy anyway, he must have seen that I tried a little bit extra on some problems, even if I probably missed a few minor adjective endings and stuff. I am curious to get that test back.

As soon as I got home I baked cookies, just normal cookies but with a click of Nutella in them. They flattened out so much in the oven so they are boring cookies with a little bit of Nutella. Still pretty good.

At 5pm I got picked up by Ralph and Cathy. Ralph is a 60+ guy in my German class, and him and his wife are going to Sweden for a week this summer and wanted some tips on what to do. I gave them a ton after eating a really good tacos dinner at Taco Temple in Morro Bay. It was a very nice dinner and they are really fun and interesting people. I wanna be like them when I grow up, adventurous, still traveling, finding new friends all over the world, just living to the fullest. If I am in Gothenburg when they are there we will probably meet up. I got really inspired by doing this research and I have already plans on being a tourist back home, I might as well do some stuff with them if they would be up to it. I got really excited about coming home and do all of these things. I also wanna go to Öland again. Maybe to camp this time? That will be a well-planned trip though and sometime in the future.

Old me am getting tired, so I think I will head to bed now, maybe watch another episode of iZombie and hopefully get a good night’s sleep so I have energy to deal with midterm studying and the awful homework we have in Land Use. I worked on it forever yesterday (we are analyzing 16 intersections downtown and are eventually gonna determine the future Level of Service for all of them). In the lab I discovered a lot of errors in the data material we got from the teacher so I had to go through it all and correct it and then send it to the teacher. In the afternoon I managed to get 14 out of the 16 correct for the current Level of Service. One of them, just doesn’t make any sense. I did everything correct, but I just don’t get the answer the teacher got. Probably because the data flows didn’t match the intersections directions… And the second intersection I don’t even know what is wrong with it… So annoying! My group is meeting up tomorrow afternoon again to hopefully fix that and work on the next step.

Double A’s

All this late night studying has finally started to pay off. Two days ago I got the result on my Urban Planning midterm and I got a 90%, which equals an A-. I am happy!! And today I got my German midterm back and I got an A! My name was torn off the paper and the professor told me it was because he showed it to another professor. Does that mean that my midterm was a really really good one? Maybe even best in class? Only two or three marks on the whole test and I am very very proud of myself. All the hard work I’ve put into school the last three weeks have really paid off.

And the German class in general was so fun today, I laughed all the time! We are starting to have conversations and actually talking in class now and it was just great. I love that class!!

Another cool thing that happened today was that I got the videos of all the 8 games of beach volleyball we played on Monday evening. Here is a link to them if anyone feels like watching. I played with Chris and against Wes and Cathleen. It was such a fun night.

What else happened today? Pretty much just studying, today before class as well as after. When will this ever end? I miss sleep…

Last night I was at the library until midnight. But after tomorrow the weekend will be here and I can’t wait!! Tomorrow will be a long day though. Doctor’s appointment at 9, then two hours to kill (maybe nap in the library?), presentation practice at 11, class at noon all the way until 6pm. And right after that there is a career fair for architects/urban planners and all the others in that area. I haven’t had time to research the companies yet, I will do that tomorrow on my two hour break I guess. I borrowed some nice clothes from Rachel and I hope I will get at least a few companies attention. If it is even possible with an internship at private companies. We will see. I also reached out to all the cities down in San Diego County and asked for internships. Please cross your fingers that I will get something down there! That would be a dream come true!

Busy busy busy

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

And now it’s been three days since the last update again. I seriously can’t wait to leave this all behind. I am not too overwhelmed, but I always have school on my mind and it is really exhausting. One of the midterms I could probably skip and still pass the class, but I will of course study for it anyway, because it would be fun with one good grade this quarter. The other final is a bit harder, but it isn’t until Thursday morning so I still have time. I will start focusing on that one tomorrow.

My biggest priority right now though is to nail the extra credit assignment for Transportation Engineering so I can take Public Transportation next quarter. I will start on that tomorrow.

So, the last two days. Thursday was my final in the lab class. It felt awesome when I did it, but the day after when I got the grade, it turned out to be a C-. It is still a pass so I am not complaining and my final grade will probably be a B since everything else is A’s. I also found out yesterday that I totally failed my Transportation Engineering midterm (that’s why I need to do the extra credit assignment). In the evening on Thursday I actually went out on a date to the Grad where the line dancing thing is. It was a very nice evening and I had 100% more fun this time than last time (probably because I was sick that time). We had a couple of drinks, talked a lot, and danced. Line dancing is fun.

Yesterday, hmm. I guess I was at home and studied? Oh yes, and in the evening we were a bunch of people going to the Christmas Parade in downtown SLO. It was nice, but mostly because of the company. Back home there was a surprise party for Toby, since he is leaving. I only stayed for like an hour and then went home and to bed. I slept for 11 hours, woke up at 9am. I actually went to the library today to study. I was there with the guy from Thursday and I got some done, not too much. I don’t have any motivation to study… I try but it only gives me C’s. I miss Chalmers! We had a late lunch together and then I went home and didn’t get anything more done until after midnight.

SLO Christmas Parade

At 7pm we were a bunch of people (everyone is procrastinating!!) who went to see the basketball game between Cal Poly and Menlo. Cal Poly owned the other team. Final score 72-35. It was my first basketball game every, and it was cool. Two of my neighbors are on the team, but redshirts, which apparently means that they are on the team but they aren’t allowed to play any games until next year because they are transfer students. No idea why, but that’s just the way it is, so I am just gonna accept it.

Cal Poly vs. Menlo Cal Poly vs. Menlo

After that a lot of people came over to our place, we ordered pizza, and talked for hours and hours. It was a fun night but I feel bad for not studying… I did some, but now I see double, so I will go to bed and try to find more motivation tomorrow morning. Goodnight!