Snoop Dogg @ Liseberg

Such a crazy day at work today! I am glad I was at Balderado instead of Berget because I heard it was the worst up there. I only have KristallSalongen, Ponnykarusellen and SpinRock at Balderado and they are all very calm attractions. Ponnykarusellen is for tiny kids, Kristallsalongen is just a house of mirrors and SpinRock is busy, but nothing crazy and it is reliable. But at the end of the day when I was closing it with a colleague it went amok!! Balder was on break because some people had climbed the structure. And half an hour before everything closed Kållerado also went on break (those two are the big attractions in the Balderado area) so everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, came to SpinRock which is a big swing that spins at the same time. Right before we were closing the gates so we would start the last ride at five to eleven, twenty minutes of extra queue walked in. And more people were jumping in so our last ride was a quarter past eleven! And apparently it was the same on most attractions.

During the day people were smoking weed in the queue at Helix and all over the park. I understand why no one else wanted Snoop to give a performance at their place. The whole of Liseberg turned to drug lover’s paradise. I don’t understand how Liseberg could agree to that with so many kids around. And most of it were ignored by the guards because they had more important things to do than tell people to stop smoking. People were also climbing on roofs.

I didn’t notice any of this though but I can imagine my colleagues at Berget did. Crazy day! 45 570 people during the whole day!! (A normal day is around 20 000)

Tomorrow I work from 3pm to 11pm, a nice 6 hours, and probably at Berget. I guess I really need to go to bed now, I am so tired…

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