One wisdom tooth pulled

The day I have feared for so long is finally over. This morning I finally got the right bottom wisdom tooth pulled out. I have been having troubles with it for so many years and last year I even had two infections in it. I have wanted to pull it out for so long, they aren’t supposed to hurt for more than six years. But I was stillreally scared when I went to the dentist this morning. I know I am 23, but I really wanted my mom there. It was good that I had. I was so scared that I was shaking and it felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest.

I know many people pull those teeth out, but I’ve always been super afraid of getting shots in the mouth, and I’ve seen people being swollen with big bruises for several days after.

I had minor surgery in 2012 when I removed the uvula (that thing that hangs in the back of the mouth). I told the doctor that I was afraid of the shot so he gave me a anesthetic spray before the shot and I didnt’t feel a thing.

But today I didn’t get that spray even if I asked for it and when he dentist told me that it would be fine I almost started to cry. BUT, I actually didn’t feel any of the four shots I got. Weird, everyone told me that they hurt really bad! It was the same when I pierced the top of my ear when I was younger, I didn’t feel anything.

I was so relieved, but I was still afraid that I was gonna feel something when they pulled the tooth out. I know, silly me, I got four shots!

I did feel something, but that was pressure and maybe a little scraping. But no pain. I had my eyes closed the whole time anyway though, I didn’t wanna see what horrible tools she was using. Before I knew it, she told me the tooth was out and that she was gonna stich it up. She put a compressor in my cheek to stop the bleeding and asked me when I wanted to come back to pull the left bottom one.

She told me in the beginning that they don’t do several at a time. But said that she could as well have done the other because the first one came out so easily. I really wanted to do both so I wouldn’t have to go through all this again. But I didn’t have a say in the matter. So in four weeks I am going back and will go through this hell again. I really hope it will go as smoothly as this time.


I wasn’t in any pain at all until noon when it started to hurt a lot. I took the painkillers I got and less than half an hour later the pain was gone. But so was I. Codeine is some pretty heavy stuff so I fell asleep for a few hours.

I have eaten a lot of ice cream today, it dulls the pain and it feels good to eat for some weird reason. I hope it doesn’t hurt tomorrow. I need to work on my thesis the whole day.

I think I will take another of those pills now so I will sleep the whole night through.

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