10 days at Balderado

I have now been at Balderado a total of 10 days. Today and yesterday were number nine and ten. I can honestly say that I was a bit dissapointed both yesterday and today when I found out that I was at that area when the supervisors told me last weekend that they were gonna try and put me at Berget my last few days because they understood how lonely and monotonous it is to only have three single-manned attractions. Yesterday they tried putting two people at Spinrock, but because someone went home during the day I had to be alone that last hour anyway. Today I had half an hour with someone at Spinrock but right when I was on my way to my last hour at Spinrock I was told that someone was closing it with me. Yay!! That made my day. Working with my colleagues makes Liseberg way more fun to work at. I know it is supposed to be about the guests, but we employees must have fun too and it is easier to have that when we are working together.

But tomorrow and on Sunday I will be at Berget, I have that confirmed. Yay! I can’t believe my last day is coming up in just a couple of days though. This summer was over way too soon. I feel exhausted and I need the time off, but I’ve had so much fun this summer. I am so lucky to have gotten a job at Liseberg, and at the attraction department. Lucky lucky me!

I think I need to go to bed now, I have 11 hours of work tomorrow to look forward to. But before that, I will watch the season premiere of Doctor Who. I have waited so long for this day to come!!

P.S. Two weeks until departure!! In exactly fourteen days I will have 30 minutes left in the air before landing in LA. D.S.

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