The weirdest of dreams

I don’t have particuraly many dreams nowadays, but last night I had the craziest ever.

I was on Hawaii and we didn’t have insurance on the rental car. We were driving along a road when all of a sudden it just starts shaking and the road collapses. We are stuck with the car on a peninsula and we need to return it the day after. I was so afraid that we would have to pay a fortune to get it towed from there. We could safely get to the main land, but the car was stuck out there.

The second part of the dream was also here on the island. And I and Caroline were in a room with ocean water. I don’t know if it was some kind of test, but we had a boogie board each and in the water came everything you can imagine trying to kill us. First came a super fast red jellyfish, then the Portugeese Jellyfish that is super poisonous. After that we wrestled with big octopi and a lot of other weird animals. I managed to get out of the water where someone was watching us. I talked to that person and that person explained to me that this year’s VIRUS had a Giant Octupus as their animal. And then I told them that my year we had a Zebra and that person answered that VIRUS is just getting worse. Everybody knows that “it was better before!”. VIRUS is my union/group of volunteers at my university. We arranged sport activities and partied a lot. But we never had any animals.

Strange dream! And the worst part about it was that it felt so real and I was panicked when I woke up!

2014-02-01, 08:28

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