Crappy mornings

If the morning is bad, then the rest of the day is pretty much fucked. I never forget my wallet at home, but this morning I did, and I realized it at the tram stop. I thought “eh, I hardly never see those ticket controllers, so I will probably be fine today”. I got on the tram and when it’s about to stop at the next stop I see those guys in white caps checking people’s tickets. FUCK. I ran off and walked back home to get my wallet and bus card. I was 30 minutes late for school. Good thing I didn’t have any lectures today, just thesis work. But it was still annoying.

The day actually wasn’t too bad after that except my muscle soreness slowly made itself known throughout the day. It wasn’t bad this morning, but now, I’m having trouble walking… Maybe that’s because I went to one hour of spinning this afternoon.

We worked until a little after 1pm and then I went home and just relaxed. I have the rest of the Excel-file figured out, I just have to stop being a lazy-ass and do it. It turns out that I don’t have to do the complicated and long IF-equations, yeay (how do you spell that word?!) for me! Tomorrow we have a meeting with Veidekke. And the more I get into this project, the more questions I get, so tomorrow is all about a millions of questions!

I got an appointment to see a new doctor on April 22nd. It’s far away, but at least it’s something. I don’t know how I will manage with this extreme tiredness until then, maybe redbull? I miss those energy shots they had in the US… And speaking of the US, I missed it so much today. It’s April and it was just a few degrees above freezing today. Horrible!! I see all these beautiful and warm pictures from my San Diego friends on Facebook, walking around in shorts and t-shirts and tanning at the beach. I miss the warmth… Five more months! I think I can endure that!

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