Camping and sambo

Two long days are at its end and I could probably fall asleep standing if I just let myself. Yesterday after work me and Chad went to Landvetter to camp for a night. We found a nice spot right next to a lake, put up the tent and everything and then went in the water before the sun set. It wasn’t cold at all in the water but I didn’t want to stay in for too long, it would have been very cold when the sun was gone. We had dinner after that, some cold cuts and a tuna/bacon/pasta salad which were both really good. And when you are camping you have to make a fire, so we did that too and sat by it until we ran out of firewood. Spent a short while on the beach after that and watched the starry sky. We even saw a few shooting stars. Very romantic!

I slept until 9am and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I read for an hour until Chad woke up. We slept very comfortable on two air matresses tightly put together and with a sheet on top of it it looked like a real bed. Surprisingly comfy.

Landvetter campingThis was the view over the sunset from our tent. Sweden is so beautiful!

After that our big mission was to get all of his stuff to my place. So first we packed the last of his things, rented a van and drove all of it to my place. It didn’t take that long but it was rough. And especially in this heat and with his heavy couch that we put in my basement. I am gonna be so sore in my arms and hands tomorrow.

The whole evening we have been unpacking and I have packed most of my clothes. I am just gonna stay in Sweden for a little more than a month so I might as well pack most of it now when he needs somewhere to put his clothes too.

We aren’t completely done yet, but we’re getting there. It probably will be done tomorrow, at least I hope so. I think I will go to bed now, I am starting to see double…

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