Bake a little cake

This morning I decided to have a long sleep in, it was so nice. I started the day with watching some Doctor Who but got bored and baked a white chocolate mudpie. I really don’t like mom’s gas oven. The sides ofthe cake got almost dry and the middle was still batter. It was delicious, but I have to give it another try when I’m back in my own apartment with a normal oven.

Soon I will head downtown for my first Cultural Care Au Pair meeting. This first meeting I will pretty much just observe and learn, maybe do one interview. I am excited.

White mudpie Chip in the bathtub Chip is weird. As soon as I’ve gone into the bathroom and locked the door he scratches on it from the outside and wants to get in. He jumps in the bathtub and wants to drink…Stuff in her box Stuff isn’t much better. She loves sitting in this box. She is completely still and just sits there!Chip in the bathtubLike I said, I have very normal cats!

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