Moving day

I’m finally back in my own apartment and it feels so good! But I am also exhausted like never before… My whole body hurts after carrying boxes up and down stairs (and I guess last nights “workout” is starting to feel too) and unpacking. I’ve been unpacking since 3pm and no one can tell that I’ve done anything. A few boxes are gone but there is still soooo much to do!

With mom’s tiny Renault Clio it took me and Chad 4 turns back and forth dropping of stuff. That’s pretty impressive! That car is way bigger than most think. If I didn’t have his help this would have been so much harder, probably impossible.

I did some grocery shopping so I have a little food at least. I also did a few hours of laundry. I wrapped my alcohol in my clothes and one of the bottles leaked. It’s a good thing nobody in this house ever do laundry, and that we have two laundry rooms on top of that.

More things than I knew about were lost in the big basement flooding. Like a lot of lamps which I noticed when it got dark outside. My pillow and comforter were in a plastic bag during the event. They don’t smell so bad, but they are all yellow and just looks disgusting, and that faint moldy smell isn’t particuarly nice. So tonight I will have to sleep with my blankets and couch pillows. Mom will be over tomorrow and give me a new set. She will also give me an extra ethernet cable so I can plug in my router. I have access to internet if I have my computer connected straight to the wall. I seriously can’t wait until I canhave my computer by a desk again. It’s been way too long (beginning of January!!).

I have a few things that I really need to do before going to bed and that is to find my phone charger, put away all the tons of clothes in my bed and pick up the last of the laundry in the basement. I will definitely sleep like a baby tonight!

My new/old apartment!

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