It’s been a very boring day so far. I guess birthdays aren’t that special when your number is getting higher and higher. I spent the morning in school trying to concentrate on structural engineering. I actually recognized a lot today. Interesting since I’ve hatade concrete since the beginning of time and I remember more of it than steel and tree.

After school I did a little grocery shopping and had lunch. I took a two hour nap and then started doing laundry. My apartment is almost completely clean, I just need to do the dishes and then I am ready to have guests. I still don’t kow what to wear but that’s a later problem. My face is baby smooth after a bicarbonate/hot steam treatment and I am so bored now that I will actually play some Guild Wars 2!


I was at Gothenburg’s University yesterday afternoon where a person from the American Embassy was giving us information about what it’s like to study abroad and how to get a visa and other stuff. She said the same thing I got as a reply on email a few months ago. I will be able to get a new visa and if I meet the right requirements I can do it over email and I don’t have to go all the way up to Stockholm for the visa interview at the embassy.

She also told us that if we get government funding to stay over there for a while when having the J-1 visa we won’t be able to get an immigrant or work visa for two years! Two-Year Home-Country Physical Presence Requirement. That’s just such a weird rule! I will probably stay in Sweden after I get my degree, but still, what if I get an awesome job? My other choice is to have $15,000 on my account when I apply for the visa and present proof of it at the embassy that rule might not apply to me. Stupid rule!


I just got an email from Chalmers telling me that I’ve been accepted to CalPoly!! Now everything is done, I just need to get a new visa and find somewhere to live. In less than five months I will be in California again! ❤

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