Kona Pier Beach (30jan)

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This morning was so beautiful! No clouds at all and it was just amazing seeing the clear blue sky again. We started the day pretty late today again, no hurry on Hawaii, no. We walked north and were heading for a beach we could see from our hotel. But we stopped at the Kona Farmer’s Market on the way, I bought some water, a loaf of pineapple banana bread, and a new bracelet, the one I bought the other day didn’t feel right on my wrist. This new one is green with tiny turtles and beads on it. Much better! Caroline bought some fruit and I wished I could do it too. But without knives it’s kinda hard to eat a pineapple, mango or papaya. They have so many crazy fruits at those markets; strawberry papaya, apple bananas, rainbow papaya and bananas the size of my pinky.

When we came to the Kona Pier we saw a tiny man-made beach there. It was seriously the tiniest beach I’ve ever seen and it was right by the boats and it wasn’t particularly nice. The sand was white, but felt like salt under our feet. We asked the girl in the rental booth for the big beach we could see from our hotel and she said it was a very rocky beach and lava rocks were in between the sand and the water. And it was private property. So we decided to spend the day at that tiny tiny beach. I don’t know, it might have been like 50 meters wide or something.

It was burning today so if you didn’t go in the water once in a while it felt like you were melting away. It was awesome! And I just imagined being on a nicer beach.

At 4pm it got cloudy and windy so we left the beach soon thereafter and went to a coffee place right next door. I had a chai latte and we got free Wi-Fi there. I didn’t have my computer with me so I just went through Facebook, checked my e-mail and account balances. I have not been spending a lot of money lately so I have like $600 in total (both American account and Swedish). So I will have enough money to pay for my extra baggage back home on Monday.

For dinner we had cup noodles on the balcony with a view over the darkening sky. It was a very nice and warm evening so I didn’t mind  spending $2 on dinner tonight.

I only have two more full days here on Hawaii. On Sunday morning I will leave this amazing place, go back to San Diego and then to Sweden. I seriously can’t believe my countdown app that tells me that I go back to Sweden in four days!! Well, I guess I could say three days too, that’s when my big journey begins with a 9 hours layover in San Diego.

I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK! I’ve found a new me these past two weeks. The hidden part of me that wants adventures. I don’t wanna be stuck in Sweden. I wanna go to Australia and work as a bartender for a year. I wanna go wherever and train to be a surf instructor (I heard it’s very easy to be one if you just have the ambition and friendliness). I wanna explore more of USA. I wanna work at Banana Bungalow on Maui. I wanna travel! I just started and I don’t wanna stop.

But first I need to get my degree and earn some money. And I think that will work out. I just got a mentor for my thesis so as soon as we start with that I will get money from CSN. I got an email from Cultural Care telling me to call them as soon as I come home to Sweden because they probably want to offer me a part time job as a recruiter. And then I hope I will get that job at Liseberg this summer. I’m gonna save as much as possible so I can start my next adventure as soon as possible! Or I will get back to my boring routines so quickly and easily in Sweden that I will take my degree, start working and keep working until I retire and then eventually die….

2014-01-30, 20:22

View from our room Sunny view from our balcony.Kona farmer's market Kona Farmer’s Market.I'm getting pretty tan Hot dogs or legs?Kona Pier beach Big Island sunset Big Island sunset Royal Kona Resort View from our room

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