I didn’t sleep very well, first I had a nightmare about me not getting that job at Liseberg. And second, it wasn’t very comfortable sleeping on couch pillows and with blankets. But tonight will be different because I went to mom and picked some things up. For example an ethernet cable so I will be able to plug in my router, which I think I can do now, but I have no idea how to do it. I will take a look at it tomorrow. I also got my Picasso paintings, salt, a scale and a lamp.

My first errand was Inet where I bought a sound system. It was way more fun unpacking today with music coming out of good speakers. Then I went to Ica Maxi where I just walked around for a while, thinking what I should get. I only have the basic stuff, but I seriously don’t know what I need. I guess it will come eventually when I want to start cooking.

My third and last stop of the day was at IKEA where I bought a new rug, some candles, new plates, a plant and a lint roller.  And for lunch I had a 5kr hotdog.

My brother gave me a ride back to my place after I went to mom’s place. He has his behind the wheel test on Tuesday so he is out practice driving as much as possible. I just hope he will let me borrow the car tomorrow afternoon. I forgot to buy  gallows. After unpacking all mu clothes just now I realized I’m missing A LOT of gallows!

I’ve been unpacking like crazy since I got home. And I don’t have that much left now. I can’t see the kitchen table because of the layer of stuff on it. And I haven’t put anything in my bookshelves yet, but I will wait with that until I’ve bought a TV. I will probably have to move them around.

It’s time to go to bed now. I have to be up at 8 to try to wash the blanket and pillows and then I have an interview at 1pm and then a meeting at Chalmers. So much to do all the time.

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