Job interview

I have to say that I was surprised after the interview I had today. Before I walked into the home care service office in Torslanda I thought this was my last resort. But to be honest, it actually sounded like a nice job. Except for the diapers and help in the bathroom stuff of course, but nothing is perfect. I will either work during day or evening and I would be fine with both. If I work during the day I would be done by 4pm and would have time to head out to the sea and enjoy the Swedish summer, and I would be able to work as a beach volleyball coach too. If I work evenings I have time to sleep and be outside during the day. And the ocean is very close! And it isn’t too bad of a salary either. I will be able to pay my rent, save some AND buy a plane ticket to the US. Awesome! I will find out next week if I got it or not.

The only bad thing about it is that it is out on Hisingen and it will take me 40 minutes to go there everyday. As long as the buses goes okay, which they usually don’t do in the summer, I will be okay. It’s not too bad to commute, but it could of course be so much better.

My cheek is pretty swollen and it hurts a lot. Last time it was fine by the end of the day. I really look like a chipmunk… I hope it goes away soon, it’s embarrassing. And I will be able to play the beach volleyball tournament on Saturday! I am really excited about it and I might even have a tiny audience.

And speaking of teeth, when I came home after the interview I had mail from my dentist. They want me to come in for a normal examination in three weeks. Silly, I’ve been there three times the last couple of months. Maybe I will postpone to August, right before I go to the US. Or maybe I should go now and let them take a look at my newly healed holes.

The painkillers are making me a bit off, but I probably should go to school to study some anyway. Or maybe I should take a nap like the last couple of days. It is well needed. We’ll see if my study partner wants me there or not after lunch.

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