Cal Poly 2014-2015

This day has been getting better by the hour from the start! First me and my partner finished the big thing on our thesis, the only thing missing are some emission numbers for excavators. We emailed a guy about it today. Hope we get an answer, we have asked a lot of people and no one has been able to give us what we want.

After three hours of work in the morning I went grocery shopping and then home where I got stuck on the couch in front of the TV. In the evening I went to the gym with mom and she was kind and gave me a ride back home.

At home I cooked a soup full of chlorophyll, consisting of spinach, green peas, broccoli and lime with a feta/avocado topping. It took a while, probably because it was the first time I ever cooked it, and I was texting/on the phone at the same time. The result anyway, was a very calorie controlled and yummy soup. Completely green. And what made my late dinner even better was that I ate it in front of Game of Thrones, the second episode of the fourth season. I was almost laughing out loud at the end. I knew it was gonna happen, but it was a huge relief anyway! When I read that part in the book I was so happy I didn’t know what to do. Haha! I really want The Winds of Winter to be released soon. It’s too long between the books and I forget what happens…

After that I was told by my dad that you can see Mars on the sky today. I thought it was on the 8th, but it was clearly visible today to, right above the full moon. So unbeliavably cool! And what’s even more cool is that my phone could get it on picture! Too bad I’m getting a new one tomorrow 😉 That was the second piece of information my dad gave me. He transferred money for my birthday present, Google Nexus 5!

And the last thing that really made the end of this day awesome was my acceptance email from Cal Poly! Now it is completely completely done! I will get a lot of papers in the mail pretty soon and then I can start getting my visa and figure out when I will get over there and buy a flight ticket. I am so excited!! Less than five months 🙂

Oh, there is one more thing, this is the last night with my troubling wisdom tooth. Tomorrow it will be gone! And even if I will be in pain this week, it will be the last of tooth aches hopefully forever!

I should probably go to bed, I have a dentist appointment at 8am tomorrow. Mom is picking me up at 7:30. I don’t wanna go through it alone, even if I know it’s not gonna be too horrible…

Full moon and MarsThe tiny dot just above the moon is Mars! I’ve always been very fascinated by space and seeing that big red dot in the sky made me really excited! Almost like seeing dolphins and turtles in the wild.

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