I’ve never had any troubles getting a job before, and now, when it is crucial that I get a job, I can’t get one. I found out yesterday that I didn’t get that job at Liseberg that I really wanted. But I am not totally out of the game yet, I am on the waiting list, but I have no idea if it is common to get one if you’re on it. I am not hoping on too much, that would only make it worse when I don’t get it. So last night I was up looking for jobs and applying for the few I was qualified enough for. Today, just 12 hours after I sent in an application for a job as a home assistant for old people I got a call, telling me they want me for an interview as soon as possible. It’s great, but to be honest, that’s the job I want the least. I just hope I hear from more companies before I have to accept it. Of course I will take it if nothing else comes up, but cross my fingers for me!

I just got home from the gym where I went to a class with mom. It was like a lighter version of bodypump, but I still almost died. I don’t think excercise is something for me anymore. It’s not supposed to feel like muscles are breaking while doing things. Lunges are pretty much impossible for me.

I’ve spent some time working on my thesis and it’s getting more and more finished by the day. Because of the changes we made the other week we need to approach this another way according to Chalmers. We can’t just make the document and hope that Veidekke likes it, Chalmers wants us to test it somehow, but that’s not gonna work with no data. So that will be a toughie. But I am sure we can work something out. We have a meeting with Veidekke on Thursday, we are gonna have to sort this out then. This whole thing, including the paper, is supposed to be done in a month. I don’t think it will be a problem, but a month is not much!

Now I need to take a shower and then go to bed, I’ve been so tired lately. I think my B12 is at its very lowest right now, I should probably call the doctor and ask for more injections…

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