Earthquake in Gothenburg

I have lived in California but never felt an earthquake before. Apparently I sat through a 5 one time, but didn’t feel a thing. Last night, I was aware of my first earthquake ever, and it was not in California, but in Sweden. How is that even possible when we are right on one of the continental plates? The epicenter of it was right here in Gothenburg and I definitely felt and heard it. I thought it was thunder at first, but then I read the newspaper (and on Facebook of course) and it seems like this northern city got a 2.5. Kinda scary. What is happening with this Swedish summer? It is the worst ever…

I had my day off yesterday and spent most of it with Jesper once he woke up after working the whole night. We didn’t do much, we cooked dinner, and enjoyed the company. I’m sure we watched a movie, but I can’t remember which one, haha. At 9pm he went to work and I spent the night there doing some things I needed to do, and then he joined me at 7 this morning. I don’t like when he is working night. Fortunately it is only two more nights!

I was off today again and we spent most of the day in bed watching Family Guy. We then went to Max for dinner. It was good, but not as good as I imagined after a year.

Now he is working again, and I am sitting here alone, eating candy and drinking Ginger ale. I will soon go to bed so I can start reading my new book Wool by Hugh Howey. One of my coworkers told me about it and I am so excited to start reading it!

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