Structural engineering exam #4

Today was definitely not a good day. I am still very angry with Chad, but  right now I am also very angry at the exam I did today, my lost necklace, the girl I was interviewing today who stood me up and told me way too late and I am not allowed to donate blood.

The exam felt really good at first, during the theory questions. As usual I didn’t even understand the fourth theory question, but the other three I actually knew about.  There might be 3 or maybe even 4 points there. BUT, then comes the problems. The first one felt good, but I think it wasn’t supposed to be that easy. But I came up with an answer, the same answer twice with two different methods.That’s good, but it probably isn’t more than 3 points (4 is max). The next one would have been easy if it weren’t for the short term load instead of long term like all the problems I’ve solved. I had even written down questions in my books, how to solve this?? But no answer after. Fuck. The third and fourth problem were two jokes. I just put some equations on the paper, tried solving a few and then just handed them in. I am so upset that it felt exactly the same as the last three times I took the test. And this time I studied the whole f-ing summer!! Waste of time (maybe). I won’t jump to conclusions just because of what I felt when I left the room. It might have worked, no one knows.

Right after the exam I was supposed to do an interview with a future au pair. But when I am at our meeting spot she texts me and tells me she can’t go. I totally understand that she had to go to work when they asked her, but she could have told me earlier. And that would have saved me another anger enhancer, because then I would have gone home instead to downtown.

I have been thinking of becoming a blood donor for several years now and today I finally got my thumb out and went there. I knew I wouldn’t be able to donate any today, but I could at least take the tests and start as soon as I come home from the US again. BUT, I am not allowed to give blood until my PAP smear is okay. So I just walked out of there without even taking the tests. I am taking the second PAP smearon Monday by the way. A little bit nervous about it to honest.

And the blood central was probably the reason for my last anger today. I’ve lost my beautiful silver/opal necklace I bought on Hawaii! I probably lost it when I removed my sweater to take a blood pressure test there. I feel really naked now. The good thing is that I can order a new one online from the store where I bought it. I won’t be able to do it before I move to California though. I think I will order it the day before I leave so I will get it as soon as possible. It won’t be the same, but it will still be a beautiful necklace.

I felt like I needed to get all of this out. My blog is usually about happy things, but today I needed this. I have been so extremely tired today now that my exam is finally done. Even if I fail again, I can’t do anything about it until when I come back from Cali. So long, structural engineering!

Since I came home I’ve been doing a bit on the online course I need to do before moving to SLO, I will do the rest tomorrow. It is about being an exchange student. Good-to-know things about pretty much anything.

I have also paid the Week of Welcome fee of $175. I am getting good at making abroad payments with my internet bank. I think I better get used to it.

Not much else today. Tomorrow’s work again but before that I will sleep until I wake up (last time I did that I slept until 1pm a few days ago). Four more days at work. How can a whole summer already be gone??

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