A third tooth pulled

This weekend went by without my realization. It wasn’t a very good weekend, but I won’t go into the boring details about that. Instead I can tell you that my third wisdom tooth is now gone. I got it pulled two days ago. It only took 15 minutes, and I got an anesthetic cream on my gum before the syringes which was great. But when the dentist was pulling it out with some kind of pliers, it pushed against my lower jaw where I could feel everything and that hurt so much I almost started crying or asking them to stop.

My mom was there with me the whole time and I am so glad she was. Even if I’m a veteran when it comes to pulling teeth out right now it is still scary. She drove me home after we went ice cream shopping. Not that I needed it. I took a couple of painkillers on the day it happened but when I woke up the day after, yesterday, it didn’t hurt. I mean I could feel that something was different and I had a hard time chewing and opening my mouth, but I didn’t need any painkillers.

It doesn’t hurt today either. Last time I was in pain for four weeks! Great improvement.

Now I will eat some breakfast and then study until I have to go to work. I am at Balderado today with a very nice schedule. Sure, I have 4 hours at Spinrock out of my 5 working hours today, but I also have two 30minutes breaks which is not normal for a short day like this. I am not complaining.

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