Kittens kittens kittens

Since we bought the game Munchkin and got it from my mom the very same day last week, we went back to Science Fiction Bokhandeln to exchange it to something else. The zombie version of the game is a whole new game and can’t be combined with the base game, so we decided to get extra cards instead, we got steeds, sounded funny. We also got a whole new game called Exploading Kittens. Crazy game. We played it and it turns out that it is really fun. It is a card game and you are basically suppose to just lay down cards with actions on them, and then draw a new card. You lose when you get the card with an exploading kitten on it. They have a lot of interesting-looking games at that store, we might go back soon, hehe.


And speaking of kittens, mine are also crazy. We turned the couch upside down the other day. No wonder they have no toys to play with! This time we tried a not-so-permanent-solution and put duct tape along the floor between the feet of the couch. Hopefully that works! So far there are actually still small toys not under the couch, yay!


Tassos Beach

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

Today wasn’t as warm as yesterday, but it was very very windy, even on the east coast. Sometimes it was hard to hold the eReader on the “beach”. We spent the whole day at Tassos Beach on the northern part of Kalithea. It was not exactly a beach, but rock plateaus. It was a cool place, the snorkeling wasn’t as good as Anthony Quinn Bay, and the water was a little bit colder because of the wind. It was not cold on land, it was very warm, the wind was warm, but helped a little bit. We still had to cool off in the water now and then though.

There is not much else to write, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Here is a link to a 360 picture I took on the beach: Tassos Beach on Google Maps

IMG_20160706_130048 IMG_20160706_130107 IMG_20160706_130843 IMG_20160706_131606 PANO_20160706_125951 PANO_20160706_125658 PANO_20160706_125715 PANO_20160706_130109










In the evening we drove to Old Town again, we had dinner at a very cute little restaurant on a small square. We then walked around for a little bit, but my stomach is hurting a lot tonight so we left pretty early. I took some medicine recently and am hoping that spending some time in the Jacuzzi tub will help.

IMG_20160706_183727 IMG_20160706_183550 IMG_20160706_183611 IMG_20160706_195918 IMG_20160706_185538 PANO_20160706_185312 PANO_20160706_185339  Typical example of when panorama is not working properly.Snapchat-6743507657567581237 Snapchat-2566187689729403779  These two Swedish girls were running around the restaurant after the cats and eventually sat down next to our table to watch one of the cats which we named Simba (she looked like a Lion, and names shouldn’t matter depending on gender – just take our male Cleo(patra) for example).IMG_20160706_201439 IMG_20160706_205442 This view greeted us when we came back to the hotel. Turkey in the background.

Northumbria or Chalmers?

When I applied for this master program late last summer I didn’t expect to get in, the name of the program sounded interesting, it could be a good back-up plan if I didn’t get a job, which I didn’t. So it turned out great. I had no idea what it meant to pursue an MSc degree, and even less what International Project Management meant. It basically means that I prolonged getting a job with two years and being part of a class of around 40 people where a big majority of them are foreigners. It also means that, to get international experience, one semester abroad at another university is an option. That semester is coming up and I have no idea what to do. I know from experience that writing it down can help, and also some help from my few readers perhaps? The university abroad is called Northumbria and is located in Newcastle, England and I would spend 3 months there (mid-September to mid-December).

Here are the pros and cons I can think of at this moment.

+ If I go and then do my master thesis on my own I will get 2 MSc degrees.
+ I will get more experience
+ It will hopefully be fun (I have heard that there are lots of drinking going on there and since I don’t drink I am afraid that I will feel left out).
+ It is only 3 months away from home.
+ Jesper and I can scratch more countries on our Scratch Map if he comes and visit me (England is close to Sweden and it is rather cheap to fly there).
I have signed a contract for Liseberg until mid-October.
It will be expensive and I would have to take extra student loans.
I will be away from Jesper for 3 months.
I will be away from Cleo for 3 months (I am pretty much the only one he really likes).
I won’t be able to play any beach volleyball (and just as I was getting started with it again…).
The courses don’t seem too interesting and I can’t change them:
Research skills and methods of inquiry
Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
Risk and Value Management
Project Sustainability

+ I can transfer the German credits I got at Cal Poly so I can study 50%, work more and make more money.
+ I can choose whatever classes I want to. And I can choose to take either 2 or 4 depending on if I want to transfer the German credits:
Urban Metabolism
Managing Stakeholders for Sustainable Development
Project, Simulation and Modeling in Urban Planning
Quality Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
+ I can start early on my master thesis if I want to.
+ I can save money.
+ I don’t have to quit my job at Liseberg.
+ I don’t have to be away from Jesper nor Cleo.
+ I can play lots of beach volleyball.
I will only get 1 MSc degree.
No abroad experience.

I have already figured out where I want to live if I go, so that’s not a stress element. I made a brief budget and with the extra student loan, after both rent back home and in Newcastle, I will have about 6500 SEK per month to spend on food, cell phone and stuff. And that is without the money I will be able to save after working at Liseberg all summer.

It would be so nice to continue my good life here at home and only study 50% this fall and take it a little chill. But at the same time, 2 master degrees and a semester abroad sounds like fun. I don’t know what to do. Last day I have to decide is June 1st, so I have a little more time. But before May 10th, I have to pick classes for Chalmers for the fall and I have to apply for university housing in Newcastle as soon as possible… Decisions.


And here are some random pictures:

IMG_4991 Jesper’s new baby sister Joeli. Such a cutie! She didn’t make a sound during the whole time we visited. And Benji, the proud big brother couldn’t let go of Youtube.IMG_20160419_160238 IMG_20160416_164317 Family birthday party, Ramses is of course in the middle of it all.IMG_20160417_003122 Having two cats means always being observed.20160411_140139 Snapchat-6750850421073615381 Snapchat-7488611384848060388 Cleo and Ramses had a party when Jesper accidently spilled food.Snapchat-8163901968016079105 Ramses sleeping in the sink.1460969454128 My new background on my phone.

A quarter century!

So, 25 years ago I was born. Twenty-five years! It is a big number and definitely a milestone. It’s crazy, but I can’t do anything about it than thank everyone for their happy-birthday-wishes today. I had a wonderful day, it was the most beautiful spring day ever! Not a single cloud anywhere to be seen and it was warm in the sun. Sure, I guess it could have been any other day than a Monday and a school day, but it was still okay. I didn’t do much, went to class, went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment, played a little on my new Wii U (that Jesper gave me yesterday) and waited for Jesper to come home from work. Soon after that mom came over and we made dinner; tacos. And for dessert; princess cake! Doesn’t matter how old I am, there should always be a princess cake, haha!

It’s been a long time ago since I updated, and not because not many fun things have happened, I just kinda lost my will to write. So here comes a bunch of photos from the last three months instead (sorry, but many of them are of the cats).

Snapchat-5707624776733512754 RamsesSnapchat-5810324255267391196 There was a period when the cats pooped shapes, here was a cat!Snapchat-5971708935792197947 Snapchat-6281412214506013341 Snapchat-6625471852755381294 Cleo is sit-sleeping. Snapchat-8367736236117518819 You can’t go to the bathroom alone.Snapchat-311050361588944317 They removed the soles from my shoes not once, but twice!! Snapchat-778843254324361477 They got a new active toy which they love, blinking balls on a rollercoaster.Snapchat-1863879408636719822 This is the cutest picture ever. I did not put them like this,they fell asleep like it!Snapchat-2467392393892331450 They always sleep along my legs or on them when I am sitting on the couch!Snapchat-2755412171376574423 Never alone.Snapchat-3008962028462712662 Even if they fight a lot, they still seem to like each other.Snapchat-4619855813923631677 Ramses is very chill!Screenshot_2016-02-27-12-34-03 20160229_174001 We had some very pretty sunset the past months.IMG_20160203_223705 IMG_20160209_195354 Semla mudpieIMG_20160217_143337 IMG_20160320_183418 20160303_213048 Ramses the chill.IMG_20160317_144645 IMG_20160317_205648 St. Patricks Day.Screenshot_2016-03-17-13-36-33 IMG_20160325_132959 PANO_20160329_160817 IMG_20160401_192251Jesper and I went up to my cousins in Nynäshamn a week ago. We had a great time up there, played a lot of cards, walked around in the harbor, enjoyed their new hot tub with an ocean view and just hung out.IMG_20160402_122203 IMG_20160403_11243520160409_203531 I got new toys for the cats, and it did not take long before one of them was in its natural habitat. Now it is completely gone!20160411_140139 Cleo is such a beautiful cat! IMG_20160409_134334 Rachel (for those who don’t know, to the right, and my former roommate in California) came here with her friend Elyse to visit for a few days.  We went out to the archipelago and enjoyed the amazing Swedish spring on the west coast.IMG_20160409_142730 IMG_20160409_155340 IMG_20160409_161016 IMG_20160409_142128

Here is a link to google maps where I uploaded a sphere picture taken at Öckerö after my 17-year old cousin told me about it, haha! (I am getting old):


Other than what I have taken pictures of, I am doing well in school. I am almost done with my first year in grad school, one more to go. Last quarter I took a class called Leadership & Communication and the home exam I wrote with another girl was super interesting: Why do people follow destructive leaders? We brought up Hitler and Trump as examples and it was the easiest finals week ever. I haven’t gotten the grade for it yet, but it should arrive very soon.Then we had three days in school and then two weeks off. I needed it, just relax for a bit. Today was the first day back after the break and on Wednesday we have a presentation. A few more weeks and then the summer is here and lots of work at Liseberg (where I actually start in two weeks already, but not full time until the last week of May).

I have also been reading, but haven’t finished anything new in a while since I am reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it is long. The new ereader (Kobo GLO) is working perfectly!

I have also played a lot of beach volleyball and have already have many ups and downs. I hope I will have time to play this summer as well, even with lots of work at Liseberg (or maybe SKANSKA if they will contact me about my application I sent in a month ago).

I should probably go to bed now, I am not as young as I was yesterday and I have a lecture tomorrow at 9am. I can’t make any promises about more frequent posts, but I can almost say that the next one won’t take three months.

Desert Safari and kitten

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

Our last day in Dubai was amazing and was over so fast. We started the day at Kite Beach. It was a beautiful and warm day, we spent some time in the water and it was just awesome! We got back to the hotel at 1pm and we actually had time to take a taxi to Deira City Center and crossed our fingers that that Max hadn’t closed down as well. And it hadn’t. We ordered a normal Frisco meal with fries. They said they had Crispy Fries but it was not the same as in Sweden. The Burger wasn’t the same either. But it was still worth it.

We got back to the hotel and had time to pack everything before we got picked up for the desert safari. A humongous Toyota Land Cruiser. It was the two of us and another Indian family of four. The first stop was at a Dune Buggy place, it wasn’t included in the package and none of us went. Then we went straight out in the desert, the road just ended and there were so many cars! We all went in a long line and it was a bumpy ride. I guess I should have known, but I was surprised at how bumpy it was, I felt sick. We then stopped for some pictures in the desert, the sun was setting and it was beautiful. It was windy and we had sand everywhere, but it was nice. We then took normal roads (and at the end in the dunes) to reach a camp that was set up in the desert. It looked like a small small circular city where there were small stalls where we could pick up starters, coffe, tea, sodas and then later a buffet table. The food was okay and I guess the closest to the Arabian culture. We sat on pillows on the ground and in the middle of the whole camp was a stage where people danced. Right outside of the camp there were two camels that we could ride as well. That was scary, especially when it rose and lied down.

We got back to the hotel at around 9:30 pm and the taxi came and picked us up at 11pm to go to the airport. The flight would take off at 2 am, but it was delayed and we didn’t take off until 3am. And also because of winds the plane had to take a detour over Poland and make a landing to refuel. And that meant that we lost a lot of time and therefore missed our connection flight in Stockholm. We landed when it took off at 8:30am. The next Norwegian flight that we didn’t have to pay anything for was at 5:45 pm. We could book with SAS, but that would have been expensive, so we stayed at the airport the whole day instead of being home with Cleo and chilling. In total we stayed up for 40 hours with a few hours of bad sleep in the plane from Dubai to Stockholm. It was brutal. I am still tired, even if I got a good amount of sleep last night. I guess it can also be because I spent two hours this morning playing beach volleyball. We were only 4 people there so it was a lot of practice time. I was dead afterward.

I am still not 100% recovered, but I have a full day of just doing nothing at home tomorrow which is good, but then on Monday, school starts again.

IMG_20160121_100722 IMG_20160121_133937 IMG_20160121_134659

IMG_20160121_171902 IMG_20160121_172015 IMG_20160121_173309 IMG_20160121_173740 IMG_20160121_173804

IMG_20160121_182114 PANO_20160121_194610 IMG_20160121_195441


Today was a big day. After practice I met up with Jesper downtown and we picked up the scratch map we left for framing before we left, we then bought a frame for the pictures we bought in Dubai, and our last stop was Webhallen where I bought a new eReader. My old one was drenched when my water bottle leaked last Thursday on my way to practice. Too bad, that was a good eReader and they are not sold anymore. So instead of a Sony, I now have a Kobo Glo HD which has light in the screen which is a huge plus! It actually seems like a really cool eReader and much more complex than my old one. I think I will like it.

And then we made an even bigger purchase, we got Cleo a Friend! He looks almost exactly like her, but he is fluffier and a boy and 1.5 months younger. He is adorable, and didn’t complain at all when we drove him home. He was curious and then fell asleep. When we got home Cleo was super curious about this new little guy. But she is very rough with him, playing all the time, refusing to leave him alone and he is much smaller than she and can’t defend himself. I guess she is making sure that he knows that she is in charge here, but she is kinda overdoing it. I know that she is very playful, but I hope she will calm down and not be so rough with him, he is just a baby! But I guess in a month or so he will be as big and will be able to hit her back. They have slept together twice, but as soon as nap time is over they are fighting again. I really hope this will calm down soon and that Cleo won’t hate us because we brought a smaller cat here. All of last week she was with mom and her two cats and apparently she was all over them there. She would never leave the two oldies alone so we thought a friend for her at home would be nice too. But I don’t think she realizes that the cat she played with most at mom’s was 8kg, while she was only 1.7kg and this new one can’t be more than 1.2kg. We will let the small one sleep with us tonight with a closed door and Cleo on her climbing tree and hope she will behave better tomorrow.

We don’t have a name yet, so if you have any suggestions for a fluffy red boy, let me know.

IMG_20160123_084335 It is so beautiful in Gothenburg right now! It is kinda sad that we missed this last week when it was this much snow. Unfortunately tomorrow it will be above freezing and therefore everything will melt…IMG_20160123_202715 IMG_20160123_154332 On our way to Orust through Winter Wonderland to get our new family member.20160123_160720 And here he is!IMG_20160123_161427 20160123_171819 IMG_20160123_172848 At first she followed him around like an extra tail.IMG_20160123_173506 IMG_20160123_182218 IMG_20160123_182238 IMG_20160123_182938 And then she started to get rough and play with him.IMG_20160123_192222 IMG_20160123_204006 IMG_20160123_200624 One nap was okay and they were like siblings lying there. And then there was some more fighting…IMG_20160123_212153 And another nap, closer this time! And then some more fighting.20160123_224346And lastly before they went their seperate ways to sleep in different locations, Cleo washed him. Cute! I think this will work out, we just have to give them time (especially for him to grow more).


The day has finally come when I got an introduction to Helix, the new big rollercoaster at Liseberg. I’ve been waiting for this day from my second week at work which was more than a month ago now. It’s not just that I want o work on that awesome attraction, but now I will be a bigger part of this group of people who work on Berget. I am now one of those who can complain about how boring it is to be on it every hour of the day and be a part of the conversations about all the crazy things that’s going on there. For example, today, during my introduction there was someone in the platform, right before boarding the train, who peed themselves. That would never happen on Höjdskräcken. I am not gonna complain though, I will check the safety restraints as good ergonomically as I can and since I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, I don’t think I am allowed to complain actually. I am excited anyway! In total I only had the one hour introduction and 1,5h of working on the platform with someone walking beside me. I will probably get introduction phase 2 tomorrow and after that I will cover my own position until I have the test in a few days. Part of the education on an attraction is going on the ride. My spontaneous side popped up and I jumped on the train without really thinking it through. I was hoping that I wouldn’t feel sick, but if course not. I felt a bit nauseated for probably three hours after…

It’s nice to have something else than the typical amusement park attraction where you check the safety restraints, press the buttons and watch the ride go. This is a rollercoaster, more things happen, and of course the principal is exactly the same as the “typical amusement park attraction”, but it feels different. And it was fun being on education again, it’s been a while. I think the next attraction I will get is Balder, one of the other big roller coasters. I am not sure when that is gonna happen though since that area barely need any people from the pool.

The day went by extremely fast, probably because I only had six hours of work, 4-11pm. Tomorrow it will be longer. I was called today at work and asked if I could work an extra hour tomorrow. Nemas problemas! I need the money, so instead of working 11am-8pm I will be working 1pm-11pm. Yay, money!

After work I went home to mom’s. She is away in England again for the week and my brother wanted to sleep at his girlfriend’s place and asked me nicely if I could stay at mom’s and take care of the cats. Of course, I am a nice sister. And I like my cats and probably should take every opportunity I can to see them while I still can. One of them isn’t feeling very well and I had to wipe up four throw-ups right when I got here. Poor thing!

Now I will go to bed, I am so tired and with no computer game distracting me I will probably get a few hours of sleep. I hope it’s nice weather tomorrow so I can enjoy the balcony for a while before work. Goodnight everybody, and thanks mom for letting me borrow your computer. And you should thank me for not faceraping you ;).



Not much happened today except some Guild Wars 2 until Dzejna asked me if I wanted to go to Heden and play some beach volleyball. I wasn’t expecting it to be warm out, but playing for an hour in this heat was barely bearable. It was nice and fun anyway. I miss the warmth and sun!

After that I went to Ica Maxi where I met mom. We bought hair color for me. Now and then I get impulsive and it was time for a change. I can’t afford going to the hairdresser at the moment so a change of haircolor was what I could do right now. It was really blonde highlights, but we put it in all of the hair. It turned out like highlights anyway since I had most of it left since January. It is very lighter now and I like it. It looks a bit uneven on top, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It looks more alive and “real” I think. Hair is never one and the same color. If too many people tell me it looks weird though I am gonna redo it.

I got home pretty late from mom’s and have been playing more Guild Wars 2. I have played for so long now and I still don’t have 100% of the map explored. I am getting there though, 75% now!

Before-AfterThe difference is much bigger in reality. I blame the lighting in the kitchen!Chip on the balconyChip chillin’ on the balcony in the late warm summer evening.

Brittish Museum & We Will Rock You

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

The weather today has been so extremly London-ish. First kinda sunny, then rainy, then thunder, then sunny and rainy at the same time, the rainy, pouring, and lastly sunny. What we’ve understood is that today was supposed to be the worst day and from now on it will be better and better. I hope that is true. It would be so much better with blue sky and warmth.

Today’s plan, because of the bad weather, was the Brittish Museum and then a musical in the evening. I think it took us about two hours to find the museum. We went back and forth on one of the big streets for a long while in the drizzle. We finally found the museum and when we came we realized how big it was and didn’t do anything for probably 30 minutes. Just trying to figure out what we wanted to see. We finally decided to go to the Egyptian part where we saw the Rosetta Stone. In a triology I recently read it was kinda of like Pandora’s box, and released all the ancient Egyptian gods into the world (The Kane Chronicles). It was fun to see the part of the museum where some of the books actually took place.

Our next stop in the museum was the Chinese and Japanese exhibit. I don’t know anything about that history, but I think it is beautiful and interesting. Maybe I should take a class about it someday?

After that it was the second Egypt exhibit, the one about the mummies. It was cool! They even had mummified animals, especially cats and kittens.

After three or four hours in there our feet and backs were sore from walking around (and we didn’t even see the ancient Greece and Rome and Anglo-Saxon thing and everything else. That museum is huuuuge! We wanted to see the Viking exhibit, but I think we would have had to pay for that. The rest of the museum was free. Amazing!


Once again we went out in the street and got lost. This city is hard to find in, and the Tube… Oh, don’t get me started on that! First we had a tiny break at a Starbucks (oh, I’ve missed my non-fat chai latte’s) and after that it didn’t take us long to find the Dominion Theatre where we picked up our tickets for tonights show. The next one and a half hour were spent in another bar where we had dinner. I wasn’t that hungry, so a tomato soup with garlic bread was enough.


After dinner we went across the street to the theatre to watch the Queen musical “We Will Rock You”.  I have to say that I was surprised at how awesome it was! I never thought I would enjoy a musical, but this was seriously WOW! The story was set in the future where everyone lives online and a few people can hear words and tunes in their heads, and they are supposed to bring the rock back. A lot of fun song title references (I didn’t understand all of them) and the music is really good. I am not a huge Queen fan, but I recognized most of the songs and could really enjoy it.

The only problem was that I couldn’t understand what some of the actors/singers were saying. Brittish English is so hard to understand!! That was a bummer…

We took the Tube (it’s what these people call their subway) home and I am really impressed by how well it works. I am jealous. Trains coming in every five minutes (in total today we only had to wait for one train, the rest were just to jump right on), even at a very late hour on a weekday. Amazing! And it goes fast. It is a bit scary though that it all happens underground.


As yesterday night, I don’t know what is planned for tomorrow. It feels good to just follow around after a lot of trips planned by me last year. This is really like a vacation for me! (Except that I will do some studying tomorrow…)

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey.Big Ben Big Ben.Underground stationWestminster underground station. I guess Londoners are used to being so much underground and use this crazy system with trains going in all directions on different levels and use the creepy walking tunnels between platforms…London TubeSurprisingly neat down there! The Brittish MuseumThe world famous Brittish Museum! Inside the Brittish MuseumInside the Brittish Museum. Not to count the many many rooms, the main hall of the museum was huuuuuge! The Rosetta StoneThe Rosetta Stone which was used to translate Egyptian to Greek and something else or something something. SarcophagusA cool sarcophagus in the Egyptian exhibit. Chinese exhibitPart of the Chinese exhibit. Japanese exhibitA samurai armor in the Japanese exhibit. Egyptian mummy exhibitSarcophagi in the Egyptian mummy exhibit. Egyptian mummy exhibitI think they had a total of 8 mummies in that exhibit. Kinda creppy when you think about it. Real people are inside these cocoons! Egyptian mummy exhibit crowdedI understand why there were millions of people at the museum (maybe not early in the afternoon on a Tuesday though), it was a great museum, and it was free!! Thus Egyptian mummy exhibitThis is another of the mummies in the exhibit. They have scanned the mummies and made huge discoveries. This mummy for example has a solidified liquid in hos head. I have no idea why. If someone knows, I would love to hear the story. Egyptian mummy exhibit Egyptian (cat)mummy exhibitHere are the poor cat mummies. I think I read on that sign that they were brutually killed and had broken necks to be able to be mummified like this. Poor cats. And poor kitten in the tiny mummy! Dominion Theatre, We Will Rock YouDominion Theatre with the show We Will Rock You. It’s been showing since 2006!! I wonder why it must end at the end of the month…

Bake a little cake

This morning I decided to have a long sleep in, it was so nice. I started the day with watching some Doctor Who but got bored and baked a white chocolate mudpie. I really don’t like mom’s gas oven. The sides ofthe cake got almost dry and the middle was still batter. It was delicious, but I have to give it another try when I’m back in my own apartment with a normal oven.

Soon I will head downtown for my first Cultural Care Au Pair meeting. This first meeting I will pretty much just observe and learn, maybe do one interview. I am excited.

White mudpie Chip in the bathtub Chip is weird. As soon as I’ve gone into the bathroom and locked the door he scratches on it from the outside and wants to get in. He jumps in the bathtub and wants to drink…Stuff in her box Stuff isn’t much better. She loves sitting in this box. She is completely still and just sits there!Chip in the bathtubLike I said, I have very normal cats!

No jetlag

I slept through last night like normal. I woke up a few times but could fall asleep again. I was a bit worried when I woke up at 3am, but there was no problem falling asleep again. I woke up at 8am and was well rested, 10 hours of sleep tends to do that.

Chip, one of my cats, slept with me through almost the whole night. I fell asleep petting him. When I woke up at 3am and had to use the restroom he wasn’t in my bed, but he was sleeping in the bathtub. Crazy cat. And then he followed me back to bed. I’ve missed having those to fluffy hairballs around!

My day after that was weird. I was so bored and restless and at the same time kind of tired so I didn’t want to do anything. I guess I suffer from some jetlag. But I did some good. I emailed my university and asked them to add me to the program again. I emailed Cultural Care telling them I am back in Sweden and that they can call me whenever about that part time job. I uploaded all my pictures from Hawaii on Facebook and then eventually unpacked my suitcases. It will be nice not living in them for a while. But I so look forward to moving into my own apartment in like three weeks. Unpack everything, have my own stuff and more clothes to chose from. Even if it’s not worth unpacking it all since I’m moving in six months again.

I cooked korv stroganoff tonight and it was heavenly!  It is a traditional Swedish dish, sausage tomato puree and soy stew.

Now I will try the new Sims 3 Into the Future.