Hard Rock Cafe Gothenburg

Finally! My hometown was number 12. The California burger was good, but not as good as it normally is, it was a bit dry and heavy and 189kr for that was a bit much. But the atmosphere in there was the same as in all of the other Hard Rock Cafes I’ve ever been to. It was nice. 12 glasses is now showing on my shelf!

Today at work was my Friday, I had a long day, almost 10 hours of work. But it wasn’t too bad actually. After lunch just disappeared. First I had 2.5 hours straight of work, then 30 minutes break, 1 hour of work, 30 minutes break and 30 minutes of work before I got off at 9:30pm. The best ending on a day there is, perfect! And the day started with supervisors from two different areas fighting over me. There had been a misunderstanding and I was supposed to be on Balderado for the first couple of hours and then on Berget. But I ended up on Berget anyway. They were literally standing over me while I was sitting down, handing me papers on two different attractions and fighting for me.

Right after work I went to Hard Rock Café to meet up with Chad, Nicole and Nicolai. Nicole is a German friend from San Diego who is doing a roadtrip in Scandinavia with her boyfriend and they are staying here with me in Gothenburg for a couple of nights. Today they went adventuring in the city alone while I was working and tomorrow we will go to Liseberg for a while before I have to leave them there to go pull out a tooth. They arrived late last night.


Yesterday at work was a crazy crazy day! So many people for no apparent reason. Huge lines everywhere. The day before that was the complete opposite. No lines at all. The line ran out at Helix even! And when I closed Höjdskräcken I did 7 rides during the whole hour. Normally you can do 18-19 in an hour.

Yesterday was fun because of a challenge the supervisors gave us. We were supposed to find guests who travelled from far away. And the person who found the guests from the furthest away got an extra break on the schedule someday in the future. You had four tries to ask guests and I got so lucky on my first on; Los Angeles. I felt confident after that. I also got China, Germany and Spain. When I handed in my paper to the supervisors they said they had Philippines and Brazil as well, and I could see my extra break be removed from the time table.


I am so tired now, so I will be boring and go to bed actually. Me, Nicole and Nicolai will go to Liseberg pretty early tomorrow so I need my rest I guess. Or I probably will just sleep for the rest of the day when I get back from the dentist. As the two times before, mom will be there to be my support! ❤

Hard Rock Cafe Göteborg

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