Master thesis presentation (igcabka* graduation)

So, today was kind of a big deal. After being enrolled at Chalmers since 2010 (7 years), or 5.5 years of full time studies, I am finally done. The report was approved a couple of days ago, yesterday we got the publication number and we sent it in today after we finished our presentation. I was honored by the presence of both my mom and dad and Karin during the presentation, and I honestly think that made me more nervous than I would have been without them.

The presentation went really well. I hadn’t practiced overly much, but, as soon as I went up there, it was like it all got stuck in my head and I spoke freely and only looked at my notes a few times. I stumbled on words a few times, but I don’t think anyone really noticed. And also, it doesn’t really matter, I am human after all.

So, what now? Well, I have applied for many jobs, nothing decided yet, but until it is, I have Liseberg. Hopefully this will have worked itself out after the summer so I can start being an adult for real then. I am really excited to start working and if everything goes according to my plan, I will have a blast!

This MSc degree will be celebrated by sleeping and reading (and maybe play som Guild Wars 2 again for the first time in a month) all weekend long! I can’t wait for some well-deserved time off before I start working at Liseberg on June 23rd. Sure, there are some stray days here and there at the school I am working at, but that barely counts. This time off will be the most amazing freetime of my life. I will enjoy every second of it, I swear!


*I guess can also be known as

Adventure time in the middle of the night

Ugh, sleep deprivation is truly the worst. School is killing me! Yesterday morning I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but by the evening it was hard to see anymore. We were finalizing our Revit project last night. So I was in school in the morning, work in Kungsbacka in the afternoon and then back to school. I didn’t think we would stay too long, but we ended up staying until 00:30. Crazy!

I took the 6 tram home because nothing else relevant was running at that time. I noticed too late that it didn’t take its usual way so I ended up somehwere I wasn’t sure where. There was one tram left going back to downtown. But I wasn’t sure if it went that way or not. But at that time, my internet completely died. I couldn’t double check. I called mom and she said she would pick me up in downtown so I wouldn’t have to wait there for 30 min for the tram back home. I would not feel safe standing there all alone in the dark… My mom is the best! Getting out of bed at 1 in the morning to drive me home. She is the best!

I had to get up shortly after 6, after 4 hours of sleep and sit through 3h of presentations at work and then back to school for meetings with everyone I am working with right now. Crazy day! I feel awful, I feel physically ill. But I can’t go to bed just yet. I have to prepare for the two presentations I have tomorrow, both in the morning in different parts of town. Yay!

That will be the end of this year, though. But two individual assignments are due the second week of January based on these two courses, but that is it, when it comes to courses at Chalmers. Then it is only my master thesis left. Shit, am I ready for this?


Break time is over, back to studying and preparing for tomorrow. Here are some of the rendered pictures that took forever last night. Enjoy!

3d-view-2-alexandras-strak-ljusare 3d-view-7 3d-view-marias-kvarter idas 3d-view-overview

gatunamn Here are also the names we gave the streets and neighborhoods. Mine is Mjölkdisken (~Dairy Counter) with the skyscraper Gräddhyllan (~Cream Shelf) (which I now realized after looking at Wikipedia, means a neighborhood with fancy houses) as the eye magnet to the whole neighborhood. The other neighborhood we designed (we only designed 4 out of the 14) are Filbunken (~Bowl of fil – I think fil is a Swedish thing), Glassbägaren (~Ice Cream Bowl) and Ostkällarn (~Cheese Basement). Vällingby (~Formula Village) is the name of the pre-school in the area. The roads are named:
A-Filen (a type of Swedish fil)
Strössegränd (~Sprinkle Alley)
Lattestigen (~Latte Trail)
Cheddarbacken (~Cheddar Slope)
Mejeriallén (~Dairy Avenue) which is the main, walking only street.

I guess you can see a theme here? The old dairy factory of Arla used to be there, or is actually today, but it will be torn down to make housing. For those of you who are located in Gothenburg, or know the city, this is the area on the other side of Ica Maxi in Mölndal. This is right next to Smörgatan in Kallebäck.

It has been a fun project, and I am very satisfied with the result. And especially considering I have never even opened Revit before this class started. It would have been much more fun without the stress though. Too little time, too much to do. Tomorrow we are presenting it on a special screen (I think it was about 12 square meters big!) and with the help of VR glasses. I think I will make a short video walking around in the neighborhood and post it on my instagram (AlexBemm) if you want to see the 3D-environment. Maybe tomorrow, if I figure out how to make videos directly from what is happening on the screen.

A quarter century!

So, 25 years ago I was born. Twenty-five years! It is a big number and definitely a milestone. It’s crazy, but I can’t do anything about it than thank everyone for their happy-birthday-wishes today. I had a wonderful day, it was the most beautiful spring day ever! Not a single cloud anywhere to be seen and it was warm in the sun. Sure, I guess it could have been any other day than a Monday and a school day, but it was still okay. I didn’t do much, went to class, went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment, played a little on my new Wii U (that Jesper gave me yesterday) and waited for Jesper to come home from work. Soon after that mom came over and we made dinner; tacos. And for dessert; princess cake! Doesn’t matter how old I am, there should always be a princess cake, haha!

It’s been a long time ago since I updated, and not because not many fun things have happened, I just kinda lost my will to write. So here comes a bunch of photos from the last three months instead (sorry, but many of them are of the cats).

Snapchat-5707624776733512754 RamsesSnapchat-5810324255267391196 There was a period when the cats pooped shapes, here was a cat!Snapchat-5971708935792197947 Snapchat-6281412214506013341 Snapchat-6625471852755381294 Cleo is sit-sleeping. Snapchat-8367736236117518819 You can’t go to the bathroom alone.Snapchat-311050361588944317 They removed the soles from my shoes not once, but twice!! Snapchat-778843254324361477 They got a new active toy which they love, blinking balls on a rollercoaster.Snapchat-1863879408636719822 This is the cutest picture ever. I did not put them like this,they fell asleep like it!Snapchat-2467392393892331450 They always sleep along my legs or on them when I am sitting on the couch!Snapchat-2755412171376574423 Never alone.Snapchat-3008962028462712662 Even if they fight a lot, they still seem to like each other.Snapchat-4619855813923631677 Ramses is very chill!Screenshot_2016-02-27-12-34-03 20160229_174001 We had some very pretty sunset the past months.IMG_20160203_223705 IMG_20160209_195354 Semla mudpieIMG_20160217_143337 IMG_20160320_183418 20160303_213048 Ramses the chill.IMG_20160317_144645 IMG_20160317_205648 St. Patricks Day.Screenshot_2016-03-17-13-36-33 IMG_20160325_132959 PANO_20160329_160817 IMG_20160401_192251Jesper and I went up to my cousins in Nynäshamn a week ago. We had a great time up there, played a lot of cards, walked around in the harbor, enjoyed their new hot tub with an ocean view and just hung out.IMG_20160402_122203 IMG_20160403_11243520160409_203531 I got new toys for the cats, and it did not take long before one of them was in its natural habitat. Now it is completely gone!20160411_140139 Cleo is such a beautiful cat! IMG_20160409_134334 Rachel (for those who don’t know, to the right, and my former roommate in California) came here with her friend Elyse to visit for a few days.  We went out to the archipelago and enjoyed the amazing Swedish spring on the west coast.IMG_20160409_142730 IMG_20160409_155340 IMG_20160409_161016 IMG_20160409_142128

Here is a link to google maps where I uploaded a sphere picture taken at Öckerö after my 17-year old cousin told me about it, haha! (I am getting old):


Other than what I have taken pictures of, I am doing well in school. I am almost done with my first year in grad school, one more to go. Last quarter I took a class called Leadership & Communication and the home exam I wrote with another girl was super interesting: Why do people follow destructive leaders? We brought up Hitler and Trump as examples and it was the easiest finals week ever. I haven’t gotten the grade for it yet, but it should arrive very soon.Then we had three days in school and then two weeks off. I needed it, just relax for a bit. Today was the first day back after the break and on Wednesday we have a presentation. A few more weeks and then the summer is here and lots of work at Liseberg (where I actually start in two weeks already, but not full time until the last week of May).

I have also been reading, but haven’t finished anything new in a while since I am reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it is long. The new ereader (Kobo GLO) is working perfectly!

I have also played a lot of beach volleyball and have already have many ups and downs. I hope I will have time to play this summer as well, even with lots of work at Liseberg (or maybe SKANSKA if they will contact me about my application I sent in a month ago).

I should probably go to bed now, I am not as young as I was yesterday and I have a lecture tomorrow at 9am. I can’t make any promises about more frequent posts, but I can almost say that the next one won’t take three months.

Halloween at Liseberg

I can’t even remember the last time I updated this. But living my normal life here in Sweden doesn’t really seem read-worthy. But on the other hand, some things have been happening lately that might want to be good enough to post here.

First of all, a week ago the first ever  Halloween at Liseberg ended and I was part of it the whole week. We had exam week that week and since we barely have any exams in this program I chose to accept the schedule I applied for before I got accepted to this program. I ended up quitting early a few days and taking one day off to finish a big paper of 5000 words on project management, but worked all the other days. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. It was more exhausting than a normal summer week. Acting was actually a little part of it when we were working on AtmosFear – The Experiment. It was too bad the story behind the Experiment didn’t reach out to the guests. Doctor Volt is a “mad scientist” who wants to create a superhuman. To run her experiment, Atmosfear provides the electricity needed when it falls down and the adrenaline the people get from going on the ride will help them survive when Doctor Volt saw them apart. No one understood this story and therefore didn’t want to go on the ride (the Experiment was after the ride) and that made things very complicated for us. It was chaotic but I hoped the supervisors learned something from it and will give us a routine for next year. It was tough working without one when it is normally very strict with routines.

It was a fun week, the weather was good, and Liseberg got 200,000 guests during that week compared to the 80,000 they had counted on. The haunted house tickets sold out every day, and yes, it was full in the park. Very pretty decorated also.


So, my first quarter at Chalmers (again) is over and I would have to say that I did pretty good even when I missed the first 3 weeks out of the 8. Project Psychology was an interesting class. I haven’t gotten a grade on my 5-page paper about cross-cultural business behavior yet, but I hope it will be a pass at least. The second class was harder, Project Management. We wrote a 5000-word academic essay. I had troubles with that one. First of all, 5000 words is a lot (half of my whole bachelor thesis)! And I had to do more research than everyone else since I wasn’t there for the first three weeks of lectures.  The week it was gonna be handed in, I was working full time and the week before, when I had planned to finish it, I was sick and could barely get out of bed for five days. I was stressed, but I handed it in on time and in a week we will get the grades for it. I am nervous.

This quarter is not that interesting, we are taking one class called Financial and Management Accounting and the other one is called Organizational Project Management. We have a lot of papers to write in OPM and one exam and a couple of workshops in FMA. It will be a busy quarter, but there are fun things to look forward to as well. For example Jesper’s dad’s wedding on November 28th and our move to the new apartment in Kvillebäcken on December 28th. This weekend we went shopping for the wedding, Jesper spent almost 5000 SEK on a suit and I bought two dresses and a blazer for 3000. The dress I am gonna wear at the wedding is gorgeous, the other one I will probably wear on Christmas or New Years or some other time, it was just too pretty to not buy it.

What else has happened? Not much I think.

Kitten at my second cousin's Jesper and I went up to Sofia and said hello to her baby. I think the kittens craved attention because the baby stole all of it. This one was adorable!Halloween pumpkins 2015 Mine and Jesper’s pumpkins.Liseberg The dismantling of three of the attractions at Liseberg.Babysitting We were babysitting Jesper’s adorable 13 month old brother for an evening and overnight.Liseberg We had perfect Halloween weather on October 31. Foggy and colorful. We had a very pretty fall this year!Chalmers tunnel Oh right, this was a big thing that happened recently. The tram broke down in the middle of the tunnel on the way to Chalmers. We were let out and had to walk through the rest of the tunnel. It was very very cool!Christmas food Last Thursday (four days after Halloween was over) I was back at Liseberg to signmy contract for Christmas at Liseberg which opens on November 20th. My first schedule I got before Halloween only had five days on it, my new schedule last Thursday had 10 days, and today I got a new version with 12 days. I need all the extra money I can get. I will try to be smart about my studies this quarter (I have said that every quarter in school so far, bt maybe this time it will happen?) so I won’t be stressed out of my mind.LisebergLiseberg is kinda scary witouth any guests…

First day in Paris and a big surprise

Our first day in Paris is over and we are all tired. But since I am traveling again, I feel like I need to update. The weather hasn’t impressed me at all sadly. It rained when we arrived at 9 this morning and it kept raining most of the afternoon. It wasn’t until later it stopped and it was actually kinda nice. Jeans were still needed and I had my big sweater and a jacket, but it wasn’t cold.

This morning Jesper and I woke up at 4:30am to catch a flight at 7am. The flight was only 2 hours and it was a nice one. I am pretty sure the company’s why. We had ordered a shuttle but it was late and didn’t pick us up until 10:30, and we didn’t arrive at the apartment until almost noon. The company mom works for has vacation apartments spread out over the world and this week she got the one in Paris, she has been here since Friday. It is a great deal, all the apartments are extremely well located and are nice. Last year we stayed in the one in London for a week.

Today we just walked around and looked at stuff. We went to Notre Dame, Saint-Chapelle, the bird market, St Jacques, a cool modern museum and just around that area. I have to admit that I couldn’t really enjoy today since I once again have a UTI. I get them all the time and it really sucks to have it while I am on vacation! I bought some medicine and hope it will work, otherwise I will have to make a makeshift heat-pillow. We had lunch at a small restaurant, the portion size was perfect and I had a pasta dish with a creamy mushroom sauce. It was delicious. For dinner mom, Jesper and I (there is also Helena, but she is allergic so she couldn’t come with us) went to a Creperie and had crepes for dinner. Mom a savory one and Jesper and I each a Nutella crepe. Yummy in my tummy! We discussed what’s on tomorrow’s agenda and now we are all in bed. But as the blog nerd I am, I am probably the only one awake right now.


And then to the big surprise! On Friday morning I got a phone call from Chalmers, it didn’t go through so I just heard the message, and it was a guy asking me if I wanted to take a reserve spot on a master program I had applied for, International Project Management. I was number 22 on the list so I didn’t expect to get in, but I did, and it took a little consultation with mom before I decided that I might as well. Even if I would have loved to go back to California, I have realized that it would be too hard to get Jesper to come as well. And since I don’t have much going on right now I felt like it was the right choice. Then there is the problem that I already missed the first two weeks (but I later that day found out that those two weeks mainly were introduction to the program and Chalmers (for new students) and team building. It is a bit of a problem that I am away this week, but it is project-based classes (no exams), so I should be able to catch up pretty easily. I am really excited about this opportunity and the program seems so interesting. And the coolest part is that I will get a dual degree, one from Chalmers and one from Northumbria University in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England. The third semester is studied abroad at that university, and it is possible to stay for another semester to do the thesis there. Such a fantastic master program! Like I said, I am really excited for this.


Now I should get to bed, A long day ahead tomorrow again, can’t wait to explore more of Paris with the love of my life!


(The wifi just decided to not work as fast as it did earlier today, so the pictures from today will be posted tomorrow morning instead. Goodnight, readers!)

Kelsey in Gothenburg

I just dropped off Kelsey, one of my roommates at Cal Poly, at the airport after she spent a few days here in Gothenburg. We had a great time together and did a lot of things. She got here on Monday while I was at a course to learn how to use the cashier system at my new job (oh, right, I haven’t written anything about that yet, I will get to it), so mom picked her up at the airport and I was home when they got here. The first thing we did was go to the grocery store to buy stuff for dinner. I wanted to make something Swedish for her so I made korv stroganoff. She loved it. In fact, she loved everything she tried. Back in Cali she was kinda picky and didn’t like to try new things, but here she tried everything and liked it all. I am proud!

On Tuesday, we walked around downtown and had a fika in Haga where the big cinnamon buns are. I’ve never had one before and it was so good.  I showed her Avenyn, Nordstan (where we of course went to 4-Gott and bought Swedish candy), Haga, Linné and later also Eriksberg. Axel met up with us at Café Husaren and then tagged along when we went out to Eriksberg for Gothenburg’s best pizza at Sannegårdens Pizzeria. It was good, but I have to say that I didn’t like the dough, it didn’t taste anything else than just flour mixed with water. But she liked the kebabpizza as well.

11950797_10155918060140063_1910910974_n Poseidon at the top of Avenyn.11940321_10155918060125063_695262047_n The city library. She was impressed that I was a part of that construction.11921979_10155918060070063_584568546_n Bältespännarparken.11920332_10155918060075063_1870253476_n 4-Gott.11939025_10155918060105063_1747241667_n 11950970_10155918060160063_1138734571_n 11992582_10155918060215063_1888803744_n Big and delicious cinnamon bun (kanelbulle).11940226_10155918060055063_1851038093_n11940185_10155918060135063_375777384_nKebabpizza.

After that we picked up Jesper at his place and drove to Andra Långgatan where we hung out at a bar. Her first time legally in a bar and she didn’t even get carded. She also liked Ginger Joe (ginger beer), Axel was proud, Jesper made gagging noises, haha! I actually had a Ginger Joe too, they are really good.


Yesterday, Wednesday, Kelsey and I drove out to the northern archipelago. We started on Hönö and then spent more time out on Öckerö. The weather was extremely weird with sun switching to dark clouds and rain and rainbows. Annoying. But we had a great day anyway. I guess rain can be seen as exotic?

11938914_10155918060080063_1914276193_n Ferry to the islands.11992283_10155918060100063_249532714_n 11949635_10155918060155063_637069794_n 11992390_10155918060110063_905153641_n Weird-looking house on Hönö.11930652_10155918060120063_1481103640_n IMG_20150902_122900 IMG_20150902_124706 IMG_20150902_130546 I went here all the time when I was a kid, it was probably ten years ago I was there the last time. I always thought it was called Hönö Röd, but I learned that it is really called Lapposand. It was 17C in the water. If it hadn’t been that windy, it wouldn’t have been too bad with a swim.IMG_20150902_133303 Hjälvik beach on Öckerö. To this place I still go at least a few times a year with mom. It is a nice and calm place.IMG_20150902_134006 Hjälvik is a calm bay.IMG_20150902_134714 IMG_20150902_135853 Lot’s of cliffs outside of Gothenburg. Not many beaches here. But I love the Gothenburg cliffs. In the summer when they are warm! Mmmm!IMG_20150902_135905 “Take a picture of me when I am conquering Sweden”IMG_20150902_140051 PANO_20150902_124324 Hönö harbor.PANO_20150902_122417

We had a late lunch at Max Hamburger restaurant. She really liked that too, so much that she bought Max at the airport today for lunch again, haha! Then we picked up Jesper after his work and we three went to Guldhedstornets Café. They have the best view in the city. It is at the top of an old water tower and is also on top of a mountain. It was beautiful. Gothenburg is really green! And of course, because of the weird weather, there was a rainbow. Pretty Gothenburg! The three of us then walked to Chalmers where I gave a tour of campus. Neither of them had been there before and I think I made it pretty interesting. It is a small campus, but it is always gonna be my school! (Except if I go back to Cal Poly, because after two more years over there I will actually have spent three years there and only two at Chalmers)

IMG_20150902_192920 New buildings at Chalmers.11940323_10155918060170063_1442919669_nThe A-pond outside of the civil engineer department building. The Swedish king has sailed across this pond, and every year there is a bridge competition where students build bridges across this pond, and also there are events here such as a wake-boarding event last spring.

hdr_00035_0 View from Guldhedstornet (The tower of Guldheden).PANO_20150902_182550 hdr_00038_0PANO_20150902_183213

Her stay in Gothenburg ended with The Minions and a cup French tea back home. It has been a few really nice days and I can’t wait to see her again. We might meet up in Germany this fall and meet another fellow Cal Poly student or if I find time to come to her in England. We will see.

IMG_20150902_230734Chip, “Massive cat”.


And this other job, it is only an extra job on the side of Liseberg since it is not open every day of the week anymore. I am a receptionist at Slottskogsvallen, a track and field /gym arena here in Gothenburg. Last week I had three education days where I learned how to do the job and this Monday I went to that class to learn how their cashier system works. It is a very chill job and they will pretty much just call me a day on advance and sometimes the same day and I will work when I am needed. It seems like e nice and relaxing job.

I have also been accepted to University of Gothenburg. The plan is to take an English class for the whole semester. But with two jobs while applying for a master program and scholarships, I think it will be hard to attend school full time. But I will go to all the classes I can and it doesn’t really matter if I pass or not. The only reason I take this class is so I can keep my student apartment since it is impossible to get a real apartment in this city. I am applying for apartments every single day and I don’t get anything. I have been in the queue for more than 4 years, but still, I don’t get a real contract. Stupid stupid!

Now I am gonna go back to bed until I will pick up Jesper after work. For the past month I’ve been reading a series called Silo by Hugh Howey. I must say that it is probably the best books I’ve ever read! The first one, Wool, I just finished a few days ago and I am now already about 60 pages into the second, Shift. It is a dystopian future, the first book takes place inside silos underground, people live in 150 story buildings underground because the world is destroyed and poisonous. It is not until the second book that the truth about how it all started comes up. I can’t stop reading, it is so fricking good! Read it!!

Structural engineering exam #4

Today was definitely not a good day. I am still very angry with Chad, but  right now I am also very angry at the exam I did today, my lost necklace, the girl I was interviewing today who stood me up and told me way too late and I am not allowed to donate blood.

The exam felt really good at first, during the theory questions. As usual I didn’t even understand the fourth theory question, but the other three I actually knew about.  There might be 3 or maybe even 4 points there. BUT, then comes the problems. The first one felt good, but I think it wasn’t supposed to be that easy. But I came up with an answer, the same answer twice with two different methods.That’s good, but it probably isn’t more than 3 points (4 is max). The next one would have been easy if it weren’t for the short term load instead of long term like all the problems I’ve solved. I had even written down questions in my books, how to solve this?? But no answer after. Fuck. The third and fourth problem were two jokes. I just put some equations on the paper, tried solving a few and then just handed them in. I am so upset that it felt exactly the same as the last three times I took the test. And this time I studied the whole f-ing summer!! Waste of time (maybe). I won’t jump to conclusions just because of what I felt when I left the room. It might have worked, no one knows.

Right after the exam I was supposed to do an interview with a future au pair. But when I am at our meeting spot she texts me and tells me she can’t go. I totally understand that she had to go to work when they asked her, but she could have told me earlier. And that would have saved me another anger enhancer, because then I would have gone home instead to downtown.

I have been thinking of becoming a blood donor for several years now and today I finally got my thumb out and went there. I knew I wouldn’t be able to donate any today, but I could at least take the tests and start as soon as I come home from the US again. BUT, I am not allowed to give blood until my PAP smear is okay. So I just walked out of there without even taking the tests. I am taking the second PAP smearon Monday by the way. A little bit nervous about it to honest.

And the blood central was probably the reason for my last anger today. I’ve lost my beautiful silver/opal necklace I bought on Hawaii! I probably lost it when I removed my sweater to take a blood pressure test there. I feel really naked now. The good thing is that I can order a new one online from the store where I bought it. I won’t be able to do it before I move to California though. I think I will order it the day before I leave so I will get it as soon as possible. It won’t be the same, but it will still be a beautiful necklace.

I felt like I needed to get all of this out. My blog is usually about happy things, but today I needed this. I have been so extremely tired today now that my exam is finally done. Even if I fail again, I can’t do anything about it until when I come back from Cali. So long, structural engineering!

Since I came home I’ve been doing a bit on the online course I need to do before moving to SLO, I will do the rest tomorrow. It is about being an exchange student. Good-to-know things about pretty much anything.

I have also paid the Week of Welcome fee of $175. I am getting good at making abroad payments with my internet bank. I think I better get used to it.

Not much else today. Tomorrow’s work again but before that I will sleep until I wake up (last time I did that I slept until 1pm a few days ago). Four more days at work. How can a whole summer already be gone??

Friday on a Monday

This is a really weird feeling. Today is my Friday, my last day of work before two days off. This will be a very unusual summer. But I am not complaining, not at all. I love my job and it gets better and better every day. I didn’t get a new attraction today and could work on my own the whole day. I was mostly at AtmosFear but also a couple of hours at Höjdskräcken and Lisebergshjulet. A Monday on Lisebergis the nices thing ever (until all the kids get out of school in a week or two). So few people the park was practically dead. The weather was amazing and I so wished I was there in my freetime. It was the perfect Liseberg day! Sunny, with some clouds, lagom warm and no people. Not even Helix had a particuarly long line (I was told, I still haven’t gone on it. I could go on it on a break if I wanted to, but I want to wait).

I decided today that I want to go to Liseberg in my freetime pretty soon. So I got my employee tickets and asked Chad if he wanted to join me on Wednesday after our presentation at Veidekke. I’m not gonna have time to go on Helix by myself before so he will have to deal with me freaking out. I think I should buy motion sickness pills before that. Just in case. It will be so weird going on the attractions that I work on normally, and where my friends will be working. I am really excited about it. It will be my reward for almost being done with the thesis!

When I got home I sat down and watched the latest Game of Thrones episode while eating candy. I really felt like I deserved that after 6 long days of work. I was actually very grossed out at the end of the episode and had to look away. I didn’t remember that happen in the book, not exactly like that anyway. Ew, it was gross! I am sad that it is only two more episodes of the season… It would have been okay if George R.R. Martin would release the sixth book in the series. But that will most likely take many more years…

This morning was spent in school, first working a bit on the thesis presentation we are gonna hold tomorrow, and then we listened to a couple of other thesis presentations. We didn’t have time for more, I needed to go to work. It seriously only takes 20 minutes to walk from Chalmers to the backside of Liseberg.

The presentation isn’t until 2pm tomorrow so we will have the whole morning to prepare. That’s why I don’t do anything tonight. I am not nervous about tomorrow, we know what we have done and it can’t be a disaster unless it comes from someone else. I am confident.

Sand in my eye

I’ve been home in Sweden for a few days more than I have left. Why does time go by so ridiculously fast? It’s not that I don’t look forward to going, I do, but I really enjoy being back home. Tomorrow I will start working at the world’s most fun job, and when you’re having fun time goes even faster, which means that I will be at the airport saying goodbye way too soon. I should probably buy my flight ticket soon. I don’t want the prices to go higher. Maybe before the week is over.

The only thing I don’t have for the visa interview is a printed photo and the confirmation page of my appointment at the Embassy. I am picking up the photo tomorrow morning which means I have to book the interview. I think I will just go over the day the 11th of June. It will be hell sitting on a 5am train, but I could sleep, or read, which is not too bad. A book I’ve been waiting for for a year was released today, and with this reading pace I have now I will probably read that on the train in two weeks. Or maybe it will be done, I don’t know. The book btw is the sixth and last book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Heavenly Fire.

This morning I was in school working on the thesis. Both I and my partner are getting tired of this. Our supervisor at Chalmers has gone underground and we haven’t heard anything from him in weeks! We get different information about the formalities of the report from different people in charge and that is really a pain in the ass annoying this close to the finish line! Today we decided who is gonna talk about what on the presentations. And we are gonna work with what we want to say individually. I hope I won’t be too tired after work to be able to do a good job.


Never mind what I wrote above. The interview appointment is schedule for June 11th at 9:30am. Train tickets bought for 700SEK and I will have a few hours on my own in Stockholm that day, but then a lunch at Hard Rock Cafe might be a good idea?

I just also bought my flight ticket! This is so real now! On September 12th I will be leaving Gothenburg and fly to Los Angeles. I am gonna take another flight from there to San Luis Obispo, but I’m not gonna book that right now, if it turns out that I can get a ride from there from my peer contact or someone else. Or maybe I will decide to rent a car and drive up along Pacific Coast Highway 1 again. I mean, it’s just a 13h flight, I’ll probably feel okay.

Tomorrow morning I will go to Chalmers, print my last paper for the interview, then head to the photo store I was in today and pick up my printed visa photo. …. I was just gonna write that I will then be totally ready. But the truth is that there is always something else to do. I willhave to go to the interview, wait for my passport to come back, book my hostel for the first couple of nights in SLO, book the last flight from LA to SLO. And packing of course! Moving my stuff out of the apartment. Saying goodbye…

I feel like I have everything under control anyway and that is a good feeling. I can stay focused on my thesis now! I’ll probably have some time for it tomorrow before work. Oh yes, I have my first day at Liseberg tomorrow! Excited or what!!


At 6pm I was at Beach Center with Dzejna and two other. One of them, Anna, I knew since before. But the third, Erika, never showed up because of stomach cramps 30 min before we would play, so she sent her “sambo”(=the person you are in a relationship with and living with, but not married) instead. We didn’t mind, he was a nice dude and the games were very even. I won mostof my games though and I played really well. Except my serve which didn’t work at all today. But my sets and spikes were as good as ever. What happened during our gameplay that wasn’t so good though was that I accidently threw a lot of sand in my wide open eye! I sat down, closed my eyes and was afraid of opening them. The others ran and grabbed my water bottle and poured it in my hands so I could rinse my eyes. I must have gotten most of it out, because it didn’t hurt. Phew! I remember what happened in 4th of 5th grade when I got a grain of sand in my eye and it swelled so bad that I had to go to the ER… I don’t want that to happen again. It’s been a few hours now and it still doesn’t feel particularly weird, so it’s probably fine :).

I played some Guild Wars 2 after school today for the first time in probably 3 weeks. I missed it! I wanted to play some more after beach volleyball, but it got really late now all of a sudden….


Ugh, this got longer than I expected. I should probably get to bed and read through my information papers I got from the attraction department last week. It’s a lot of pages I should read before I start working… But at the same time I also want to read Throne of Glass… Soon I will be able to read whatever I want, and do whatever I want in my freetime! The benefits of working compared to studying 🙂

Structural Engineering exam

It’s done. I’m free! Almost. The anxiety a test at Chalmers brings is gone and that feels soooo good! As the other couple of times it was a 5 hour exam and I sat in the lecture room (so weird sitting in a classroom where I have lectures, normally we sit in special rooms we use when we solve problems) until the very end. I wrote something on 7 questions out of 8. Not an answer on all of them, but I can still get some points. I can’t really say how it feels. I guess like the other times and that it can go either way. But it’s good to know that I could give as many answers after just a few days of studying instead of two weeks. Or maybe I won’t get a single point. I’m not gonna think about this, it’s done and I can focus on my thesis instead. I’ll take it again when I get the result in a couple or three weeks.

After the test I was in school for 1,5 hours with my thesis partner writing on the report. We got the feedback from our examinator and it wasn’t too bad this time. She even said we might get this appored before the summer. Good news, awesome! I got hungry at 3pm, went home, had lunch and then spent a while on my couch reading, and then falling asleep. I love this freedom feeling! I could have had summer break now, but what does two extra weeks matter?