City Library of Gothenburg

Today was a pretty productive day for me. I got up at 9, showered, had a small breakfast and went to Chalmers to leave all the papers for the official application to CalPoly. Compared to what I had to give Cultural Care, this was nothing. The only thing I had to do was fill out the application form, find the copy of my passport on my computer, get a bank statement and a list of courses I want to take. That last document took the longest time. Find the right courses and they had to be in the right quarters. I just hope they are good enough and that I will be able to transfer the credits to Chalmers. It’s a bit confusing that whole thing…

After that I went to a meeting at Veidekke. We put up a time plan and now I know what we have to do. It’s not a lot of time until it has to be done. I thought this thesis would be bigger. But it’s nice that it’s not.

I didn’t even knew I had plans after that until I was on the tramon my way to downtown. I can’t remember if I ever wrote about that awesome drinking game Cards Against Humanity. I probably did. Well, I need thick paper to print it on, so I was looking after that. It turned out though that the printer at mom’s job couldn’t print on that thick paper so I didn’t buy anything. She came with the brilliant idea to laminate thin papers. That would be even better! She is so smart, my mom!

My fourth and last stop of the day was at the city library. When I knocked on the door and my old boss opened she asked me what I wanted. Haha, she didn’t recognize me! I had to introduce myself again. My other coworkers didn’t recognize me either. I’m not that different. They asked me how my year had been and offered to give me a tour of the inside of the library. They told me that it was supposed to be completely done by the end of the week. I find that a bit had to believe to be honest. A lot were done, but there were still a lot to do. But what do I know after a hang-loose lifestyle in SoCal. They have done an amazing job though and I’m sure it will be amazing when they open it on April 23rd (the international book day). The plaster walls that I drew on the ground were three dimensional now and that was so cool to see. When I watched the done I labored on that floor for so many hours and now I saw the results. I will always be the one who did that. It’s awesome! Maybe I will enjoy being a building and civil engineer after all :).

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