Mega thunderstorm

Today was as much opposite as yesterday as it can be. So calm and nice and quiet. It was sticky though, you could almost feel the moist in the air and it was kinda disgusting. I also had a bad stomach ache the whole day which wasn’t particuarly fun either. The crazy thing that made this day interesting was the huge thunderstorm that rolled in over Gothenburg in just minutes. Normally the rain goes on and on an on and it is just a drizzle. But today it was sunny at one point, and five minutes later the sky opened up and poured down tons of water and hail and thunder and lightning and it took out all the power in the park for a while. Berget had a nice break for an hour, but I was on lunch for that whole hour. When I just sat down to eat it started and when I walked out it was sunny again. So weird!

The day was over so fast, 6 hours isn’t that much. And the park closes at 10pm on Sundays. So nice to be home before 11pm! And now I think I will go to bed and read some. I have to get up pretty early tomorrow to study…

Storm at LisebergThe view from the employee cafeteria. It was way worse than it looks like and the lightning bolts were lightning up the whole sky and the thunder came at the same time. It was scary!!

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