A pulled tooth and a new phone

My second wisdom tooth is gone and I am finally done with this horrible teeth-pulling-thing. I knew it wasn’t gonna be so bad, but I was still very nervous and my heart was racing. I did feel the needles this time but I didn’t flinch, guess I am a viking.

It felt like it was more difficult with this one compared to the other one, four weeks ago. But I don’t know. I was freaking out when I heard a machine starting up. It felt like they were filing the tooth or something and I was afraid this one wasn’t as straight as the X-rays said. But mom told me after that it was just a water sollution to clean. It totally felt like a drill/file or whatever though. Scary.

Mom drove me home and I got stuck on the couch for one hour while I waited to take out the thing the dentist put in my cheek to stop the bleeding. It didn’t bleed much at all this time which was a relief. The last time it kept bleeding the whole day.

Anyway, when that thing was out I fell asleep in my bed and slept for three hours. I could have slept more, but I got hungry. So I rinsed and ate some yoghurt and ice cream. Not together.

At three I met up mom at Siba by her job. The line to get help was long like last time and that feels so unnecessary when I, both of the times, knew exactly what I wanted.

Well, I got it and I am surprised it only cost 3000kr. That’s not very much for one of the better phones on the market right now!

We stopped at the grocery store on our way back to my place and back home I had an early dinner and watched a few TV shows. Then I charged my new phone, played a little GW2 and then set up my phone. It went super fast! I just wrote my Gmail address when it started and it even downloaded all the apps I had on my old phone. Very convenient. What I really don’t like about it is the lack of a normal text (SMS) app. It wants me to use Hangouts which is the worst shit ever! The idea to have SMS, MMS, phonecalls, videocalls, in the same app is good. But it doesn’t work. It didn’t give me the name of the person I was texting with, just the number. And how am I gonna remember all those numbers? This has apparently been a problem with Hangouts for months, but it is still not fixed. So I downloaded a new text app that I put to default, Textra. And so far I like it. You don’t even have to open the app to answer the text, you can just get a popup window, and when you press send it goes back to what you did before. Awesome!

I rebooted the HTC One X to factory settings and I hope my dad will enjoy it as much as I have these past two years. It is a great phone! He is very curious about the awesome camera. I hope my new phone camera is as good, if not better.

I should probably get to bed, I have to be in school again tomorrow. Or maybe I should watch another Once Upon a Time…

Google Nexus 5

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