Swedish summer – the best day of the year

This summer, that is not a joke. Today has been the only day so far this summer that was something to hang in the Christmas tree (I think that is a Swedish expression, but it basically means something that was good). And best of all, both Jesper and I had the day off work! Since I love the ocean, we went to it with my mom and Jespers younger sister.

It was 25 C (77 F) and the hottest day so far this year. It has been around 15 C, rainy and on the verge of storm for three weeks straight! It’s been awful. Tomorrow, it will be colder again and rain all day. So this might literally have been the only summer day that was this year. Sad, sad, sad…

We drove to Öckerö, an island in the northern archipeago of Gothenburg. When I was a kid, we always drove out there, had lots and lots of ice cream and played in the water for hours every day (back then, the summers were always warm and not stormy, it would probably be fair to say that the amount of sunny days this summer equals the amount of stormy and fall-y days when I was younger). Not so much playing in the water today, but I definitely went in and I am fairly certain when I say that this was my first dip in the Swedish ocean probably since 2015 or maybe 2014. Not okay!! Water is my element and it sucks that I haven’t been in it for so long (Greece last July though).

I did not get any reading done, nor any writing or thinking of ideas for my book. We walked around, Jesper took pictures and we barbecued dinner on the cliffs. It was the perfect summer day!

Here are some pictures that I took:

And here are some pictures that Jesper took:

A broken computer

I have no idea what happened, the screen just didn’t want to cooperate so I had to send it in to the shop to get it fixed. Unfortunately they couldn’t recreated the faults so they just kept it for three days and now I have it back, all fixed (except lots of virus or something, but I can’t install Windows 10 yet, I have to wait a few days or weeks….).

I haven’t updated since Marseille, so I can first tell you about my last day there. It was beautiful weather, we got up early in the morning to spend three hours by the ocean, catching the last rays of sun. We sat by the cliffs by the entrance to the harbor and the water was so warm and nice. Then we spent three hours at the airport and I slept most of the way home.



And since then I have worked four days, three extremely long days so those four days summed up to a full normal work week. I was exhausted. Right after work on Sunday I went to the preparty to the last Bunny Party of the year. I didn’t drink anything, but had a great time with my colleagues anyway. I didn’t stay too late since I had a German test the day after.

IMG_20150814_142008 In one of the gondolas at Lisebergshjulet.IMG_20150814_204059The sunsets behind Lisebergshjulet can be really really beautiful!

At 1pm on Monday I had the German test. I was prepared to spend at least two hours on it, but I was done after 40 minutes. It was a diagnostic test to see if I was good enough to get accepted to the German course at Gothenburg University. I don’t have any grades from Sweden and they didn’t think I had taken enough in the US. Honestly, the test didn’t go that well. Mostly because my vocabulary isn’t big enough. I was really good at the grammar part, but the words failed me. We will see. If I don’t get accepted there I can always take the English course or just stick with the Solar Systems course I also got accepted to.

Jesper and I sat down by the canal in downtown and had ice cream in the beautiful summer weather. At 4pm we borrowed mom’s car and drove out to Gråbo where we drove to his friend and swam in a lake for a while before going to his mom and had dinner with all of his siblings. It was a nice evening. The lake was 22C and it was so nice. We played games in the evening and it was just nice.

IMG_20150817_185642A small Swedish lake in the woods outside of Gothenburg.

On Tuesday Berget had its annual Crawfish party. I had half a bottle of wine before realizing for sure this time that alcohol is not for me anymore. I just can’t drink it. But I had fun anyway. I left pretty early once again because I had a job interview at 9 am the morning after. On the way home I stopped by Nordstan to hang out with Jesper for an hour, he was working night as a security guard there.

IMG_20150818_191718Crawfish party with the best people!

So yesterday I didn’t know what to expect. I had been in contact with this lady for a while, and she asked me to stop by. Not saying if it was an interview or not. But once I got there it was oretty much just to meet and talk and book a course in working at a cash register and book two introduction days for next week. So from now on I have two jobs, one as an attraction operator at Liseberg and one as a Receptionist at Gothenburg’s Sports utilities.

After that meeting I went home to Jesper and went back to bed. He just got home from his night shift so we slept until 2pm and then went out to pick up my computer, eat lunch/early dinner and then the whole evening we sat and tried to figure out what we are gonna do. Our plan A is to move to California next fall to go to school. But if that doesn’t work out we will probably try to do something here. We will see. We are gonna look more at it tonight.


Now I am going to work, only 6 hours today, that will be chill in this beautiful summer weather! I hope this will last so Kelsey will see how nice the Swedish summer can be! I am seriously so excited for her to get here on August 31!!!

Churches, the ocean, Hard Rock Cafe

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my travels. This full post can be found here.

This day was very touristy, we started the day bying a ticket for a “hop on, hop off” bus and it was a great thing to do. We could sit outside in the sun, we could get off wherever we wanted and go in it as many times today as we wanted. So first we went to Basilique (I call it basilisque) Notre Dame de la Garde which is the big church on the mountain in the city. We have a great view over it from the apartment we are staying in. It was really cool! And the view over Marseille from up there was amazing. But it is a rather boring city. All the buildings look exactly the same, a beige color and brick roofs. It looks very boring. Our next stop was Cathedrale de la Major. It was a cool church too, but not as cool inside. Before the church we had dinner at a place right under it and it was really good. I had a meat plate with lots of cold cuts. We then walked to the museum at the end of that pier. But it was 8 euro admission fee so we skipped that and walked around Fort Saint Jean. On the way back we walked through the market that had opened up in the Old Port and bought several nice things. Not gonna write what, since people actually read my blog, haha!

We also bought tickets for the Parc National des Calanques tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited for that trip. 29 euros for 3.5h of boat trip to beautiful nature scenery. In the morning I am actually going there as well, but to dive. I am really really excited for that too! And it will be an adventure going there in the morning. I am gonna take the bus and switch bus one time. Haha, wish me luck everyone!

We took the bus home to the apartment, changed into swimwear and walked to the beach close by to go for a swim. It was so nice, 24C/75F. Amazing! But we didn’t stay in the water too long, we were paranoid over the stuff we left on the beach. It was very cloudy today, still very warm (and it would have been unbearable if it was sunny), so we didn’t stay at the beach but walked back home and took showers. There is a shower in the bedroom. And the toilet is in a small and very tiny room, the sink in another one with another shower. French people are weird. They also refuse to speak English and all the text and information around here is in French. It is an adventure.

Anyway, this afternoon I got an offer on an apartment in Kvillebäcken on Hisingen. I got super excited, called mom and asked if she could go to the viewing of it with Jesper on Wednesday when I am on the airplane on my way back. It is a perfect apartment, 57 square meters, 7115 KR/month, balcony, dishwasher, place for a washing machine and it is very close to downtown. I want it!! I told both mom and Jesper to tell the lady that I want it. I really really hope I get it. If I do, then I think my brother will stop hating me for wanting my student apartment back. The move-in date for this one is September 1st, so very very soon! And I am so very very excited!!

After we were done with showering we went down to Old Port again to have dinner at Hard Rock Café, but first I bought breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, two bagels. I wasn’t very hungry so I had a salad for dinner, but it was really good. Arugula with grilled chicken, orange, dried cranberries, pecans, feta cheese, and a lemon dressing. I also had a pina colada. I love pina coladas!

Then we walked back home and I should probably go to bed now, the bus leaves at 7:24 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be so much fun! I hope the sun is out so I will get a little tanner again, I am honestly getting pale…IMG_20150810_101728Ponnykarusellen 2.0IMG_20150810_101824 IMG_20150810_115644 On the bus to Notre Dame.IMG_20150810_120346 Extremly narrow roads to the church.IMG_20150810_121242 Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.IMG_20150810_121933 It was very pretty inside.IMG_20150810_122503 PANO_20150810_122252 PANO_20150810_122318 The harbor. And the tower by the water to the left of the harbor is where we live.PANO_20150810_123647 IMG_20150810_131442IMG_20150810_143830 Cathedrale de la Major.IMG_20150810_144101 Not as fancy as Notre Dame.IMG_20150810_144235 IMG_20150810_145014 IMG_20150810_145358 Yes, he has a pigeon on his head.IMG_20150810_150124 Palais de Pharo.PANO_20150810_150102 Modern museum.IMG_20150810_150935 IMG_20150810_151159 Fort Saint Nicholas and Notre Dame from Fort Saint-Jean.IMG_20150810_154740 The market.IMG_20150810_192136 A narrow street with lots of restaurants.IMG_20150810_194151Hard Rock Cafe #15.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Last day of the weekend and it was as eventful as all the other days. Today I went to Monterey with Michael, a three hour drive just to enjoy marine life. I had a great time watching the animals. We started with the sea otter feeding. They were given a frozen ice cube with shrimp in it and the four otters put a lot of effort into getting those shrimp out. They banged them on the window and twirled around in the water, adorable. But don’t forget folks, even if they are cute and hold hands while sleeping to not drift apart, they do rape baby seals. They are not small either, they were gigantic and weighed up to 50lbs. This was the first time I saw them walking on land and I was surprised at how they moved, they resemble seals in so many ways, but also looks like big ferrets and also a little bit like a badger. Funny animals.

IMG_20150426_132802 IMG_20150426_152123 IMG_20150426_152038 IMG_20150426_133738 IMG_20150426_133720 IMG_20150426_133630 IMG_20150426_133509

Then we went to the deep sea section where the humongous octopus were and also the jellyfish. I loved the jellyfish, their bright red color against the very blue background, truly beautiful!

11173596_10206431854225911_324907512_n 11125224_10206431853465892_1762794660_n IMG_20150426_140510 IMG_20150426_141509 IMG_20150426_141427 IMG_20150426_135854 IMG_20150426_135715 IMG_20150426_135609 IMG_20150426_135427 IMG_20150426_140424 IMG_20150426_135936 IMG_20150426_135905 IMG_20150426_134541

Then we saw the kelp forest and reef animals and lastly a very colorful tank with Nemo and Dory in it. Very cute indeed. I think I need to rewatch Finding Nemo very soon!

11199011_10206431853225886_1419212792_n 11199016_10206431853185885_1917259921_n IMG_20150426_145308 IMG_20150426_145200 IMG_20150426_145031 IMG_20150426_144745 IMG_20150426_142522 IMG_20150426_142139 IMG_20150426_141811

And lastly we saw the penguins getting fed.

IMG_20150426_150114 IMG_20150426_150251IMG_20150426_171014IMG_20150426_170703

Afterward we had a late lunch at Bubba Gump and walked through the wharf quickly and then drove back. It wasn’t a bad drive, with good music and company it didn’t feel like almost 3h (or however long it took). Back home I hung out with Aidan for a while and as usual we had deep conversations about life. I really enjoy those.

Now I am so ready to start a new week, but after all these shenanigans this weekend I kinda feel like I need another weekend to chill, haha! I also hate to admit that I feel a cold sneaking up on me… I really hope that is just allergies, it would be so typical to be sick again just as I have gotten back into working out.


I am so glad I didn’t work today. Last day of Partille Cup, many people’s first day of vacation, a very warm Saturday in July = a million people at Liseberg. Instead I went with mom out to the cliffs that are the Swedish West Coast. In the middle of Gothenburg it was so hot today it was unbelievable. But as soon as we got out to the ocean it wasn’t that warm at all. So we just stayed for a couple of hours, read, ate vanilla buns, cherries and strawberries and then went back home. We ate baconcovered meatloaf with feta and beets inside it with sweet potato/potato/carrots/mushrooms on the side. Mom baked a vanilla cake for dessert. A good celebratory dinner for a completed thesis! Chip, one of the cats seemed to be very happy to see me. I will probably see him tomorrow again when I am thinking about getting new highlights with the help from mom.

I don’t know why I am so sloppy with the blog right now, so many things happen all the time. Yesterday at work anyway I had to call the guards again on a ~12 year old kid who disturbed me on Uppswinget. I am too tired to go into the details, but I ended up calling the guards and they got there right when I had to go to AtmosFear. The rest of my day went on and I forgot about the incident. But when I have 20 minutes left of the day (about two hours later) I got a call from a colleague who told me the guards wanted to talk to me about the incident and that I needed to talk to the police. The kid refused to talk to the guards for two hours and because he was a minor they had to call the police to get something out of him and I had to give them my side of the story. I was nervous but it worked out fine, the policeman was very nice and so was the guards I had to talk to for a while before the police showed up.

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow. I might go to Liseberg with Dzejna, or I might stay home to study, or be out in the nice weather (if that is the case, you never know with the Swedish summer), or get new highlights. A mini vacation can be full of surprises! But now, time for bed!!

ÖckeröIt was all cloudy today. No wind in the city, but out on the island Öckerö it was windy and not that warm at all. So weird. 28C in Gothenburg and windy and cold just an hour outside.