Power outage

Oh my. Haven’t updated this since July 15th? I feel bad. It always feel like a lot of interesting stuff is happening, but when it has been this long none of it seem to matter anymore somehow.

For example, I’ve had several weird dreams, like me dating Harry Styles and he confessing to me that his real name is Don Sverige and later in the same dream we were running around in raptor suits. I have also dreamt that I’ve been surfing with diving equipment. On the surface there were tons of dolphins, but when I looked under the water was all blood red and full of sharks.

I have been working A LOT. None of my weeks have gone over 40 hours, but it feels like I am working all the time with the weird evening and weekend hours I am working. No time for nothing. Work work work, and as often as possible; Jesper.  We have been seeing each other for a month now  and I seriously feel like a teenager, butterfly-y and giggly all the time. I can’t remember ever feeling like this before. He’s met my mom several times and even my dad once when we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant a week ago. I am going to meet his mom on Monday when we are going out for his birthday dinner. I look forward to it.

What else? Lots of work, and today at work there was a huge power outage. First we thought it was only on the mountain at Liseberg, but then we found out it was the whole park and soon thereafter we heard that most of the city was out of electricity, trams stood still and it was chaotic. Liseberg was also chaotic. I was at AtmosFear (the free fall) at the time and we managed to get all the guests out safely and easily. The power outage was because of a thunderstorm, and as soon as we hear thunder we have to close all the attractions up on the mountain. But this storm came upon as before we realized it an people were stuck on almost all of the attractions in the park, some for a short time, and some for longer. I felt so bad for the people working at Lisebergshjulet (the big ferris wheel). When there’s no power there, it is not easy getting the guests down and the operators have to climb up in the wheel to manually release the breaks and then let gravitation do its own thing. I am glad everyone came down safely in the end. For the rest of my two hours I just sat at different attractions telling people we were closed because of the power outage. Pretty chill, but sad for the guests coming from far away.

Now I have my weekend, and couldn’t be happier. I’ve worked 6 days in a row, 9h every day, and very bad stomach pain at the same time. I really needed this break. I have some things I need to do, try to get a second job is one of them and try to figure out my study situation this fall and contact my international students I will be a “phadder” (=wow-leader at Cal Poly) for this fall. And try to hang out with Jesper. He is working night shifts this whole week which sucks pretty bad.

There should be tons of more fun short stories of things that have happened the past couple of weeks, but I can honestly not remember them anymore. I’ve had these dry streaks before, I’m sure I will write more often soon again. Now I am going to bed to finally finish the third Fifty Shades book. I don’t like the series, but I can’t just stop in the middle, I can’t not finish a book. After this I will go back to fantasy/sci fi/dystopia again. I was told by a friend at work to read the series Silo by Hugh Howey. I really look forward to that, he spoke highly of it.

I will try to get next post up much sooner than this time.

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