Wow, I have seriously completely forgotten that I have a blog and used to update it every day. I have a reason and I blame the computer game Guild Wars 2!
This week has been eventful, but I just didn’t remember to put it here, so I will now when I have a little time to kill. First of all I got my digital TV box on Monday, so now I have way over 100 TV channels. I don’t watch TV though…
I have also been working out quite a bit this week. My muscles are so sore right now and it will be very interesting walking in high heels tonight. The fancy dinnerparty with VIRUS is tonight. I have makeup on and my hair is full of cork screws. Wine, good food and good company, I think it will be a nice evening!
Me and my thesis partner have had a huge breakthrough this week with our thesis. We found a form online, and that form is pretty much the only thing we are gonna do. Of course customize it for Veidekke so we’ve also had a meeting with them and talked about what to add and remove. They also told us at that meeting that they think that we should skip the data and the whole LCA thing completely which will make the project so much easier!
I have been shopping which wasn’t too good. I bought a pair of chinos which is perfect in this warm spring weather. It’s been amazing these past two days, no jacket needed, the trees are getting green and flowers are everywhere. I love this season!
And lastly, but not least, I went to the liquorice and chocolate fair. So many samples I didn’t need dinner last night! I bought Chai Latte as a powder so I easily can drink it at home. I don’t have to spend a fortune at Espresso House (which I don’t do because I am kinda broke).
Last night after the fair I spent the evening with Chad and some of his friends. It was a very nice evening. I tried taking it easy since I have a big party tonight, but I didn’t get home until like 2:30am… Not so drunk though, and I could sleep in until 11 today.

I’m sorry for not updating, I am alive, just busy doing other things ^^

Chocolate pralines

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