I am so glad I didn’t work today. Last day of Partille Cup, many people’s first day of vacation, a very warm Saturday in July = a million people at Liseberg. Instead I went with mom out to the cliffs that are the Swedish West Coast. In the middle of Gothenburg it was so hot today it was unbelievable. But as soon as we got out to the ocean it wasn’t that warm at all. So we just stayed for a couple of hours, read, ate vanilla buns, cherries and strawberries and then went back home. We ate baconcovered meatloaf with feta and beets inside it with sweet potato/potato/carrots/mushrooms on the side. Mom baked a vanilla cake for dessert. A good celebratory dinner for a completed thesis! Chip, one of the cats seemed to be very happy to see me. I will probably see him tomorrow again when I am thinking about getting new highlights with the help from mom.

I don’t know why I am so sloppy with the blog right now, so many things happen all the time. Yesterday at work anyway I had to call the guards again on a ~12 year old kid who disturbed me on Uppswinget. I am too tired to go into the details, but I ended up calling the guards and they got there right when I had to go to AtmosFear. The rest of my day went on and I forgot about the incident. But when I have 20 minutes left of the day (about two hours later) I got a call from a colleague who told me the guards wanted to talk to me about the incident and that I needed to talk to the police. The kid refused to talk to the guards for two hours and because he was a minor they had to call the police to get something out of him and I had to give them my side of the story. I was nervous but it worked out fine, the policeman was very nice and so was the guards I had to talk to for a while before the police showed up.

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow. I might go to Liseberg with Dzejna, or I might stay home to study, or be out in the nice weather (if that is the case, you never know with the Swedish summer), or get new highlights. A mini vacation can be full of surprises! But now, time for bed!!

ÖckeröIt was all cloudy today. No wind in the city, but out on the island Öckerö it was windy and not that warm at all. So weird. 28C in Gothenburg and windy and cold just an hour outside.

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