Not much happened today except some Guild Wars 2 until Dzejna asked me if I wanted to go to Heden and play some beach volleyball. I wasn’t expecting it to be warm out, but playing for an hour in this heat was barely bearable. It was nice and fun anyway. I miss the warmth and sun!

After that I went to Ica Maxi where I met mom. We bought hair color for me. Now and then I get impulsive and it was time for a change. I can’t afford going to the hairdresser at the moment so a change of haircolor was what I could do right now. It was really blonde highlights, but we put it in all of the hair. It turned out like highlights anyway since I had most of it left since January. It is very lighter now and I like it. It looks a bit uneven on top, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It looks more alive and “real” I think. Hair is never one and the same color. If too many people tell me it looks weird though I am gonna redo it.

I got home pretty late from mom’s and have been playing more Guild Wars 2. I have played for so long now and I still don’t have 100% of the map explored. I am getting there though, 75% now!

Before-AfterThe difference is much bigger in reality. I blame the lighting in the kitchen!Chip on the balconyChip chillin’ on the balcony in the late warm summer evening.

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