Yoga, pancakes and packing

And a sick mom. This day just disappeared. I slept until 10am and went to the gym for one hour of yoga. It wasn’t a good class and I really felt that I was wasting my time. The instructor didn’t have any music and she took it way too serious. In the position Downward Facing Dog (standing on all four with the butt up in the air, looking like a triangle) she came up to me and tried to push me down on my heels. I told her I couldn’t do it and she kept going and told me that I could. But I really can’t stretch out my calf that much because of that genetic defect I have.

I want to do yoga to relax and stretch out my muscles and that class didn’t give me much of either. Waste of time.

At home I was supposed tomake pancakes for lunch, but mom was still in bed and we decided to have it for dinner instead. So in the afternoon I out together my power point presentation for the Cultural Care information meetings. It turned out to be pretty good! Now I just have to write down what to say with each picture.

I cooked an early dinner and then started packing all my stuff. It wasn’t that much, just the clothes I unpacked when I got back three weeks ago. And then my mom have used some of my things the last year. She also gave me a lot of food, so very nice of her!

Then we went up the attic and went through what I want to bring to my apartment. I left like four boxes, but the rest I wanted with me. It’s a lot of stuff, but it could be worse. I don’t have any furniture to move this time.

Oh, yeah, right. I’m moving to my own apartment tomorrow! Could be worth mentioning, haha. I am really excited. My mom was supposed to help me, but she gets exhausted from getting out of bed and walking to the couch in the living room. So I managed to get another help, Chad.

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