Tooth ache for the last time

So bad timing for another stupid tooth ache. It started a few days ago but today I woke up and it really hurt. And it is still getting worse. I am so glad that these problems will be gone forever in two days!

The right one that got pulled almost four weeks ago stopped hurting like a week after, but I am not sure it healed properly. There is a hole there and I am afraid that food will stuck. I have to ask them if that is how it is supposed to be like on Tuesday.

Today I was at IKEA with mom after a short 40 minutes of work. Not many people wanted to be interview today so I had only one. At IKEA we had lunch and then bought a few things each, like potato smashers, candles and a new and bigger box for Cards Against Humanity.

The rest of the afternoon I was on the couch and accidently fell asleep watching Once Upon a Time. I hate being this tired all the time!!

Next week will be a short one and after that I need to start studying structural engineering for real. I thought I was gonna be better at studying this time since I only have one class, but I am just too lazy, so it will probably be like normal, the last two weeks before the exam, 24/7…

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