New TV

Another fullpacked day. It takes so much time to move. Today I got up at 8am to try to wash the cover and pillows and it worked. At 1pm I had an interview and at 2pm I had a meeting at Chalmers. Right after that I printed my resume for tomorrow’s scrutiny. A company is coming to Chalmers tomorrow to take a look at resumés and give tips.

To mom, and take the car. She actually came along. First stop, IKEA to buy some hangers/gallows whatever they are called. But you can’t just go to IKEA for one thing. I had a bunch of things when I was done…

Second stop was Maxi where I, once again, bought some food. And third stop Siba where I wanted to take a look at a TV. It seemed nice so I bought it. A 40″ Philips.

But I can’t really do anything with it right now. I need to get my router to work first because the Internet hole i the wall is right behind the big furniture the TV’s gonna be on later. And that fucking router refuses to work and I’ve been in a really bad mood tonight because of it. I have Internet if I use the cable directly from the hole to my computer, but when I plug the router in it doesn’t work. The router works, all the correct lights are on with the right color, but I can’t reach where I need to configure the stupid thing. I think it might be because Bredbandsbolaget (my Internet Service Provider) wants to give me a username and password (which 1st, theyshould have given me on like last Thursday and which 2nd shouldn’t be needed since I already have Internet). This is all so retarted and confusing. It’s free for fuck sake!! It shouldn’t be this complicated when I don’t even pay for it. STUPID!!

I’ll call those assholes tomorrow and I sure hope they have a sollution to this ridiculous problem.

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