Media station

This has been a very happy day! My router is up and running and I plugged in my TV and I have an awesome media stationin the corner of the apartment.I got the brilliant idea of keeping my old and half functioning computer and always have it plugged in the TV so I don’t have to move the new one around as soon as I want to watch something or listen to music from good speakers.

I started the day with getting my resume looked at by a proffesional. I got a lot of tips and should probably make those changes before I forget what it was. Then I went to pick up my five Hawaii canvas paintings I ordered online last Thursday. On my wayhome from that I bought a semla. It’s Fat Tuesday today, and one have to eat a semla. I took something called vanilla semla and that wasn’t as good as the regular one. It was a vanilla cream instead of almond paste.

Mom came by later, driven here by my brother who just got his drivers license. Big congrats to him! She helped me with that stupid router of mine. We came to the conclusion that something was wrong with it so we called my brother, who went back home, and he drove back and gave us another router, and that one worked! It’s old and not very stable, my Spotify pauses now and then, but it’s better than nothing!

When we were done with that we plugged in my TV and fixed everything with that. When mom left again I decided to have the sound system with the TV and that was the best decision I did today. So much better!! And with my old computer plugged in to the TV I can listen to music via the TV. I am transferring all my TV-shows and movies to that computer right now. USB 2 is really slow. But it will be so awesome when it’s done. I love my apartment! And with the paitings up it got even better!! I also have one of San Diego skyline on the way which will probably come up over the kitchen table.

I am not done unpacking and I am not sure I will be tonight either. I am really tired. But I don’t have anything planned tomorrow, so you never know.

Media station The books are pretty much the only thing I have to unpack now.Hawaii paintingsMy own pictures from Hawaii are perfect above the couch.

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