Yesterday I had my 5th day of this summer season at Balderado. I had Spinrock the whole day but that was great. Spinrock is fun to work at and especially when you are two people. The day went by super fast and I was home before I knew it.

Today I was at Berget again where I only had one hour passes which is kinda slow if you have it the whole day. One hour at one attraction is a lot of time. Half hours go by so much faster and the variation makes it easier to keep the mood up.

I was in a very good mood today, but my tiredness made it tough to keep it up. I did have a nice day in general though.

My tooth, or the lack of tooth more correctly, is okay. It hurts a tiny bit, but I could eat almost without any problems at all. But being careless probably made it worse by the evening. Now it hurts when I swallow and it feels like I have a sore throat. But I know better, it is the hole. I should probably be more careful, even if it feels alright, because it probably isn’t alright just yet. It has just been three days!

I closed Höjdskräcken today again. So awesome. No stress, you get closer to the guests who actually come and you can relax before going home. Love it!


I found out a couple of days ago that I need to enroll in a new course at Cal Poly because I am currently on the waiting list for the environmental class that is mandatory. I was certain that I would get that class because of an email from the professor a while back. But I am second on the wait list and to meet the requirements of my visa status I need to enroll and get accepted to 3 more credits. I’ve found another class that might be similar, Sustainable Environmental Engineering. But I will also enroll in German 1. I have to get one of those three classes and will have more options. I really hope I get Sustainable Environments, my first choice, but if I don’t I will have to take that class when I am back in Sweden which will suck, but it would work. So tomorrow night at 11pm I will enroll in new classes. Cross your fingers for me that I get my first choice!

A third tooth pulled

This weekend went by without my realization. It wasn’t a very good weekend, but I won’t go into the boring details about that. Instead I can tell you that my third wisdom tooth is now gone. I got it pulled two days ago. It only took 15 minutes, and I got an anesthetic cream on my gum before the syringes which was great. But when the dentist was pulling it out with some kind of pliers, it pushed against my lower jaw where I could feel everything and that hurt so much I almost started crying or asking them to stop.

My mom was there with me the whole time and I am so glad she was. Even if I’m a veteran when it comes to pulling teeth out right now it is still scary. She drove me home after we went ice cream shopping. Not that I needed it. I took a couple of painkillers on the day it happened but when I woke up the day after, yesterday, it didn’t hurt. I mean I could feel that something was different and I had a hard time chewing and opening my mouth, but I didn’t need any painkillers.

It doesn’t hurt today either. Last time I was in pain for four weeks! Great improvement.

Now I will eat some breakfast and then study until I have to go to work. I am at Balderado today with a very nice schedule. Sure, I have 4 hours at Spinrock out of my 5 working hours today, but I also have two 30minutes breaks which is not normal for a short day like this. I am not complaining.


This Midsummer we actually had sun and it was a nice day. I spent it with Chad and his friends in Vebgy which is a small small village outside of Borås. It was a small house right by the lake. The guys made the Maypole while the girls made flower wreaths. Mine was okay, but not pretty enough to wear. We had the typical Midsummer food with herring and potatoes and snaps. We sang stupid songs, danced around the Maypole and had a penthalon with stupid games. It was a typical Swedish Midsummer.

Except for the weather. It was sunny! Normally you just know that it will rain on Midsummer, but this year it was sunny and with some clouds. The biggest problem was that it actually was cold. And as soon as the sun disappeared behind clouds it got really cold. But when it was out it was really nice. I have proof that it was out, I got burned in my face. Now it’s a nice brown tan and I got complemented at work today.

Late in the evening on Midsummer the guys went wakeboarding and after that we spent many hours in front of the fire we had made in the firepit in the backyard. It was too cold to be anywhere else. At 2am I went to bed in the tent we brought. We couldn’t fit in the small house. But since it wasn’t raining and we had eachother to keep warm it was okay. But it wasn’t. It was extremely cold anyway and in the early morning it started raining. We didn’t get wet, but everything else did. Gross…

At 12:30pm the day after we hurried home so I could go to work at 4pm. I just got there in time.

Making of Maypole Swedish Midsummer


Yesterday I only had 6 hours at work. I wasn’t that tired, today was way worse. I had 8 hours today and 3 hours at Uppswinget. One of those hours it were on break because of some technical faults with the “byglar” (I really don’t know what it is called in English, it is the things that keep you in your place on an attraction). But I sat outside the attraction with one of my colleagues and told everyone that a bird had hit one of the swings and that the mechanics had to remove like a lot of feathers and make sure all the cables and stuff were okay. The bird was in the booth and were waiting for a veterinary. Everyone bought the story. So fun!!

Have I mentioned that there is a huge problem with people stealing other peoples bracelets? Yesterday evening there was a gang of people going after a family with a mom, dad and two kids. One of the teenagers threathened the dad, and then he took up his police badge. KARMA!!

I feel really sorry for the kids who get beaten because someone doesn’t want to pay for their bracelets. The thing is that it is not only kids who cheat with the bracelets, adults do it too! My colleague at Uppswinget the last hour of the day today caught a dad with his son. The dad had a fake bracelet. What the fuck is going on with this world??? I thought Liseberg was a safe place. Yesterday one of the people working in the entrance got beaten up too beause she didn’t want to let some kids in for free. She got bitten and had to get a tetanus shot. This is all so upsetting!!

My plan for this evening was to try and play som BioShock Infinite, but I don’t think I can stay up any longer. I got 10 hours of sleep last night, but I am still not okay since the horrible night on Midsummer… Another day!

A bad thing that happened today was that one of my two remaining wisdoom teeth started hurting. I thought it was just the two bottom ones that were problematic, but now the upper ones started too. I am gonna call the dentist the first thing tomorrow and ask what I should do. I don’t wanna go back to the US with another tooth ache. Maybe this one should be removed as soon as possible.

A pulled tooth and a new phone

My second wisdom tooth is gone and I am finally done with this horrible teeth-pulling-thing. I knew it wasn’t gonna be so bad, but I was still very nervous and my heart was racing. I did feel the needles this time but I didn’t flinch, guess I am a viking.

It felt like it was more difficult with this one compared to the other one, four weeks ago. But I don’t know. I was freaking out when I heard a machine starting up. It felt like they were filing the tooth or something and I was afraid this one wasn’t as straight as the X-rays said. But mom told me after that it was just a water sollution to clean. It totally felt like a drill/file or whatever though. Scary.

Mom drove me home and I got stuck on the couch for one hour while I waited to take out the thing the dentist put in my cheek to stop the bleeding. It didn’t bleed much at all this time which was a relief. The last time it kept bleeding the whole day.

Anyway, when that thing was out I fell asleep in my bed and slept for three hours. I could have slept more, but I got hungry. So I rinsed and ate some yoghurt and ice cream. Not together.

At three I met up mom at Siba by her job. The line to get help was long like last time and that feels so unnecessary when I, both of the times, knew exactly what I wanted.

Well, I got it and I am surprised it only cost 3000kr. That’s not very much for one of the better phones on the market right now!

We stopped at the grocery store on our way back to my place and back home I had an early dinner and watched a few TV shows. Then I charged my new phone, played a little GW2 and then set up my phone. It went super fast! I just wrote my Gmail address when it started and it even downloaded all the apps I had on my old phone. Very convenient. What I really don’t like about it is the lack of a normal text (SMS) app. It wants me to use Hangouts which is the worst shit ever! The idea to have SMS, MMS, phonecalls, videocalls, in the same app is good. But it doesn’t work. It didn’t give me the name of the person I was texting with, just the number. And how am I gonna remember all those numbers? This has apparently been a problem with Hangouts for months, but it is still not fixed. So I downloaded a new text app that I put to default, Textra. And so far I like it. You don’t even have to open the app to answer the text, you can just get a popup window, and when you press send it goes back to what you did before. Awesome!

I rebooted the HTC One X to factory settings and I hope my dad will enjoy it as much as I have these past two years. It is a great phone! He is very curious about the awesome camera. I hope my new phone camera is as good, if not better.

I should probably get to bed, I have to be in school again tomorrow. Or maybe I should watch another Once Upon a Time…

Google Nexus 5

One wisdom tooth pulled

The day I have feared for so long is finally over. This morning I finally got the right bottom wisdom tooth pulled out. I have been having troubles with it for so many years and last year I even had two infections in it. I have wanted to pull it out for so long, they aren’t supposed to hurt for more than six years. But I was stillreally scared when I went to the dentist this morning. I know I am 23, but I really wanted my mom there. It was good that I had. I was so scared that I was shaking and it felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest.

I know many people pull those teeth out, but I’ve always been super afraid of getting shots in the mouth, and I’ve seen people being swollen with big bruises for several days after.

I had minor surgery in 2012 when I removed the uvula (that thing that hangs in the back of the mouth). I told the doctor that I was afraid of the shot so he gave me a anesthetic spray before the shot and I didnt’t feel a thing.

But today I didn’t get that spray even if I asked for it and when he dentist told me that it would be fine I almost started to cry. BUT, I actually didn’t feel any of the four shots I got. Weird, everyone told me that they hurt really bad! It was the same when I pierced the top of my ear when I was younger, I didn’t feel anything.

I was so relieved, but I was still afraid that I was gonna feel something when they pulled the tooth out. I know, silly me, I got four shots!

I did feel something, but that was pressure and maybe a little scraping. But no pain. I had my eyes closed the whole time anyway though, I didn’t wanna see what horrible tools she was using. Before I knew it, she told me the tooth was out and that she was gonna stich it up. She put a compressor in my cheek to stop the bleeding and asked me when I wanted to come back to pull the left bottom one.

She told me in the beginning that they don’t do several at a time. But said that she could as well have done the other because the first one came out so easily. I really wanted to do both so I wouldn’t have to go through all this again. But I didn’t have a say in the matter. So in four weeks I am going back and will go through this hell again. I really hope it will go as smoothly as this time.


I wasn’t in any pain at all until noon when it started to hurt a lot. I took the painkillers I got and less than half an hour later the pain was gone. But so was I. Codeine is some pretty heavy stuff so I fell asleep for a few hours.

I have eaten a lot of ice cream today, it dulls the pain and it feels good to eat for some weird reason. I hope it doesn’t hurt tomorrow. I need to work on my thesis the whole day.

I think I will take another of those pills now so I will sleep the whole night through.

The dentist

I’ve been waiting for this day since October. I didn’t have my wisdom teeth pulled today, but I will be sent to the odontology specialist within a few weeks. Without any questions about it. I guess they understood how badly I needed this after my mom called in October and asked for this appointment. It is a bit scary though. What if that nerve gets in the way and I will have a lazy jaw for the rest of my life? Is it gonna hurt? Will I look stupid as a chipmunk?

I was inside the rest of the day because of the famous Gothenburg weather. Rain. Not much most of the day, but enough to not want to be outside. I didn’t start with that online course I have to take, but I will do it this weekend. Instead I applied for two scholarships and will apply for a third tomorrow and in the next few months two more will be applyable. I need every penny I can get.

The level of this blog sank a lot since I came back to Sweden, it’s not as interesting anymore because Sweden is simply put a boring country most of the times. But I will start with the preparations for my next big adventure pretty soon. It will be so much fun going back to Cali to study :).